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Hey guys and gals... yes, this is actually a legit Give it a Chance chapter. Bet y'all thought this story was done for, huh? Especially since I haven't updated it in seven whole months. I thought that this story was done for too, and for a long time, while I was going through a tough emotional stretch, I was quite sure that this story in particular would personify the "old me" and therefore collect dust. I know that I said that "it's never going to end" but I meant that in the sense that I will never write an ending for this story, implying that Sonic and Amy will stay together forever (romantic, yes?)

But as I was saying, I went through major heartbreak, to the point that I didn't think I'd ever be able to write fluff or sweet romance (like is found in the earlier chapters of this story) ever again... but my heart was healed, the pieces slowly were put back together with some serious help from a very special friend of mine. Truth be told, I don't know where I'd be without him... certainly not writing this lovely story anymore. And since he's helped me out more than he really knows... I'd like to give him this present on his birthday. So thanks and happy birthday, "Bullet" Nick... this chapter really wouldn't be possible without you. I hope you, and all of my dedicated readers, enjoy this chapter.

Out of the Blue

Late July sunshine poured out from the sun onto the world below, baking the rooftops, feeding the trees that were soaking up the rays, reflecting like magic on the surface of a lake, and burning the beige skin of a cobalt hedgehog. His jade eyes were alert, scouring the hills that he was racing over in search of something very precious. Sonic would call this his ritual if he didn't hate the word and concept so much.

He chuckled a little to himself as he continued searching. Yes, this had become something he'd done many, many times, and all for the same reason... yet every time he went searching for a beautiful flower to give to Amy to start out their date, the experience was different. He'd look through different parts of the world, in dense woods or open meadows, in foggy marshes or steamy rainforests, for different colors or sizes or shapes of flowers. He was after just anything beautiful to make Amy smile. He knew that she loved it when he did this for her, and it was certainly fun for him, so it didn't look like this practice was going to go away any time soon.

Yes, Sonic and Amy had been together for a while now and had been through a lot, but Sonic was still finding out new things he loved about Amy every day. He'd been told by his "older and wiser" friends that the love-rush was bound to die down any day, but for Sonic, he still felt like he did the first week he realized he loved Amy. Sure, there were days that he didn't feel that burning passion in his heart that made it beat up a storm... but he still felt something in his heart, a constant flame of love that melted his heart like a wax candle. And every time that the lovely pink hedgehog even crossed his mind, Sonic just had to smile. She really was his source of joy and love. His life had been fun before her, but since they'd gotten together, it had become simply amazing. They'd been out on so many fun dates and romantic adventures... Sonic had always been an avid explorer... but he found that seeing new sites with Amy in his arms just made them all so much more beautiful and enjoyable. Life was simply better when he could share it with Amy.

"Ah," he breathed with a smile as he finally found what he was looking for. His red sneakers skidded to a halt, creating a narrow trench in the parched ground. The blue hedgehog bent over, extending his white glove to take hold of the tender light green stem and gently picked it from the ground.

Sonic lifted the delicate petals up to his nose and inhaled, only to close his eyes in bliss. Yes, this was the one for today... the scent reminded him of Amy's sweet fragrance. Smiling and knowing that she'd love it, Sonic clutched the delicate blossom close to his chest to shield it from the supersonic winds created by his taking off.

Yes... he was going to see Amy now. Just the thought made his heart skip. They really didn't have any solid plans for today, but since they were in the middle of a heatwave, it was more than likely going to include ice cream or air conditioning. Sonic really didn't care what they did, as long as he was with Amy...

... ~ ...

Even though Amy had slathered sticky, smelly, thick sunscreen all over her arms and legs, she still felt like her whole body was just melting from the intense heat bearing down on her. Beads of shiny sweat made her thin clothes cling to her body. Usually Amy loved summer... but that was mostly for the sweet ice cream and swims in the lake and wearing cute clothes. These sweaty dog days she would pass on.

