A/N: This is a totally revised and redone version of 'A Savior's Legacy': New plot, new characters, etc.


Violent torrential rains shot down from the pitch black sky like bullets and descended upon the vast jungle-like forest. Accompanying the sheets of rain were blustery winds which howled like a starving Houndour. The storm shook the exposed tree tops with the force of a high-level Whirlwind attack.

Huge, white-hot crackles of electricity zinged all around the turbulent sky, high above the tallest trees which partially shielded the forest floor from much of the pouring rain and muffled the deafening roar of the storm. Only a few light sprinkles of cold rain were allowed to trickle down to the ground below the protective canopy.

The enormous forest, which stretched on for many miles, consisted of thousands of towering trees. From the ground, the sky was barely visible except for a few open patches here and there, but bright flashes of lightning still managed to briefly illuminate the forest's underbelly from the heavens.

At this time of night especially, this section of the forest's floor looked almost impossible to navigate as there were no beaten paths, and the entangled web of low-hanging branches, bushes and other vegetation dominated the area.

Only a few varieties of bugs and rodents scurried about the forest, barely visible in the darkness. This area normally teemed with life during a sunny day because it was many miles away from any city, road, or Pokemon center, which meant that no humans ever came around the area to disturb it. The Pokemon and plants were free to prosper and live without interruption…except for the chilly, wet weather on this night.

But a closer look revealed a strange and dark building standing within the shroud of vegetation.

The huge, mostly windowless, warehouse-like structure looked extremely out of place in this virtually unreachable part of the forest. The brown-colored building was camouflaged by the huge army of lower tree branches and tangles of vines and foliage, aided of course by the blackness of night.

To the typical passerby, the area would probably look like nothing more than a secluded section of this vast maze of nature. And in such a deep part of the endless jungle, the only people who encountered the warehouse were those who already knew of its secret location.

There was a faint flicker of light coming from inside through a small, dingy window, but it was quickly masked by a sudden flash of lightning.

While the winds and rain continued to toil above the forest, inside this mysterious warehouse, a storm was apparently beginning to brew as well.

The main area inside the building looked just as one would expect judging from the exterior. The interior of the warehouse looked like a huge airplane hangar, its walls stretching probably five or six stories high. There were no light sources inside as the many bulbs lining the ceiling had apparently all been shattered and broken. The only light, which came in through the several tiny glass windows near the ceiling, was supplied by the sporadic lightning strikes outside.

The building's entire floor stretched for probably the size of a football field. It was a barren grey color and had massive cracks in the concrete looking like a series of spidery veins, obviously showing evidence of repeated impact of some kind. There were also a few dozen huge crater-like holes in the ground, almost like a meteor had smashed into the warehouse's floor.

As the lightning continued outside, huge scratches, dents, and burn marks could be seen scattered throughout most of the cement walls. What sort of thing or creature could have wreaked so much havoc?

Besides the apocalyptic storm banging against the small line of windows, the hangar was eerily quiet and empty.

There were no people here, and the only objects in the entire gym area were several piles of scrap metal and some jagged chunks of debris, varying in size and shape, that had been cracked loose by whatever had destroyed the walls and floor.

Suddenly a sharp noise interrupts the silence.


Someone screaming? Or…was it just the hurricane-force winds wailing outside?

"Pleeease! Nooo!"

No. There is was again.

Although it was muffled--obviously in another room nearby-- the sound was definitely a scream; a very high-pitched and terrifying female scream.

From inside the hangar, it sounded like it had come from behind the rusty metal wall on the west side of the building. It was a chilling shriek, the kind only inspired by intense fear or pain.

Behind that wall was a much smaller dimly-lit room. Only a few isolated flickering light bulbs remained; the rest had been destroyed. Broken glass and metal shards littered the smooth-tiled floor where a slender young woman in a white lab coat, who looked to be in her mid-twenties, was sprawled out and trembling in fear, half-lying down on her back, half-hoisting herself up with her arms.

Shattered laboratory equipment, Bunsen burners, glass beakers and test tubes decorated the counter tops. There were dozens of demolished computer monitors and other high tech equipment strewn about as well. And just like the larger room on the other side of the wall, this room had apparently been shredded by something powerful.

The whimpering young scientist, who looked like she had worked in this ransacked lab, continued to cower from her position on the floor, and let out a few pathetic yelps for mercy. Her long brown hair was disheveled, and her bright green eyes were full of tears.

The lifeless carcass of a Pokemon lay limp on the ground next to her. The once vibrant pink-colored creature was now red-stained with the blood that was still flowing out of its dead body and onto the floor around it.

