Allen in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole

Upside-down, blood rushing to his head, and wrestling with a throbbing migraine, Allen Walker decided that no, his day was not going as well as he had hoped it would that morning.

It had started with the mission Komui had pushed across the desk. Another Innocence to find, another akuma to kill, so on and so forth, and of course there was no time for breakfast. It wasn't exactly a difficult undertaking, going off into the countryside to search for a single Innocence, but Komui had insisted that most of the Exorcists go along, to cover more ground. There had been mention of at least one Noah, but that had been a month ago, and history showed the Noah didn't stay in one place for very long. Even if they had been there they were gone now.

So Allen had company. Lenalee, Lavi, Miranda and Kanda accompanied him, and all together the five Black Order Exorcists scoured a mile and a half of raw countryside trying to find one piece of Innocence, without any idea what it looked like. Lavi had, naturally, given up after a quarter of an hour and gone to sit by himself on a rock both smooth and flat, and closed his one visible eye. Kanda had Mugen out in a flash ready to get the red-head more motivated than he'd ever been in his life, but Lenalee got him calm and searching again. She offered Allen a pained smile, and using her own Innocence she gliding over the tall grass and through the trees. Kanda grumbled about one-eyed imbeciles and pointedly ignored Allen, which Allen had absolutely no problem with. As for Miranda, she was content to get on her hands and knees and crawl through the grass with her face close to the ground like an animal. This was probably just a defense mechanism to satisfy her desire to hide.

That was how he ended up alone. With Lavi asleep, Lenalee busy, Miranda neck-deep in foliage, and Kanda being his anti-social self, Allen wandered into the deeper parts of the woods, where not as much light fell. He was unafraid though—with the Crowned Clown and his cursed eye, he was at ease, and it was his ease that got him into his unfortunate predicament.

Since he had not been looking for any sort of person—in lieu of a kind of object, though there was no standard with Innocence—he missed the shadowy figure completely. It wasn't until it was too late that he saw her, dancing on the branch, giggling behind her hand like the sweet child she pretended to be.

"Allen-kun," she smiled, her grey pallor aglow with joy. She was wearing a new outfit, one he'd never seen before. It as a blue dress, with white stockings, a white apron, and little black mary-janes. It was difficult to see in her purple-black hair, but she'd adorned herself with a tiny black headband decorated with itty-bitty teacups, and she had a handful of playing cards, not unlike the ones Tyki Mikk might have on his person at any given time.

"Road," Allen said, feeling his heart begin to pound faster. Road was easily the most dangerous of the Noah, not in size or strength but in ability. Tyki could tear out your heart while it still madly beat, or Skinn could crush you into pulp—even Jasdevi could imagine up some macabre thing to kill you with. Only Road could get inside your head, where you couldn't defend yourself, and tear you apart from the foundation up. He'd already seen what she could do first-hand, and it was not a pretty picture.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, as if she had no idea, and Allen knew very well that she did know why he was there.

"Taking a stroll," Allen replied with a smile. "It's such a lovely day."

"It is, isn't it?" Road agreed, tromping back and forth across the branch. It was eerie how it never moved, no matter how hard she stepped. "But I know a place much nicer than this, if a golden afternoon is what you're looking for." She paused to point downward, and to Allen's infinite surprise there was a hole there, the biggest hole he'd ever seen, at least in a forest. It was at least as wide as he was tall, and as much as Kanda liked to profess Allen's shortcomings, the white-haired youth was a good five feet four inches, and that made the hole very wide.

Road giggled and dropped the playing cards down the hole, and they fell like leaves in autumn into the gaping chasm. The rectangular patches of white fell and fell, until they vanished. Road waved them good bye, sad to see them go.

"Where does that hole lead?" Allen asked, secretly afraid of what she might say.

"Wonderland," Road said playfully. "Want to come and play with me there? I promise we'll have lots of fun." She said fun like it was something you did with rusty surgical tools, and Allen took a step back.

"No thanks, I'm all set," he smirked, but it was transparent and Road saw right through it. Her gold eyes were peeling him layer by layer, like some perverse candy, only instead of creme in the center it was organs, rich with metallic blood. As if on cue, Road licked her lips, and now she was pointing at him.

"But Allen, don't you see? You're already down the rabbit hole." Before Allen could question what she meant by that he felt a pressure on his back, like a fish hook had been inserted into him, and was being dragged against his will towards the inky abyss. He ground his heels into the dirt and tugged at the invisible bonds that held him, but it was all futile. Road's smile said it all, and when Allen was at the rim of the hole she blew him a kiss and waved.

"See you in Wonderland, Allen-kun," she called, and he was unceremoniously released, the hook jerking out of him to send him spiraling, flailing his arms with nothing to grab on to. He spun to face the sky as he plummeted into the dark, and the last thing he saw was Road, still smiling, still waving, and then gone.