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Chapter Seven: Precautions & Preparations

Later At Ikuto's House

Amu pressed a piece of fuzzy white gauze onto the stab wound on Ikuto's side, taping the last of it down. Then, she plucked the washcloth out of the bowl of warm water she'd filled, and began dabbing his swollen bottom lip. He winced slightly at the touch, but his facial expression didn't change, although it made Amu pause in her work, not wanting to hurt him.

After insisting on going home, Ikuto had gingerly showered as quickly as possible, made it as far as his bed, and now, completely out of energy, he was at the mercy of Amu. He wore a pair of soft cotton, plaid pajama pants and a navy blue t-shirt that Amu previously had pulled up to chest, to reveal his stomach and side areas so she could treat his wounds as best she knew how.

He took her hand with the washcloth in it, small compared to his own, and repressed it gently to his face to assure her it was hurting…badly.

When she was finished with her mock nurse's treatment, Amu sat back on the edge of the bed and looked down, frowning.

"You still didn't tell me why they beat you up. All I know is they're from Easter, and there's a new leader." Amu pouted in a hushed tone, not sure if she should be hurt by Ikuto's secretiveness, or grateful.

Ikuto placed his hand securely under her chin and tilted it his way, holding it there until she met his gaze.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, pausing with a thoughtful look on his face, "I know this sounds cliché, but it's for your own good. They wanted you, and when they couldn't have that, they settled for me instead."

Amu still wasn't satisfied with the explanation.

"If it's about me shouldn't I know?" she carried on, challenging his judgment.

"Knowing you, if I told you then you'd only be in more danger. From now on, I'm not leaving you're side," he announced, and it was clear by the tone of his voice that he wasn't going to budge another inch, " they can have me…but I'll die before they touch you." his voice grew stronger in his anger.

Amu sighed, knowing she wouldn't get any more out of him, she gave in. She slung both arms around Ikuto's neck and took in the faintest sniff of his scent. He clasped his hands together over the small of her back, holding her on top of him.

The Next Morning

When Amu awoke she was cradled between Ikuto's warm unwounded side and arm.

She climbed carefully out of the bed, so she wouldn't wake him, and tiptoed downstairs to make them both something for breakfast.

Soon after she'd started cooking her simple dish of scrambled eggs, one of the few things she could cook without Su's help, Ikuto clambered into the kitchen frantically.

He was relieved as his eyes fell on the pink haired girl in front of his stove. Ikuto engulfed her in a giant hug and pressed his face into her fragrant hair, like he'd done so many times before. She could feel the rise and fall of his shoulders as he inhaled and exhaled.

"What part of 'not leaving your side' didn't you catch?" he questioned, dumbfounded, holding Amu at arms length.

"I-I just got up to make breakfast, jeez." Amu giggled, seeing Ikuto so jumpy and worried for once, instead of herself made her feel strangely; happy to know Ikuto was worried about her.

"Well, we're going to be extremely late for school anyway, so why not skip and do something more interesting?" he tossed the idea at her, meaning one thing, though he was implying something that would no doubt draw a blush from Amu.

"OH CRAP! I forgot we had school today!" Amu spun around to face the clock, choosing to ignore Ikuto's perverse comment, although her face was now pink. 12:30, they'd already missed most of their core classes.

Ikuto grabbed Amu's waist from behind, taking advantage of the situation as it presented itself, clutching her with both arms. She froze, her body suddenly feeling like jelly. Ikuto moved his lips close enough to her neck that she could feel his warm breath on her bare skin. Goosebumps rose up all over her body. He moved his face up a litte, then gently bit the top of her ear.

"Remember that?" Ikuto whispered, referring to when they had first met. (If you don't remember this…go back and read Shugo Chara Again!)

BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP! The smoke alarm interrupted before Amu could even think of trying to form useless words which wouldn't stop him anyway. Ikuto released her and moved to the area in front of his sink to switch the smoke alarm off, leaving Amu bright crimson.

"I'm going to take that as a yes." Ikuto smirked, pleased with himself. "Let's just get dressed and I'll buy us breakfast; it's not like we're missing anything in the last couple hours of school anyway," he mused, "besides…I think the eggs are dead." *sweat drop* he confirmed, staring at the smoking pan of now crunchy eggs.


Amu pulled a soft-pink plaid miniskirt and pink tank top from her bag, along with her undergarments. Ikuto just crossed his arms casually, smirk spreading across his face, and leaned against his dresser, facing Amu. The faintest pink hue showed on her cheeks as she sighed and placed her hands on her hips.

"I've already brushed my teeth and hair and everything, so do I really have to retreat to the bathroom with no need other than getting dressed?" Amu asked, annoyed, although she was a little flattered.

"I don't think so, we can just change here." he feigned stupidity, but kept the smirk.

"Two can play at this game." Amu claimed, but Ikuto just shrugged.

"Okay if that's what you want." he grinned, pulling his shirt from his chest and off of his broad shoulders, revealing Amu's poor excuse of medical knowledge.

"HEY! That's right you're supposed to be hurt," she barked, "do even feel pain?" she asked, exaggerating.

"No, I'm superman," Ikuto just rolled his eyes at her, "it's not that deep." he motioned to the bandage on his side that covered what lay beneath. "And nothing else was especially debilitating, I was just tired from fighting, and it was fun to watch you play nurse." he teased, continuing to strip.

Amu held her cool until Ikuto's hand reached the elastic band of his boxers.

"OKAY! Y-YOU WIN!" she admitted in defeat, covering her eyes with her hand. She could feel the heat emanating from her face. She waited a minute or so, listening to Ikuto laugh. Then she dared to remove her fingers one at a time.

