First Shameless fanfic. I noticed that there are only about seven, so I decided to write a few. It's not my best work, but I find these characters hard to write. It is only an EXTREMELY short drabble, and I would appreaciate any comments.


Steve pushed his hand through his hair as he thought of Fiona. She was still pissed at him, and he could understand why. Alright, so maybe he had not planned for a child at nineteen, and maybe he should have been more involved, but his brother was a much better father to Kerry-Anne than he could have ever been, and they were a proper family. His daughter had a mother and a father. What more could she need? She was being taken care of, and she still knew Steve, she just thought he was her Uncle, not her father.

"You alright there, Steve?"

"Yeah, just...trying to think of ways to get Fiona to forgive me."

Steve put his hand into his jacket pocket, and pulled out a small, blue velvet box.

"I've been carrying ths round for weeks. Just never got the chance to ask her."

He opened the lid, and showed Kev the modest but beautiful ring inside.

Kev thought about Steve and Fiona's relationship for a second, and then came up with an idea that would hopefully help his two friends.



Steve bent to pick up another pebble as the one he had ust thrown hit his and Fiona's bedroom window. He then dropped it back onto the ground as she appeared in it. She stared at him, and the arrangement of flowers at his feet, before disappearing. It wasn't long before she came running out onto their garden and kissed him.

"Is that a yes then?"