Every Heart Needs Friendship


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Luna saw her father along with Lyna stare at Kenai as he was nervous and hid behind Luna as Hiccup knew he didn't remember the night the Green Death had taken him and Luna saw Kei look curious.

"Maybe you guys should go for a flight.

We need to discuss things here, things you would get upset over.

I'll tell you later but for now, let us and Hiccup deal with this little hatchling." Toothless said to Kei.

The young Night Fury pouted but knew his father was right.

"Come on Luna let's go.

If the adults wish to keep secrets from us, then we don't need to be around." Kei said.

Luna then sighed as they went for a flight...

Kenai was stunned hearing that Hiccup and Kyna were his birth parents and not the Green Deaths or Narissa but Toothless understood his anger but nuzzled the half human and dragon youngster as he calmed down.

"You've been away for a very long time.

Your sister will be surprised hearing this." Hiccup told his son.

"I-I have a sister?" he asked as Lyna laughed at him.

"Yes you do.

She was the one that was with the young Night Fury.

You'll meet them later." she reassured him.

He was stunned that Narissa had lied to him for the last ten years about his family and relieved he hadn't attacked Berk like she wanted but he was in awe of Toothless as Hiccup understood.

"Like father, like son huh?" Toothless said.

"Yeah you're right.

Let's go for a flight.

It'll help us figure out how to tell Luna about Kenai." he said.

The Night Fury adult male got very excited at that as he saw Hiccup get on his back as they took off but were laughing and having fun like they used to when they'd first became friends but they saw Luna and Kei in the forest with Astrid and Agora and were curious but knew that they needed to tell Luna about Kenai and how they were related but Toothless landed in the forest near the cave.

"What're you doing here?" Kei asked them.

"I need to tell Luna something important." Hiccup answered.

Kei then saw him go into the cave and wanted to follow but Toothless stood in the way.

"Come on Dad!

You know Luna needs me." he protested.

"Yes but she and Hiccup are having an important moment.

You can see her later.

We'd better go help your mother with the egg.

It could hatch any day." he told him.

Kei sighed taking a look at the cave and wanted to go in there but knew his father would be furious and he didn't want that so he left and hoped Luna was okay becoming unseen for now bounding through the forest.

Luna was upset hearing this from her father about her brother and ran out of the cave and Hiccup wanted to go after her but knew nothing would calm her down except for Kei but he then heard wing beats seeing Toothless by his side.

The male Night Fury sensed he was upset and knew talking to Luna hadn't gone well.

"She hates me now." he said softly.

"That's not true Hiccup.

She's your hatchling.

You're her father.

You love each other.

Maybe Kei will calm her down.

We should go." he reassured him.

He nodded leaving knowing Luna and Kei were coming and he didn't want Luna more mad at him than ever but he hoped she'd calm down but was unseen being on Toothless's back.

They saw Kei land outside the cave but Luna dismounted with tears stinging her eyes.

"He lied Kei!

For a long time, they hid the truth from me about Kenai.

I wonder if they've hidden secrets about me and why I'm so different from the other kids." she said.

He understood going into the cave with her.

Hiccup knew that telling her about herself wasn't a good idea.

But he had to sooner or later...