And Sonic... well, he had been away for a while. Amy missed him, of course, but since they'd been dating for just about a year now, she'd come to trust Sonic. They'd been through a lot together, and sometimes he would take little trips, leaving Amy for a few days... but no matter what, Amy always had faith that he'd come back to her. Because he promised that he would. And besides, she knew how much Sonic needed to explore and not stay put... it was something that she loved about him. And Amy wouldn't trade him for the world. And she knew it was good to miss him once in a while, it made the times she did get to spend with him so much better, and it guarded against them getting bored with seeing each other all the time... but that still didn't mean that she didn't miss him when he left her. Sometimes it was really hard to keep such a long-distance relationship, with him being so far away... and she couldn't always hug him or love him whenever she wanted. Sometimes, she just needed love, and he wasn't always physically with her. But she knew... that he was always in her heart. And that he would never leave her, because he loved her so much and he'd promised to always be with her...

Amy groaned and threw her now-dry Popsicle stick onto the grass. She licked her lips and enjoyed the fading cold cherry sweetness left over from the frozen treat. It had helped cool her mouth down, but the girl was still sweating.

Just when she started contemplating going back inside, a cool, intense breeze washed over her body. Knowing that there was only one thing to create that strong of a breeze on such a humid day, Amy grinned and lowered her sunglasses to behold her Sonic.

"Hiya Ames," Sonic said with a tender smile as he lovingly looked at his girlfriend.

Although Amy had been miserable just a minute ago, the sight of her cool blue boyfriend was enough for her face to light up in joy and she launched herself at him, crushing Sonic in a bear hug.

Expecting just that response, Sonic accepted her warm hug and pulled her even closer with his one free hand. Amy let out a happy moan as she nuzzled into his chest and neck. It was amazing how he'd been running in this heat, and yet didn't have a drop of sweat on him. Feeling her heart beat in joy and passion at embracing him, Amy started kissing his neck, letting her lips caress his skin, then the side of his soft, cute face. Sonic felt himself smiling and blushing at Amy's tender displays of affection. Her lips were so soft as they gently made their presence felt across his face.

Finally, he couldn't help it any longer, and turned his head to capture Amy's lips in his own. The contact took his breath away, and his heart melted into a warmness unlike anything. Sonic loved the way Amy kissed him, whether it was deep and passionate or gentle and tender like it was now. Either way, she just made him feel so wonderful that he could hardly breathe... and made his heart beat so fast, even for him... and the way she held him, and touched his back-quills... he shivered in pleasure, as it was almost too much.

He felt tingles race up and down his body as he held Amy as close to himself as possible. She felt so delicate in his arms, and yet he could feel strength emanating from her - her heart beating so quickly. He could feel the strong, steady rhythm against his chest, matching his own heartbeat. An energizing feeling overcame the hedgehog just then, but instead of making him want to run as usual, he just wanted to stay right here, holding Amy close to his chest, wrapping his arms around her, kissing her so affectionately...

Sonic's free hand traveled up and down Amy's back, affectionately rubbing it and showing her how he really felt. He would never get tired of holding Amy and feeling her love him. He'd never thought that he'd come to love and want a girl as much as he loved Amy...

Their kiss finally ended, but the tender moment continued as Amy leaned her forehead against Sonic's. Their two shades of green eyes met, and Amy moved her hand from Sonic's quills, relaxing her needing grab to a tender embrace, moving her hand up to touch Sonic's handsome face, touching his skin.

"Good to see you," Sonic breathed while they were still nose-to-nose and searching each other's eyes.

Amy nodded slightly so she wouldn't ruin the moment. "I missed you..."

"I missed you more," Sonic teased, and smiled under Amy's hand, relishing her gentle touch.

Amy smiled then turned away with a pretty pink blush, but soon missed his loving gaze and turned back to study his dazzling jade eyes.

"I love you," Sonic whispered and brushed the bang-quills out of her eyes.

"I love you, too..." Amy whispered back, and found it impossible to stop smiling. "I'm glad that you came back to see me..."

