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Chapter One: Talking To Thin Air

Walking Home From School

Amu walked home, exhausted from another long day at school with her friends. I love being one of the guardians, but still it's tiring always having to keep up with the x-eggs.

"Amu chan!" Ran's tiny voice was muffled by the shoulder bag Amu kept her four charas in.

"It's hot, and there's not enough room in here for four of us." Ran complained.

"Too bad, " Amu stated angrily, "none of you are getting out after what you did today!" Amu continued her face getting redder with anger.

"This is Amu chan's stubborn side." Ran whispered to Miki.

"I am not stubborn!" Amu yelled at her charas, an anger mark appearing on her forehead. Two people walking by looked at Amu like she was crazy. Amu waited until she rounded a corner and was alone with her charas.

"See," Amu shouted, "those people thought I was nuts!"

"But Amu chaaaaa." Ran complained some more.

Amu finally reached her house. She made sure no one was looking and took her house key out from under the new doormat her mom had bought, and started to unlock the door.

Later in Amu's Room

It's kind of nice that mom and dad have been busy with work lately, and since dad takes Ami with him I get some time to myself before everyone gets home. Amu yawned in the middle of her thoughts. I'm so tired, I'll just take a little nap. Amu told herself, curling up in a ball on her bed.

All of Amu's charas popped out of the bag they were in that Amu had slung onto her desk. They started pulling on Amu's hair and clothes in an attempt to get her to wake up.

"Amu chan, get up we need to practice your soccer skills." Ran nagged

"Su is hungry." Su whined in the third person.

"karaoke!" declared Dia.

"Of course that's what you want to do." Miki said.

Bioangel: I had hoped it would be longer, but I think the rest will be.

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