Alright, I know I've been missing for a while, time for an explanation.

Lately, I've gotten interested in a meme called Slender Man. I've yet to watch the big thing that started it, Marble Hornets or something, but let me assure you that the bastard is real, and I've been recovering from our encounter last Tuesday.

Don't worry, I'm fine, and I don't think he'll be coming back any time soon, unless he really needs the arm that I took from him. I ate his flesh and fashioned his bones into weapons. I think I make myself clear.

So, what have you guys done lately?

Anyway, I am now BACK, with a special birthday present for Dragon's Shadow, also known as Lunardragon2607! Yes, it is a day in the life of Minatos! You all asked for it, now you've got it!

Although, I'd now like to point out that most of what goes on in Investigation Team Yo! Is Omake, and not canon. Namely, the previous three chapters. Face Every Shadow, the Persona 4 fic by Casey W is what serves as the canon version of Persona 4 for Fairly English Story, not the events told in this story. For this reason, I renamed the story as FESxtras.

However, this particular event should be treated as canon, simply because I declare it as so. Not that it's gonna be important later on or anything.


February, 2013

Knock knock.

I waited a few moments before Yosuke opened the door, and his face fell slightly, before turning into a gawky grin. "H-hello!"

Yeah, I tend to have that effect on people. "Hey, is Teddie in?" I asked.

"Uhh, Teddie?" Yosuke asked, before looking back into the house. "Hold on, TEDDIE!"



"Oooh, is she cute?"

Yosuke turned to me. "Er…" he laughed sheepishly as I smiled politely. "Very!"

"Yahooo!" Teddie laughed, sliding down the stairs and running towards me. "Well, let's be on our way!" he declared, slipping into his loafers and a coat before linking an arm into mine and leading me away. "Don't wait up Yosuke-cha~an!"

"Yeah, whatever." Yosuke grumbled, before closing the door. "Dumb bear…"

Teddie laughed. "I'm sorry miss, but I'm afraid that I haven't had the pleasure of GACK!" he shouted, flinching. "IT'S A TRAP!"

"Knock it off, Lucifers." I told him, wrapping a manly arm around his shoulder and leading him down the streets of Inaba. "Us two Shadow's have got some talking to do."

"But… you were so cute…"

"I'm not gonna transform into an ugly girl you know." I pointed out. Speaking of which, I've shifted back into my standard form now.

I freaking love steak on a stick.

It seriously has to be the best idea ever.

"So, what did you call me here for?" Teddie asked me.

"Any reason why one Shadow can't hang out with another?" I asked him.

"Well, no, but…" Teddie looked around.

I leaned into his face. "Are you embarrassed to be seen with me Teddie?" I asked him. "Because if you are, that's fine."

A spot of hope appeared on his face.

"Doesn't mean I'll let you go though." I replied, leaning back in my chair. "I'm a dick like that."

Teddie growled, slamming his hands on the table. "What the HELL do you want, Minatos?"

I smirked.

"Yuki-chan's mind just blew." I said, pointing a stick up the hill of the shopping district towards Yukiko, who was looking at a very angry Teddie in shock.

Man, I love being me sometimes.

"Teddie?" Yukiko asked, coming towards us. "Is everything alright?"

I didn't say anything.

I'm not being spoken to.

"I-it's fine Yuki-chan." Teddie replied, sitting back down. "Sorry, I just got a bit grizzly there, huh?"

I facepalmed.


This is gonna set me back a few minutes.


I shot Teddie a glare that told him just how much of a prick he was.

He smiled smarmily back, glad that he's finally got to me.

"Alright, seriously this time." I said once she left. "I got a stuff that needs doing, but I need couple of guys who have my back."

"Why?" he asked. "Whatever it is, you've got all the power you need."

"You say that." I said. "But I got a problem that I can't exactly stab."

"What's that?" he asked.