"You know I'd never leave you, Amy..." the male hedgehog promised. "I may not be here with you all the time... but you're always in my heart... and I'm always thinkin' about ya..." He smiled wider as Amy's face grew even more pink. "Which reminds me..."

He moved his hand from Amy's back and reached into his back-quills to fondle the stem of the flower he'd picked this morning, and then pulled it out to offer it to his girl.

Then... it was the moment Sonic loved so much - her gorgeous eyes lit up, her sweet lips parted, and an expression of pure happiness washed over her lovely face.

"Oh Sonic!..." Amy squealed, "Thank you... it's beautiful..." As her eyes pricked with happy tears, Amy reached to take the flower, letting his hands fold over hers so they both held the blossom. It was a soft lavender color, and had four slender petals that bordered the darker plum-colored pollen center.

"I picked it just for you, Amy... only for you..." he whispered and caressed her hands warmly.

Amy couldn't stop the droplet from cascading down her cheek at hearing such tender words from her boyfriend. Sonic wasn't always this romantic with her... but he knew that she loved it so much that he was willing to step out of his comfort zone to be so tender with her. He was certainly getting much better at it, since they'd been together for so long. He knew just how to make her happy.

"Thank you..."

"Yer welcome," Sonic said and smiled again while squeezing her hands. He then released his grip, but took the flower from Amy's hands and placed it behind her ear, tucking it under her headband. "There, now you look even more pretty..."

Amy wasn't sure how much more she could blush... she just loved Sonic so much...

"So... what have you been up to?" Sonic asked and looked over her cute outfit. "Getting a tan?"

"Burning up is more like it," Amy grumbled and suddenly remembered how miserable she was earlier. It was amazing how Sonic could make her forget her pain.

"Yeah, it is a hot one," Sonic admitted and looked up at the hazy sky, wincing at the harsh sun glaring back at him. Now that he had stopped running, he was starting to feel the scorching effects as well.

"I guess we could go inside to the a/c," Amy suggested, but Sonic immediately shook his head, as he was never a fan of being indoors if he didn't have to be.

"No... I actually have a better idea, Ames..."

And then Sonic turned to his girlfriend with that look - his heart-melting grin and gleam in his eyes. As soon as the pink hedgehog saw his expression, she had to smile - it meant that Sonic had an idea... and they were about to go on an amazing date.

"I know just how we can cool down," Sonic said, and, with his jade eyes gleaming mischievously, quickly but gently gathered Amy into his arms, and took off at the speed of sound.

Amy clutched close to Sonic, feeling safe with his arms around her, settling in for a long ride. She'd come to know Sonic's strides well, as she'd been held in his arms while he carried her somewhere many times. She could tell whether they were headed only a short distance or for a few hour trip. And by the way Sonic seemed settled into his rhythm of running, Amy could tell this would take a while. Not that she minded... she was close to Sonic and could rest her head against him, hug him close to her, and he was holding onto her strongly as well, as if he never wanted to let her go.

Amy knew that she was actually taking a bit of a risk and making herself very vulnerable by letting Sonic hold her like this and run at incredible speeds... if she slipped out of his arms, she'd be done for. But Amy never worried about that and fully trusted Sonic with her safety. He would let himself take the fall before he let go of her.

In fact, since she could tell that they were in for a long ride, she was actually comfortable enough to settle in for a nap, with Sonic's heartbeat and pumping feet lulling her to sleep. His furry chest was a nice pillow, and his arms were a firm yet warm blanket surrounding her.

Sonic had to smile when he took his eyes off the road for an instant and looked down at his girl, only to see that she'd shut her eyes. Not only did she look so cute and serene when she slept, but he was touched that she felt safe enough to doze off when he was carrying her. He pulled her body tighter against himself and whispered,

"Sleep well, my sweet Rose... we got a long way to go..."

... ~ ...

