While watching "Bodies in the Book", this one shot popped in my head

Bones what time is the book signing?

"5 to 7:30. I want to go alone this time."

"Bones, I've always gone with you, ever since the second book came out."

"I know and thank you, but nothing's happened at these things in the last 6 years."

"Because I'm there, I keep you safe, but I suppose if it means that much to you I'll let you go by yourself."

"Thanks Booth."

"You're welcome Bones, but call me as soon as you get there and leave."

"Yes, Dad."

"Be home no later than 8:15, young lady!"Booth flashed the charm smile.

Brennan rolled her eyes, kissing Booth as she exited the office. Booth grinned and looked at his watch, 4:00 he better go now if he wanted to get to the bookstore and hide before Brennan got there.

An hour into the sinning a man came up congratulated Brennan on the new book, Brennan was about to thank him when, she felt herself being removed from her chair, before she could react she felt someone puling her out of the man's grasp from behind."I've got you Bones, it's okay." Brennan relaxed and let Booth pull her free while security tackled the psycho. Once the guy was on the ground and being led away, Booth turned Brennan in his arms, "You okay Bones?" he kissed her forehead.

"Yes, but I think in a little shaken. Why are you here? I told you I wanted to come alone!"Brennan wanted to be mad at Booth for showing up when she told him not to, but she couldn't do it, she leaned into him and let a tear fall down her cheeks

Booth tightened his arms around Brennan and wiped the tears away "I let you COME alone like you wanted, but you didn't think I'd let you BE alone with all these people around and the cracker jack security did you?"

Brennan laughed a little and shook her head no. "I want to be mad at you right now, but I can't, because I'm really glad you're here Booth. If I ever want to be alone at one of these things tell me no, please."

"I will, remember you're never alone, Bones I'm always here." Booth pointed to her heart as he kissed her again.

"Thanks Booth."

"You're welcome Bones. What do you say we go in the back for a while so you can calm down and I can get more security here then you can come out and finish signing?"

"I'd like that, but you're not going far right?"


Brennan nodded and wrapped her arms around Booth one last time and then informed her agent of the new plan. An hour later Brennan came back to the throng of people that patiently waited and a third of the FBI keeping them at a safe distance and finished signing with Booth directly behind her chair with a hand on her shoulder.