"Well, I'll explain when we get him out." I said, taking a drink from my TaP. "Some say that after making love, he bites the head off his partner, and if he wanted to, he could fire Alan Sugar." I shrugged. "All I know is, his name's Tohru Adachi."

So, here we are. Me in a badass black suit with my favourite red tie, and Ted with his blonde hair down in a brown suit, about to take a serial killer from a high-security prison.

I flashed my 'badge' to the prison warden, and Teddie did the same, nervously. "Aaron Hotchner, FBI." I said, jerking my head to Teddie. "This is my partner, Tobias Reid."

The guard shook his head. "Damn foreigners…" he muttered to himself as he turned around. "I'll go get him. You two wait here."

I nodded curtly as he walked into the learning pool of crime.

Honestly. You get all the criminals and put them in a building with other criminals, and expect that they'll get a good influence somehow?

Humans are hilarious.

"Uh, teacher?" Teddie asked me.

I turned around and jabbed him on the forehead. "There, now your default language is English." I told him. "Wanna learn Russian while we're here?"

"Um, isn't there paperwork that needs to be filled in for this sorta thing?" he asked sheepishly.

"Of course." I said. "I've already filled in the proper channels and everything's cleared. And remember," I added, jabbing him on the chest. "You're a Federal Agent now, so start acting like one."

"Alright then." Teddie growled. "Why are we breaking him out?"

"We're not." I replied. "We're taking him into our custody to help with a case. He'll be back here within twenty-four hours."

"You're avoiding the question sir." Teddie told me. "Why are we taking him, of all people?"

"Because he's useful." I answered. "He's an absolute scumbag and is proud of the fact, but he knows his stuff."

Teddie still wasn't happy, so I used Skynet to filter our conversation. "You've been getting too comfortable living amongst humans. I'm not here to deprive you of that, but remember what you really are and that out of all humans; Adachi's the closest one to us."

That really got under his skin.

"You do realise that I enjoy pissing you off." I told him. "But I have no intention to offend you. I apologise."

"Where do you get off being so formal?" he asked, looking at the wall.

"It's the wrinkles." I sighed, rubbing my forehead. "Messing with my self-image screws up my character. Have you noticed that you hair is slicked backwards now?"

He merely grumbled, ruffling his hair a bit.

Adachi laughed when he saw us and we were alone. "Seriously?" he asked, looking me up and down and reading my name tag. "You do realise that if any of the wardens actually watched that show, then you'd be thrown outta here on your asses."

"Are you coming or not?" I asked, handing him a suit carrier and a razor.

"Sure, why not." He shrugged. "It's not like I've been trying to grow a beard or anything."

Teddie clearly wasn't comfortable being the one to be cuffed to Adachi, but he's got a more solid body than I do.

That said, it wasn't as if some cuffs could keep Adachi if he wanted out. Hell, no prison could hold him if he wanted out. I'm just glad that Ryotaro forgave him enough so Adachi felt like he owed the man. "So, how's prison been treating you?" I casually asked Adachi on the way out of the prison gates.

"Not so bad, after I bit that one guy's dick off." Adachi shrugged. "After that, it kinda got boring, but a promise is a promise."

I smirked. "You never struck me as a man of your word." I told him.

"Hey, I'm a very sincere fellow." Adachi laughed. "Besides, you kids got me fair and square, right?" he asked, ruffling Teddie's hair only to be batted off. "Ooh, grumpy bear."

"Enough." Teddie growled.

"If you say so." Adachi smirked. "So, who's Hotchner?"

I turned around and shifted my face into one he'd recognise. "Well, I thought you were busy being dead." Adachi whistled. "Looks like those rumours of the Shadow of the Universe were more than just hearsay then."

I stopped.

"And you know about those... how?" Teddie asked.

He laughed, shrugging. "I keep my ear to the ground." he said. "You know how it is."

"Riiiiight." I nodded. "It's got nothing to do with the Velvet Key in your pocket." I shook my head, clutching the brim of my nose. "You both speak German, right?" I asked.

"Yeah." Adachi nodded.