A change in Sonic's previously steady gait startled and woke Amy from her slumber. When the girl opened her eyes, all she saw was white and dark green and brown streaks surrounding her environment. A cold chill crawled over her skin and sprouted goosebumps along her arms and legs. She blinked and wiggled around, disoriented until she remembered that she was safely in Sonic's arms, and he was carrying her somewhere...

She blinked again and groggily looked up at Sonic - only to see that his mouth was open, as if he was winded; she could actually see visible breaths coming in and out in vapor form...

Sonic felt Amy's confused gaze on his face, and looked down at her and smiled to see his sleeping beauty wake up.

"Sonic, where are we?" Amy asked, bewildered and unable to make sense of where they were. She could feel Sonic slowing down even more, so she could start making out the landscape.

"Well, Ames..." his grin widened. "You said you wanted to cool down... is this cold enough for you?"

His feet slowed down to what was basically a crawl for the hedgehog, so both of them could fully see where they were. In a suburban town, with snow covering the ground and clinging to the slanted roofs of the frozen houses. And that's when it really hit Amy, as the girl studied the icicles hanging from gutters... Sonic had actually taken her to the nearest pole of the planet, to a place where it was always cold at this time of the year. That's why he'd been running for so long. He'd actually really wanted to get her as far away from the miserable heatwave as possible.

"Sonic..." she breathed and smiled. "You're so..." A giggle escaped her lips as she looked around at the beautiful snow-covered evergreens they were zooming past. "You're too much..."

This was one of the (many) reasons Amy loved Sonic. He knew just how to cheer her up in his own unique way. He was fun, adventurous, over the top, impulsive, and changed his mind at the drop of a hat. There was no question that Amy Rose was a dreamer... and Sonic knew just what to do to make her happy. She loved him... so very much...

He outdid her wildest dreams.

"Sonic... how in the world did you get this idea?" Amy asked, her eyes scanning the snow covered ground.

"I dunno... it just sorta came to me out of the blue," Sonic confessed. "I was feeling hot, and you were miserable, and I figured... well, why not go to a place where it's cold instead?"

Amy nodded, and as Sonic started slowing down even more, so she could make out more of the landscape... and also feel the full blast of the arctic air. Her body suddenly started shivering, as she was wearing only shorts and a thin tank top, certainly not enough to shield her from the harsh wind. She clutched closer to her boyfriend's furry chest almost on instinct.

Feeling his girl start shivering and clutching closer to him, trying to absorb his warmth, Sonic suddenly realized what he'd done and cursed himself in his head. What was he thinking, taking such a lightly clothed girl to a place of perpetual winter? Oh man... he really never was one to plan things out, but this was just dumb... any minute now she would explode in anger...

"You know..." Sonic said with a blush and turned to head back home. "... this might not have been such a good idea after all..."

"No, don't turn around, it's a great idea," Amy protested and clung to his somehow-warm fur. "We just have to find a clothes store so we can get dressed properly."

Oh, right. Sonic nodded and turned on a dime again to head back towards the nearest town. He could feel the cold, wet snow from the flakes start sticking to his fur, and figured Amy was probably freezing. His jade eyes once again went into search mode, scanning and classifying the buildings that they passed.

Restaurant... church... pharmacy... restaurant... hotel... gas station... supermarket... clothes store. Bingo.

"Here we go," Sonic said and turned to burst through the double doors.

A blast of pleasantly warm air embraced both hedgehogs as they went inside the store. Sonic set Amy back down on her flip-flop clad feet, and the girl took off like a rocket, ready to scan the shelves.

"I've never been here before," Amy gushed, her eyes suddenly wide and bright with excitment. "Oh, and they have such cute clothes here! Oh my gosh, Sonic!" Amy removed a lemon colored sweater from the rack and held it up to her boyfriend. "Isn't this the most adorable sweater you've ever seen? I love the style they have here!"

Sonic couldn't help but smile fondly as he watched his girlfriend go crazy all over the store... he knew that she loved clothes shopping, and she must have gotten tired of shopping at the same old stores back home. And so this must be a real treat for her.

