Family Ties


He swerved. It was too late. He had hit the boy that had just stepped out onto the dark road. He slammed on his breaks causing him to hit his head on the steering wheel. Wolf was knocked unconscious. Nothing more could be said for the boy lying silently under his car with a broken arm and several cracked ribs. Alex was unmoving and unconscious. The road was quiet; no one would come down here for a while, because it was a back road few people used.

Wolf finally woke from his state of unconsciousness and replayed back what had just happened.

He was driving safely along.

He had his headlights on.

A boy stepped out into the road.

He swerved.

His head hit the steering wheel.

Wait... A boy stepped out into the road. Where was he? Wolf opened the door quickly and jumped out.

He steadied himself as dizziness took over. He looked around him. No one. Where was the boy? Oh no! He looked under the car; there he was, unmoving and silent...