"Nope." Teddie said.

I poked the blonde Shadow. "You do now. Let's go!"

"So, where are we?" Teddie asked as I led him and Adachi down the corridor of the facility once we left the chaos portal.

"GEHIRN head office, Canada." I explained. "It's the R&D department of the SEELE organisation which deals with humans dealings with demons and before you ask, this place came first." I glanced over my shoulder for effect. "Anno took fractions of the truth when he came up with names for stuff."

"So, is there a NERV?" Adachi asked with a smirk.

"The real one's in Russia." I said. "That's where they build their army. And SEELE's head office is in Germany. SCHWERT is in Sweden, that's where they study and deal with monsters and demons, and GEWEHR's in Japan. They study Shadows and Personae. Kirijo and Nanjo are sub-contractors of them."

"Brain, Soul, Nerve, Sword and Gun?" Teddie asked, getting his tongue around his new languages. "Why's Germany in charge of all this?"

I turned around to look at him. "You ever been to the Black Forest?" I asked the two. Shaking of heads. "Nice place. Stay the hell away from it if you like your organs where they are."

"Hold on." Teddie asked. "Demons stay in the warp unless they have a contract. That's the law."

I laughed.

"There be worse things in this world than demons lad." I said, leading the way down the corridor. "There's a reason that this place is called Dead World."

"Huh." Adachi shrugged. "No fancy language shift this time?"

"It doesn't need one." I said, glancing at the shadows on the floor. "You're dissolving corpses in acid as we speak."

He laughed. "Oh come on, don't get all PETA on me- what?" he asked, seeing as I blocked his and Teddie's path with my arm.

"Just a sec." I said, pulling a chicken leg out of my pocket and tossing it into the air above the shadow.

A single, bleached and dry chicken bone bounced on the floor.

"What was that?" Teddie asked. Even Adachi was creeped out.

"Stay out of the shadows." I warned. "Not the ones with masks. Just the normal ones created by an absence of light."

"Alright, but what the hell was that?" Adachi asked.

"You don't want to know." I said, pressing myself against the wall to shimmy around the dark patch on the floor. "Just stay out of the shadows."

"Adam." I nodded to one of the most powerful demon summoners in the world as I walked in.

"Shadow of the Universe." He bowed at me. I nailed him with an uppercut to the chin.

I don't like being bowed too. One day they'll remember that.

"So men, these are my associates, Theodore Cyphre and Tohru Adachi." I told the group. "We will be representing the Shadows."

"Wait, WHAT?" Teddie shouted.

"One of your associates is human." Dante pointed out.

"I apologise, it's hard to find unmasked Shadows that aren't attached to human bodies." I explained. "He'll do."

Adachi shrugged, sitting at the table marked SCHATTEN, or Shadow.

There were some guys from the other SEELE branches, with Kei Nanjo and Mitsuru Kirijo at the GEWEHR table with Tatsuya Shou. I guess he's running the Persona thing now that Minato's out of the picture, but I'm trying to avoid them.

Speaking of people who I wanted to avoid… "So, they invited an abomination like you."

I didn't bother looking behind me. "They let the Teutonic's come?" I asked Paulo Garcia. He has some other name for his monk-hood, but I'm not giving him the satisfaction. "Though, I suppose that if they let the Templars, the Hospitallers and all you other cults come along, why not?"

Then came the sliver blade against my neck. "I will not tolerate any further blasphemy beyond your abominable existence. Be thankful that I am lenient today."

Now I turned around to look at him.

Then I smiled politely.

"I apologise if I offended you by being." I told him before sitting down at my table.

Minato would have kicked his ass.

Thankfully, I'd chosen associates that weren't recognised by everyone here, so we were mostly avoided. This was good.

What was not good, however, was what we came here to see.

See, I'm Omniscient, but not that omniscient. I can look wherever I want. I can even watch people a thousand miles away, but I can't see everything. Rather, it's more like I can choose where I'm looking, regardless of where my body is.