Not surprisingly, they ended up spending the next hour in the store, with Amy selecting thermal underclothes, snow pants, a warm coat, fuzzy-lined boots and gloves, and a warm knitted hat. Sonic practically refused to buy anything for himself, save for a big, fluffy scarf; a hat; and a fleece jacket, claiming that his legs would stay warm no matter what, and any pants he wore would just tear if he tried to put them on.

Of course, Amy, being Amy, protested because she cared about him so much. "But what if you get cold?" she asked with her emerald eyes so big.

"Well..." Sonic had said, squeezing her hand while they waited in line. "Then I'll just have to hug you, won't I?"

And with that comment and a pink blush from Amy, the hedgehogs paid for their warm clothes and changed into the them. After they were sufficiently dressed for the weather, they took hands to walk down the street together, letting the snowflakes gently fall on them and stuck their tongues out to catch them.

"It's funny, this is the type of stuff that you miss in summer but get tired of in winter," Sonic said, referring to the cold temperature and snowbanks lining the brick sidewalk.

"Yeah..." Amy smiled. "But thanks to you, we don't have to be trapped in a single season, we get to enjoy whichever one we want to..."

Sonic nodded. "Yep... I'm very lucky, Ames... to be able to do stuff like this for ya..."

Amy nodded and looked up at the sky, only to frown when she saw how low on the horizon the sun was. It was way later than she thought. Sure, they'd killed a few hours in the trip here, but still...

Following her gaze, Sonic squeezed her hand. "Yeah, it is pretty late. It's true that the trip took a while, but ya gotta remember that on this part of the globe at this time of the year, daylight is very short because of the way the sun hits the planet and the angles and all that. In a month or so, they won't have any sunshine at all, even at noon. And in six months, then the sun will never set, even at midnight. Tails told me all about that one day, when I asked him about it. It was one of the few times I could actually listen completely to his explanation."

"So that means we only have like an hour or so before it gets dark and even colder," Amy realized.

"Yeah... so what do you wanna do first, Ames?" Sonic asked, anxious to make the most of out of this time together.

The girl looked around the unfamiliar city and noticed a nearby park, with freshly fallen snow covering the ground. "What did you have in mind by bringing me up here?"

Sonic shrugged. "Not really anything, just to help both of us cool down. I guess we could play in the snow for a while. If you want."

A giggle escaped Amy, and she immediately headed for the park, tugging the blue hedgehog behind her. "Let's build a snowman, Sonic," she said and bent down to start gathering up snow to make the body.

Right behind her in an instant, Sonic gathered his own snow. "No, let's make two of them."

"Oh, yeah," Amy agreed. "And then we'll find branches for the arms so that they can hold hands... and they'll be me and you..." her eyes glazed over in dreamy fashion.

Sonic chuckled and set his medium sized snowball on the ground and started rolling it around, letting the snow accumulate and allow it to grow. The snow was the perfect consistency for this - not full of ice and hard nor powdery and light, but very packable and firm. It'd been a while since he'd done smething like this... certainly not during the past few winters. It just wasn't something that he did often... but now that he was, it was a lot of fun.

After gathering the base of the body, Sonic started on the stomach, building up a ball a little smaller and placing it on top. Next came the head.

"Done," Sonic said triumphantly, looking over the three white round spheres stacked on top of each other.

"Are you putting quills on yours?" Amy suddenly asked, turning from her own snowman.

"I didn't even think about that..." Sonic said and bit his lip. "I guess... yeah, but... I don't know if they would stay on if I made them out of snow..."

"Well, I was going to use pinecones," Amy said and pointed to a nearby evergreen tree, where pinecones scattered the base of it.

"Oh, genius idea Ames," Sonic said and zoomed over to the tree. Normally he hated running in snow, as it slowed him down terribly, but now he hardly felt it, as they'd used most of the snow in building their snowmen. He gathered a bunch of pinecones in his arms and then brought them back to Amy, setting them on the ground next to her.