A tall and imposing man with broad shoulders towered over the girl and her fallen friend menacingly, a crooked smirk just barely visible on his cold, angular face.

"P-p-please, s-sir," the scientist stuttered hysterically as she gazed up at the man in terror.

Her eyeglasses were cracked and crookedly balanced on her nose, which was slowly dripping blood onto her white coat like a leaky faucet. Her left eye was swollen and beginning to darken in color from being struck violently. Tears continued to spill down her sweaty face, which was scattered with various cuts and bruises. Her uncontrollable sobs had taken over her ability to speak.

The imposing man began to chuckle softly. His dark brown beady eyes could have burned holes through concrete with the intensity of their stare. The way he cackled made the young woman shiver with even more fear. She had just witnessed the brutal murder of her own Pokemon, and the chilling realization of how alone she was now was too much to bear.

"It was foolish of you to try to fight me, Professor. You knew how powerful my creature is. You knew your Pokemon stood no chance," the man sneered. He was clutching a glowing baseball-sized orb in his hand.

"P-Please, just let me go!" the frantic scientist wailed like a toddler. "I've done everything you've asked me to do!"

The evil man in the suit remained unsympathetic.

"Yes, I suppose you have," his raspy, baritone voice murmured. He paused. "Although…there is one more thing…"

The man gave a creepy smile as he stepped closer to the young woman on the floor, avoiding the bloody puddle. He lifted her to her feet and pulled her close into sort of an embrace. The girl continued to tremble with fear as the much bigger man seemed to swallow her up in his arms.

"Professor…you are a very beautiful woman," the man whispered into her ear as he stroked her hair and gently caressed her back. "Very beautiful…"

The man started to aggressively fondle the woman and kiss her neck. He pushed her backwards until he had her pinned up against one of the lab's counter tops. He grunted as he tried to rip away her lab coat and force himself upon her. At first, the young woman was much too frightened for her life to resist, but as she began to sob even harder, she started to turn her head away and struggle against the man's attempts to remove her clothes.

Initially the man enjoyed the struggle. He laughed at how easy it was to restrain the petite woman despite her kicking and screaming. This continued on for a few moments, but after a while, he grew tired of fighting. He began to get angry. He had had enough.

The man stopped trying to kiss the woman and instead he angrily punched her in the jaw with his massive fist. She yelped in pain and fell to the floor, where she continued to whimper.

"Have it your way, bitch. I don't have time for games," the man growled mercilessly. "Perhaps you'd like to meet the same fate as your Pokemon."

He pulled a dark grey from the inside handgun pocket of his suit jacket and began to slowly draw it towards the scientist, who was still sprawled out on the floor at the man's feet. A look of pure horror overcame her instantly when she saw the weapon.

"Holy sh-shit!" she gasped, as her bottom lip quivered uncontrollably, shaking her head in frantic disbelief.

"Please, s-sss-Sir! Don't k-kill me! I-I'm sorry! I s-swear I won't tell anyone about anything!"

The scientist's arms and hands shivered like a seizure she clasped her hands together in a pleading motion.

"I appreciate the loyalty, Professor." The man in the suit said without much sincerity. His eyes, as well as the barrel of the gun, remained focused on the girl down on the floor.

"And you have done marvelous work, but now you have fulfilled your purpose…and you have learned too much about my little operation. I cannot risk you ruining my plans…Better to be safe than sorry, I'm afraid."

With that, the man with the gun firmly and calmly squeezed the trigger…once…twice…three times.

Unshaken by the two inhumane acts of murder he had just committed, the man re-holstered his smoking gun. He stared down calmly at the dead scientist who was now lying right next to her Pokemon. Both bodies lay lifeless in an increasingly large red pool of blood.

He spoke to the woman he had killed as if nothing had happened.

"Good work, Professor. It's because of your invention that we will finally be able to achieve our goals. I'm sorry it had to end like this…It won't be long now. The world will soon see what we are capable of."

With that, the man in the suit turned to leave the lab, but he remembered to retrieve the professor's research notes on his way out. After grabbing the thick notebook sitting on one of the desks, he exited the sliding lab door, and instructed the armed guard outside the door to "clean the mess up" as he strolled by.

His shoes' hard heels clicked and clacked with every step he made along the concrete floors as he made his way from the main laboratory, through the long hallway and down to his office, which was located in the basement, underground.

The man walked confidently as he descended down the short metal staircase and reached the glass and steel-trim doors to his spacious office. The normally-stoic man was almost giddy at the thought of what was going to transpire in just a few short days. Something he had been looking forward to for years now.

At long last, the time had finally come.