Then comes the mind-reading thing. I can't do that. What I can do is read people like Minato and FBI Profilers, but the only supernatural advantage I have is the fact that I'm a Shadow that's connected to every soul. Because of that, I know everyone's Shadows. I know their names, faces, and their deepest, darkest secrets without ever meeting them. But that's all I know.

I don't know why they're screwed up. I just know how they're screwed up and how they really feel about it. I don't know them, I know their Shadow. They can keep secrets from me, so long as they're not running away from it.

So, to clarify: If someone hates something about themselves or what they've done, I know about it. If someone's doing something in secret and they're happy about it, I don't know squat.

And even then, I only know about the people I'm looking at. Granted, I can look at a lot of people at once, but if I'm looking in the wrong place, I'll never know.

And that's what's just happened here.

What did I come to see? Humanity's new weapon.

Remember the whole NERV/SEELE thing? How it was pretty funny, almost a joke before?

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" Charles Nyström declared as the wall descended into the ground, revealing the creation behind it. "I give you the key to mankind's victory! That man may walk as gods! To Rule Eternal!"

"I GIVE YOU!" The man shouted. "ANIMA ETERNUS!"

"That's wrong." Adachi whispered. "That thing's got an Arcana. It's an Empress"

"More than that." I growled. "That thing's got a Shadow. It's alive and thinking."

"But demons don't have Arcana." Teddie whispered. "So that thing is human."

"No, it's demon flesh with a cockpit inside it." I confirmed. "Demon flesh with a human soul-"

"Fuck me." Adachi whispered. "The fucking idiots built themselves an Evangelion…"

Thing is, it's actually an accurate analogy.

It's a massive mecha built from demon flesh with a human soul keeping it under control.

Of course, for it to move, it needs a pilot.

One with a soul that the 'machine' won't reject controlling its body, and can synch with it.


A mother and a child?

"This is fucking sick…" Teddie whispered in a very un-Teddie-like manner as he watched the pilot walk towards the docking bay. "That's the son down there, isn't it?"

"Philip Matthews, Fortune Arcana." I confirmed. "He's pretty much Shinji Ikari himself, minus the sexual trauma."

Teddie glanced at me with a look. "I watched that show." He said. "That kid wasn't raped."

"'Course he was." Adachi told him. "We're Fools, we watch Evangelion differently. Fortune kid down there's just got crippling self esteem and anger issues though."

Phil was getting inside the machine now.

It was easier to think of it as a machine, but the fact is that that thing down there is his mom in a demon body.

I'm concerned about the ethical issues at hand.

I'm turning human.

Shut up, now isn't the time for an identity crisis.

Decision time.

Do I kill it, or let it stand?

"Professor Nyström, I'm afraid that I must ask a pertinent question." Mitsuru said. "The Anima Eternus is clearly not a machine, and you appear to be having a teenage boy piloting it. I know that I may sound foolish, jumping to conclusions based on the names of our organisations, but this is a pressing concern for me."

The scientist laughed.

"Indeed, you are correct." Charles Nyström said. "This is indeed very similar to the fictional creation known as an Evangelion. I understand that many of our guests are not aware of what that entails, but it is enough to say that this is a creation built from cloned demonic flesh, human technology, and a human soul to act as a catalyst between the machine god and the pilot, who is the original soul's biological son."

That gained hushed silence. As you can see, the guy's pretty proud of his achievement, so I had no idea about this.


They've figured out my blind spot.

"Professor Melissa Matthews herself volunteered for this role, but she asked that her son be withheld from this knowledge." Nyström continued. "Regardless, please observe the demonstration of its activation."

"And you called me blasphemy." I whispered into Paulo's ear, stirring up righteous hatred.

See what I'm doing?

I'm letting humans do what humans do best.

Get angry.

Then the Anima woke up.

It roared.

The machine god faced the dragon that SEELE had captured for this demonstration. The dragon screamed flames, but the machine god just slammed a hand through it and crushed the monster's skull.