"Here ya go... I'm gonna get those branches for arms now," Sonic said and took off to search through the park for four branches resembling arms and hands. Since the park was actually decently sized, it wasn't hard to find trees - the trick was digging through the snow to get the branches. Luckily, Sonic had gloves on, and was hardy and fairly resistant to the elements, so it hardly bothered him. In few minutes, he'd managed to gather the arms and bring them back to Amy. The girl already had stuck the pinecones into the heads of the snowmen, making them look more like hedgehogs.

"Nice work, Ames..."

"Thanks... the ones with the longer pinecones is supposed to be you."

They took the limbs and inserted them into each side of the snowmen, making sure that their "hands" were linked on one side.

"Aw, look at them, they're just like you and me, Sonic!" Amy gushed and squeezed her boyfriend's real hand. "They're so cute together, just like us..."

Sonic chuckled. "Yeah... they need faces, though... let's see what else we can find."

After a little more searching, Sonic and Amy were able to find natural accessories for their snowmen, giving them bright and happy faces. But just as Sonic turned to start putting the finishing touches on his snowman, he suddenly felt a shock of snow and ice hit him square in the back. He whipped his head around just in time to see Amy turn away to try and appear innocent. Sonic smirked.

Oh, it's on now, Amy...

He bent to gather and pack up the perfect ball of snow, and then slung it so it hit Amy on her shoulder blade. The girl gasped, but couldn't help but smile that Sonic was willing to play with her. She forced an angry pout on her face and turned to Sonic, though by this time he'd turned away and was whistling innocently.

"Sonic! What was that for?" she demanded playfully.

"What was what for?" he asked, battling a smile.

"You threw a snowball at me! And it hurt!" Amy protested, her face red.

"I didn't throw a snowball at you," he said, crossing his fingers.

"Sonic! You did too!" She protested. "I felt it, it hit me right here!" She pointed to her back.

"Musta been the snowman," he joked and chuckled.

"So-nic!" Amy whined, and then gathered a huge snowball and chucked it right at her laughing boyfriend.

He dodged it easily enough, but then ducked down to form his own snowball in retaliation, and whipped it right at Amy. By that time, Amy had gathered up three mini snowballs, and used her hammer to shoot them straight at Sonic. After a few more rounds, with each throw causing more and more laughter between them, they both finally collapsed into the snow, giggling crazily.

"Man," Sonic said when he'd finally caught his breath. "It's been a while since I've had that much fun."

"I know, same here," Amy said and turned to smile at him. "I can only have that much fun with you, Sonic..."

Her boyfriend grinned at her, and then sat back upright, knowing that they couldn't stay laying in the snow for long.

"C'mon, Ames, I don't want you to freeze," he said, taking her hand to lift her up off the ground. "You've been outside for a long time now."

"Me? You're the one who's hardly dressed..." Amy protested, still worried about Sonic.

"Well..." a sly grin appeared over his muzzle, and he took a step forward. "I actually am a little cold..."

Matching his smile, Amy stepped forward as well, erasing all space between them. "That's okay," she whispered as she wrapped her arms around him, pulling Sonic so close that their chests touched and their lips were less than an inch apart. "I can share some of my warmth with you..."

Suddenly wanting to be close to him like nothing else, Amy puckered her lips and pressed them against Sonic's, her mind and body tingling once again from the rush of pleasure. She felt him pull her close as well, his hands holding her strongly against himself. She could feel his love and desire, shown in the way he was kissing her so strongly... his lips closed and opened on top of her own, dousing them in bliss. And she kissed him back in passion... as there was no one she loved and wanted more than Sonic, no one else could make her feel this way, no one else could understand her, no one else could she share her heart or life with like she could with him... no one else but the hedgehog here in her arms, holding her so strongly yet gently. She loved him so much... her heart was just pounding against her chest, almost as if it was longing to be free to zoom out of her body and fly through the sky along with Sonic's heart...

