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Family Ties

Chapter 1

It was dangerous to move him, he could have broken his neck, but he had no choice. He had to get the boy from under the car before he was burnt by the engine. He positioned himself where the boys head was and put his hands round his neck. It didn't feel broken. Making sure his head was straight he pulled the boy out from under the car by his armpits. SAS instincts kicked in.

Danger. Well that had been the car so... check.

Response. He shook his shoulder slightly but there was nothing.

Airway. Check. He tilted the boys head back.

Breathing. Check.

He ran a hand through his hair put of stress and slight panic.

Right... Yeah... assess the physical damage. Broken arm! But that seemed to be it. He closed his eyes for a second as another wave of dizziness caught up with him.

A flashback.

[Wolf was twelve. He hadn't looked where he was going and a car hit him in the side. He crashed to the ground just in front of the wheels of the car, and then all of a sudden there was a crowd of people surrounding him. He opened his eyes carefully; afraid of what he might see. He breathed in deeply and yelled in pain as his broken ribs got the better of him.]

Broken ribs, it was likely he had broken ribs. He place one of his hands carefully on the boy's ribcage. His hand sunk into the skin further than it should have done. He must have several broken ribs.

Wolf began to feel nauseous and turned away from the boy. Then a grunt came from the boy and he turned his head sharply.

He looked into the boy's eyes and a sense of recognition washed over him. Cub?




"Wolf?" He was confused. "Your heads bleeding!"

"What?" He put a hand to his head and pulled it away with crimson blood on it.

"Oh. Well you've got a broken arm and several cracked ribs. I'm taking you to a hospital."

"No! Don't take me, I'll be fine. They will find me."

"Who?" Alex didn't answer.

"Cub, who?"

"MI6" His voice was barely a whisper.

"Right. I'm taking you back to my place then."

"Thanks." He gave him a weak smile.

"This is likely to hurt." He warned before picking him up in his arms and carrying him to the back seat of his jeep. He laid him across the seats and closed the door behind him. Wolf jumped into the front and started the engine. It was a twenty minute drive to Wolf's house. When they arrived, he went to the front door and unlocked it.

"I'm home!" He shouted and a woman a few years younger than Wolf came running to the door.

"You're home!" She hugged him tightly around the neck and tears started falling down her face. "I missed you so much! Your head, it's bleeding."Wolf's uniform was wet where his wife had cried into it. "What happened?" He went back to the car ignoring the question. Opening the back door he lifted Alex out and carried him to the door.

"It was an accident! He ran in front of my car on the way home. Well, I only know him as Cub."

"He's no older than seventeen, how the hell do you know him!"

"Long story, I need to get him inside." The tension was rising in the household as Elizabeth, Wolf's wife, wasn't getting what she wanted to know.

Wolf took Alex into the lounge and laid him on the sofa. He turned back to his wife when he noticed Cub was sleeping.

"Look, sit down and I'll tell you everything in a minute." He said. "Are Ellie and Daniel asleep?"

"Um... Ellie is and I think Daniel's still doing his homework."

"Ok, I'll be back in a sec." He dashed up the stairs and knocked on Daniel's door.

"Yeah. Who is it?"

"Dad." The door was opened quickly and a beaming smile was spread across the 17-year-olds face. "How you doing then?"

"Great, I got an A for my English..." Daniel went on to talk about his grades at school. All the while Elizabeth was down stairs and staring at the sleeping boy on her sofa. What the hell had he done?