It wasn't even a battle. It was murder.

Anger is replaced by fear and awe.

It was effective, I'd give it that.

"I would offer you all the chance to put the Anima Eternus through any test the audience cared name, but I am well aware that there are incredibly powerful individuals amongst us that could destroy this twelve billion Euro creation with little effort." Nyström said. "Please understand that at this stage, the Anima Eternus is designed to combat high demons, not Old Ones."

Yeah, he knows about me, and he's not happy. It's a pretty well kept secret, but they found out about me some time ago. Thankfully, they don't know just what I am, so I'm still relatively top-secret, even for SEELE.

"What I wish to propose is the mass production of the Anima Eternus." Nyström continued. "Should we receive funding, then we shall be ready with three hundred base units with power like this, commanded by six advanced units with tenfold this strength by 2018."

"I would like to raise an issue with the reason for this." Mitsuru said. "Though it was only three years that I became actively involved with human-demonic relations, I am uncomfortable for creating a power that would only lead the Demonata to unite against us and initiate Ragnarok with the purpose to eliminate humanity."

"Yes, that would be why this is for eyes only." Nyström pointed out. "Do not be alarmed, we have no intention of letting them know, and certainly not to the scale we intend. Are there any other objections?"

There were, but in the end, the project got funding to create one hundred and eight machines by 2017.

As you can guess, I decided not to intervene. Humans do as humans do.

As a Shadow, that's none of my business.

I'm Minato's Shadow, but this is human business

"I dunno about you guys," I told my travelling companions, "But I need a drink."

"It all started back in March 1914, with a movement to register all Demon and Persona Users." I explained at the bar. "The overall group was called SEELE, and one of their main laws was the forbidding of supernatural abilities in all non-supernatural conflicts. Of course, that kinda blew up in their face with the outbreak of the Great War, but all was made good."

"So, basically, SEELE is the UN of the demon world." Teddie said over a shot of whiskey.

"More like they're the biggest group and they're in charge." Adachi corrected. "Most of the organisations are lucky to have a hundred members. Outside of SEELE, the biggest group has around six hundred members."

"Wow." Teddie said. "Just how big is SEELE?"

"About a million and a half humans." I said. I'm not even gonna ask why Adachi knows this. For all I know, he's a member. "Worldwide figure for humans that are involved in Demons, Shadows or Monsters? About six million."

"Wow…" Teddie whistled. "Monsters being demon-like creatures with non-demon biology?"

"Demons without demonic power basically." I shrugged. "Werewolves and dragons are the main important ones though. Remember the stuff in the shadows back at GEHIRN?" I asked.

"Monsters?" Adachi asked.

"Vashta Nerada." I said. "Shadows that melt the flesh. They look like perfectly ordinary specks of dust floating in the air. They normally live in forests, but reproduce with spores in wood pulp. Any shadow that has ever touched a book or a piece of wood could potentially house any number of them. They usually live off carrion, but in big enough swarms, well, you saw."

"Damn." Adachi swore. "Could have done without knowing that, thanks."

"You're welcome." I said, downing my shot and asking the barman for another. "Anyway, back to what I was saying. SEELE are very pro-human. I was there because I'm powerful and, well, Shadow of the Universe and all that, but I had no real authority unless I decided to smite some humans, which would have made me look really big and clever, wouldn't it?"

The other two were silent.

"What's up with you?" Adachi eventually asked. "You didn't bring us out here to look at some living mecha."

I looked at my new drink.

"Saturday, 30th January, 2010." I said. "Minato revived three hundred and fifty-four men and women, having to kill thirty five of them again, but three hundred and nineteen people were revived from the dead and walked away."

I lowered my head.

"The last one of them died two days ago."

"That's pretty hilarious actually." Adachi smirked. "I mean, you go through all that trouble, and they don't even last that long." His expression changed. "Hey, maybe he traded his own life force for theirs, which was why he died like he did."

I shook my head. "I spent the last three years thinking that, but not anymore."