Their kiss broke, leaving the two breathless and full of emotions. They locked eyes, panting heavily, sharing an intense, deep love in that gaze. Sonic raised his hands from around Amy's waist to run them through her silky quills.

"I love you, Amy..." Sonic said tenderly, meaning every word.

"I love you, Sonic..." she said in return. "I love you so much..."

He nodded and then pulled Amy against himself again, and she rested her head on his shoulder, running her hands up and down his back lovingly.

"Awww..." Amy said as she leaned against him, noticing the way the sky was starting to take on an orange tint. "I can already see the sunset. I guess we better head home then, it'll take a few hours before we get there."

"Well..." Sonic cleared his throat. "Thing is, it's too dark for me to run all the way back home... it'd be too dangerous," Sonic admitted. "I've run in the dark before, but that's only in places where I know the terrain very well... here I don't."

Amy blinked as the implication registered in her mind. "So that means..."

"We have to spend the night here, together..." Sonic blushed at that thought.

Amy smiled. "Wouldn't hurt me any... to sleep in your arms..."

"Really?" Sonic asked.

"Of course not, Sonic... we'll be able to keep each warm and it's not like we have to... you know..." she suddenly found herself blushing as well.

"Oh, don't worry, I wouldn't do that to you..." Sonic reassured, suddenly feeling very awkward. He shifted his weight. "But anyway… let's see if we can find a place to stay close by… I don't want to be on the streets at night."

He released Amy from the warm hug, and took her hand to lead her down the streets that were bathed in twilight. They didn't have to walk far before they came upon a hotel. After Sonic had secured them a room, they headed back out to eat a nice warm meal at the restaurant next door. While they ate, the hedgehogs were able to watch the sun sink behind the horizon, leaving streaks of orange and gold in its wake. After sharing steamy hot chocolate for dessert, Sonic and Amy headed back to their room to spend the night together.

After shedding her cold, wet outer clothes and just wearing her thermals, Amy climbed into bed with her boyfriend, settling under the warm covers into an even warmer embrace. She snuggled into Sonic's arms and nuzzled against his chest, loving the way he held her so closely. He was so strong... she felt so incredibly safe when he was holding her, and she loved how much they were touching. His body felt amazing against hers - he was lean, but still had muscles. And he fit against her perfectly, as if they'd been made to fit together... she nuzzled into him again, relishing the lovely feeling in her heart. Why was it that Sonic could make her feel so good? What they felt and shared was simply beyond words... it was just two hearts beating in synch, as they were even closer than they'd ever been before.

"Good night, Amy..." Sonic whispered into her ear in the dark intimacy.

"Good night, Sonic... I love you."

"I love you too... sweet dreams."

And then, feeling more safe, warm, and happy than ever while resting in Sonic's loving embrace, the girl allowed herself to sleep.

... ~ ...


A deep voice broke her sleep... Sonic was gently shaking her awake.

"Wha...?" she asked groggily, wondering what reason Sonic would have to disturb her peaceful slumber. She'd felt so comfortable in his arms, like she could stay there forever, feeling his love and warmth and heartbeat...

"C'mon, I gotta show you something..." he asked, his voice suddenly high in excitement.

Amy groaned again, and Sonic felt a little guilty for disturbing her... but he also knew that this would be well worth it. There was something he'd just remembered and thought of as soon as they'd settled down to sleep. He'd allowed Amy to sleep for a few hours, and he'd enjoyed feeling her so close to him, watching her sleep and hearing her breaths come in and out so peacefully... but he knew that this was something he absolutely HAD to show her.

As gently as he could, he readjusted Amy to pull her into his firm grip and then stood up, stretching his stiff limbs. Amy moaned again and clutched tighter to her boyfriend's chest, only wanting to rest in his arms. She felt Sonic start out with a jog to cross the open room, and then broke into a full out run as soon as he exited their room and the hotel itself.