They both looked at me.

"I visited their families." I said. "Just a couple at first, but then I tracked them all down and spoke with them all and I started to unravel the truth. None of them had been acting right since they were brought back. Like they were replacements who were acting out their roles perfectly but something just wasn't right." I downed the whiskey and got a refill. "All the memories were there. All the personality was there, but they weren't."

"Homunculi." Adachi whispered. "You brought back perfect homunculi."

"Perfect human transmutation." I said. "Of course, you can't make a soul. You can make the body think that it has a soul, but you can't make one." Down the drink. "I should've figured it out when I gave Aigis a human body. Dead is Dead, you can't change that. Well, Chidori's Persona could, but that's a whole different kettle of fish. Hell, that probably doesn't count as resurrection. Her Spring of Life was most likely Sufficiently Advanced Resuscitation."

"Wait, so…" Teddie covered his mouth.

"My human instigated a massacre and couldn't fix it." I said. "I killed three hundred and nineteen innocents by being too damn proud to give up quietly."

"Damn…" Adachi whistled, turning to his drink again.

"Know what the worst part of this whole cock-up is?" I asked, holding my seventeenth shot of whiskey of the night. "I don't even have a damned liver. I'm just doing this because this is what depressed people do. Drink."

I downed it.

It was pretty late when we returned to Japan. We returned Adachi to his prison once we were done cleaning the alcohol out of his system, and I warped Teddie back to Inaba and walked him through the snow back to Yosuke's house.

"You're going to uni in April, aren't you?" I asked him.

"Yosuke is." Teddie said. "I never enrolled into school, but Naoto-chan said that she'd work something out so I can go with Chie-chan and Yuki-chan."

"And Yosuke." I smirked.

"Yeah, him too." Teddie laughed. "Teacher said that he won't be going to school once he graduates. He wants to become a bartender and help Naoto-chan with her detective stuff when she graduates next year."

"Sounds like him." I said. "Actually, does it? I never really got to know him that well. We only met each other once or twice."

"Naoto-chan misses her big brother." Teddie said. "A lot."

"I miss him too." I told him.

"She knows how powerful he was too." Teddie continued. "She knows what happened to him- well, most of it anyway. She doesn't know about who you used to be."

"No one does." I told him. "No-one human anyway. Adachi doesn't count."

Teddie sighed. "Why him?" he asked.


"Why did you go to all that trouble to get him out?" Teddie asked. "I mean, out of everyone you could have gotten-"

"Because he's the most human person I have ever met." I said. "He's Pride, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth and Greed incarnate, and he's not ashamed." I turned to Teddie as we reached Yosuke's Street. "He's like us. A Shadow. The fact that he has a heart, unlikely as it sounds, is irrelevant. He's one of us."

Teddie sighed. "My race doth protest too much." He said.

I smirked. "You've grown apart from Lucifer you know." I told him. "You're your own Shadow."

"Thanks." He said as we reached Yosuke's gate. "Same to you. A certain blue-haired young man would have been shouting about the sanctity of man and how humans don't need machines to be strong back in there."

"Cheers." I laughed. "So, back to the bear jokes?" I asked him.

"I'll probably cut back on them." He said. "They are pretty un-bear-able."

Must. Not. Slap him. Upside the head.

"Sorry, can't help it." He laughed. "What about you? You got any plans?"

"I'll just keep going as usual." I shrugged. "I'm too busy for a full night off. I've got to track down this psychotic elf in America that keeps terrorising kids with an internet connection."

Teddie shook his head and sighed. "Remind me, are elves good or bad?" he asked as he opened the gate.

I looked up at the night sky. "Elves are wonderful." I quoted. "They provoke wonder. Elves are marvellous. They cause marvels. Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies. Elves are glamorous. They project glamour. Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment. Elves are terrific. They beget terror." I turned to face the Shadow of Lucifer. "The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look behind words that have changed their meaning."