The chill of the night air hit both hedgehogs, but the tighter Amy held to Sonic and the faster he went, the less she felt it. Guided by nothing but dim streetlights, Sonic headed out of the city. He actually wanted to go to a place where it was dark as possible, meaning that the city and all the neon lights it had were not his friend right now. Sure, it wasn't safe to run when he couldn't see so well, but the hedgehog went a little slower than usual just to be safe.


He felt Amy groan again in his arms, and Sonic pulled her closer to himself.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked him groggily. "Why can't we just go back to bed? I know the stars are pretty but... "

"Just hang on for a moment, Amy... " Sonic promised. "I think... we're almost there."

Now guided by nothing but the stars, Sonic squinted into the inky darkness, looking for any familiar landmarks. He'd been out here before, a while ago, and discovered something so absolutely amazing that he just had to share with his girlfriend. Sonic finally came to a stop in the cold night air, figuring this was about where he was last time. He sure hoped that it would happen tonight... but this event was about as unpredictable as himself. He would hate to drag Amy out of bed and then come up empty...

The two hedgehogs waited in perfect silence for about a minute, and Sonic was all but ready to give up when a sudden light flashed and swirled across the sky. It was aquamarine-teal in color, and it covered the whole sky in flame-shaped tendrils of light.

"Sonic..." Amy breathed, hypnotized by the breathtaking lights in the sky and suddenly fully awake.

"You see that?" Sonic asked, relieved that the aurora lights were visible right now. They'd lucked out.

"Oh my gosh... wow... that's amazing..." the girl gushed, fully enjoying the light show in the sky.

"Do you like it?" he asked, suddenly glad that he had brought her out here.

"Yes... it's so beautiful... and so romantic..."

Her eyes watched the swirling lights in the sky, in complete awe. The lights covered the whole sky, shimmering in beautiful alternating waves of light and the dark sky sprinkled with stars behind them.

"I've seen these aurora lights many times, whenever I find myself on this end of the planet... and they never fail to make me stop and appreciate them..." Sonic said softly, his eyes still on the aurora. "But I knew that you'd love to see them... even if I had ta drag ya outta bed."

"Oh Sonic..." Amy gushed and turned to look into his eyes. She found that even the shimmering, bright green aurora lights could not compare to the love she found shining back at her from Sonic's jade orbs. She felt a wave of pleasure consume her as he leaned forward to touch her lips with his own. And as their lips started their loving, passionate dance... the heavens above danced in rejoicing and approval as well, shown by the amazing shimmers of green and pink swirling in front of the stars.

And suddenly... it didn't matter that it was cold or an ungodly hour in the morning... the frigid air did nothing to quell the warmth in Amy's heart, that came from being loved and so close to Sonic, feeling his love and heart against hers. And she didn't care what time it was... as long as she was in Sonic's arms, the minutes became eternity. He meant so much to her... and it didn't matter where she was... when Sonic was holding her... everything faded into nothing but pure love. She loved him - he was her everything. And for so long, she had dreamed of the day he'd finally give her a chance... and now, she could only stand in awe of how far they'd come in just about year. They were growing closer every day, with every hug and kiss and blush and date and special moment that they shared together... and Amy could hardly fathom what the future had in store for her and Sonic... but she just knew that it would be wonderful. And in the meantime, they shared a wonderful love incomparable to anything else...

After standing under the amazing heavenly display in nothing but awe, the two hedgehogs finally made their way home, their way illuminated by the silver dawn.

... ~ ...

Author's Notes: Sorry for the ego trip at the end there, but I couldn't resist that line (after all, aurora does mean dawn). And I have to thank Writer's Freedom for the idea to use the aurora (Northern Lights [or Southern Lights for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere])... but the rest of it was all my idea. I wanted to do a winter chapter for a while, but this past winter was not kind to me and I couldn't write a chapter like this a few months ago...and so I went with a hybrid chapter with it being hot and summery and yet I still got to do the winter stuff. It's more unique this way as well. Either way... I love this chapter. And it really came straight from my heart...