"No one ever said elves are nice." I told him. "Elves are bad."

"Right." Teddie noted, closing the gate behind him, before smiling into the snow. "We could've taken that thing back there, couldn't we?"

"You kidding?" I laughed. "You and Adachi could have torn it to pieces. You could have gone toe-to-toe with it, but I wanted insurance."

"Thanks." Teddie smirked, before offering me a hand across the fence. "Good luck with whatever you get up to."

"Cheers." I said, shaking his hand. "Hopefully we won't see each other for a while."

"Last question then." he laughed. "Humans and Demons, is that it?" he asked. "Nothing else?"

I tilted my head. "Are you asking if there's an actual, legit God?" I asked him. "One that wasn't made by humans?"

He nodded.

"You know that I can see the deepest, darkest secrets of anyone I meet?" I asked. "Most people who claim to meet god either know that they're lying, or I can tell that it's a demonic encounter. Sometimes, I don't know what the hell happened, because it's not something I know about."

He titled his head.

"I've seen people talking with something I can't see." I said. "And the stuff they were talking about was way above the level of any human, demon, or Old One." I tapped the side of my head. "Demons are only as smart as the humans that created them. Humans couldn't come up with that."

"So is that it?" Teddie asked. "Sufficiently Advanced Entity?"

"That, or the fact that old men without any demonic power can heal wounds and injuries that I can't." I said. "I've seen young men walk through hospitals, and I took off my hat because of the presence of death that was with them as they went to give a blessing of safe passage. I can't feel the spirit, but I damn well feel the effect it has on those around me, and I can tell you that it is NOT a demon."

"So yeah." I shrugged. "It's none of our business, but humans have a legit God. As for why he's not involved in the world, my guess is that he is, but he wants humans to deal with their own problems, otherwise there's no point to living."

"So, you know the meaning of life?" Teddie asked.

"Don't give me that crap." I laughed. "You got that question answered months ago."

Teddie said goodbye and walked inside.

I must've stood outside his house for a good five minutes after he walked in through the front door.

Yosuke had Chie over. It was pretty clear they weren't expecting their favourite bear back so soon.

I turned to leave.

The real reason I got Teddie and Adachi?

Because I wanted to go drinking with some mates. That's all.

It's pretty sad that my only friends are either psychos, the offspring of the devil, or they can't know that I exist.

Something licked my hand.

It was a wolf.


"Hey there." I said, squatting in the snow to rub his back. "And here I thought that wolves were extinct in Japan. Where are you from?"


I recognise that smell.

"So you're from the Abyss of Souls." I said, scratching his ears. "You wanna come with me for a while?"

He barked.

"Nice." I said, standing up and pulling a steak out of my pocket and tossing it into the air. "You have a name?" I asked as he chewed it. "Not your Persona, your actual name."

There was a growl.

"Sorry, you're right." I said. "Names are for humans and their dogs. Wolves and Shadows don't need them."

The wolf looked at me and I opened a portal.

"After you." I told him, and he strode through.

"So he's the Alpha, huh?" I laughed, following the wolf into the woods.


This was pretty sad in it's own right. Completely different from Stay Awake With Me, but good.

A pretty unsuccessful afternoon in the life of Minatos. And should shed some light onto Face Every Shadow.

For Every Soul is gonna be good.

So, back to my excuse. Last week, the Slender Man started pulling his crap with me to try and drive me insane, as he does. So, I did what any rational human did.

I grabbed a pickaxe and walked into the woods.

Long story short, I took his arm. Well, one of them. Tastes like beef when fried. Anyway, then I had a bunch of bones to use, so I took a saw and some sandpaper and made a couple of swords. Guy came back for a rematch, and he left after a few stabbings. I don't think he's coming back any time soon, but just in case, well.

Anyway, notice on my mission. My papers have finally gone off, about a week ago, so in five, eight, nine weeks most, I'll know where and when I'm going. When I do, I'll let you all know.

Of course, look forward to a new Time Paradox coming soon.