He had already yanked on a pair of fresh black skinny jeans and was working on finding a shirt he liked.

"You can change, I won't look, I promise." he smirked and held up two crossed fingers so she could see them.

Amu knew he wouldn't though; although, he was making his search for a shirt look very professional and serious, she knew the acting was just so she could change.

At The Restaurant

"I'll have the number one." Amu told the waitress. The woman took her menu without seeing, unable to tear her gaze from Ikuto.

"Will that be wheat or sourdough toast?" she cooed, not really caring what Amu's decision would be, mesmerized by the boys violet eyes.

"That'll be sourdough, right Amu?" he announced more than asked, moving his gaze to meet hers as he voiced her name.

"Y-yeah." Amu replied nervously, suddenly uneasy with the bouncy blonde's fascination with Ikuto.

"Will that be all?" the woman asked, trying to prolong her presence as long as she could.

"Sounds good." Ikuto confirmed, handing her the menu and flashing a grin that would have any girl practically drooling on the inside.

"Commin right up." she winked at him, and strode back to the kitchen.

When Ikuto returned his attention to Amu he caught her giving the waitress the slightest glare. He leaned a little closer across the table so no one else would hear what he had to say.

"You don't have to be jealous, I go for girls with pink hair, not blondes." he teased, making a fake disgusted face at the mention of blondes, laughing. Amu's mind flashed to the thought of Ikuto and Tadase as a yaoi before deciding that would be officially YUCK.

Amu placed a hand on her chest indignantly.

"I-I am not jealous." she tried to convince herself, even more than she tried to convince Ikuto. He just laughed and leaned back into his seat.

Then the waitress returned with a platter of food. As she bent over to place it on the table Amu swore that one more button was undone on her white blouse.

The fluorescent blush on Amu's face magnified her inferiority, jealousy, and anger that she could no longer hide from even herself. Much less Ikuto. He stared at her, raising an eyebrow.

"Not jealous, eh?" he inquired jokingly.

Amu just grabbed a fork and began stabbing her breakfast, pouting.

When they were finished and Ikuto had paid the bill he secured an arm around Amu's waist and bent down to peck her on the lips aa the waitress passed by.

In the back of her mind, Amu's conscience assured her it was wrong, but even then she couldn't fully deny the smug feeling she felt when she knew the waitress saw that kiss.

Ikuto held the door open for her, as well as several old ladies on their way in.

"What a lovely young man."

"And so polite." two of them crooned to each other as they thanked him.

Amu felt surprisingly proud that Ikuto had manners, even if it was just an act for society. She leaned into his side again and he draped an arm around her shoulders in response.

When they reached the car he opened and closed the door for her before getting in too. As they pulled out of the parking lot, Amu noticed he turned in the wrong direction to be heading home.

Amu rested her chin in her hand and propped it against the side of the door to stare out the window.

"Where are we going?" Amu asked calmly, figuring she'd have to go along with whatever he wanted anyway.

"The mall," his lips twitched, hinting a smirk at whatever thought was running through his mind, "there are a few things you're going to need."

Amu felt her face beginning to heat up.

"Need for what?" she dared to ask.

"Oh, just a trip I'm planning." he kept a casual tone as he glanced at her before returning his vision to the road.

"We're not taking a trip." Amu declared.

"Is that a firm no?" he turned his voice to mock disappointment. Amu crossed her arms.

"Y-yes." she thought she was making herself clear.

"Oh good," Ikuto acted relieved, "I thought you were going to say no again." he grinned in triumph.

"HEY! T-that's not what I meant." Amu tried to protest.

"Too late," Ikuto answered, "we're already here." he finished, pulling into a parking space.

"Uggggh." she groaned, shutting the car door.

"Come on it could be fun," Ikuto implied, wrapping both arms around her waist and pulling her close to his chest, "dressing rooms are very private." he smirked.

"N-not happening." Amu argued weakly, blushing yet again.

Ikuto just laughed and took her hand in his, beginning to walk towards the entrance.

Inside The Mall

"No no no no no!" Amu turned on her heals, trying to escape.

"Yes yes yes yes yes," Ikuto grabbed her shoulders, pulling her toward the shop with a hundred different bikinis hanging in the window, "where we're going you'll need a bathing suit." he proceeded in the direction of the shop.

Right before Amu was about to give in and go for it, she heard an unmistakable voice ring out above the chatter of the crowd.

"HEY! So when'd you two plan your day of skipping out?" after all that had happened, Amu was glad to see her over-the-top obnoxious friend.

"We'll have words later." the blonde pointed a slender finger at Ikuto, shooting him a glare. Then dropped Kukai's hand to embrace Amu in a gentle hug.

"Who punched you in the face?" Kukai teased Ikuto. They slapped each other a high five and proceeded with the handshake they'd had since eighth grade.

Ikuto simply shook his head.

"Don't even ask." He played off the incident like nothing, a flawless actor.

"I take it you two are shopping for the trip?" Utau gave Ikuto a questioning stare.

"She knows too?" Amu whined more than asked, as she pouted at Ikuto.

"Well at least I'm not the only one out of the loop." Kukai shrugged, slurping an orange smoothie.

Amu felt a little better knowing Utau hadn't told Kukai either, although Ikuto and her clearly had something planned.

"Shoo shoo, run along now." Utau flicked a dainty wrist Kukai and Ikuto's way, "swimsuit shopping is girl's time." she declared, clutching Amu protectively from behind.

Ikuto and Kukai just glanced at each other and shrugged in unison, but Ikuto gave Amu a sympathetic glance before they left.

Now remembering Utau's skimpy style Amu almost wished she was shopping with Ikuto again.

Utau giggled and pushed Amu into the little shop.

"This one, this one, this one, OH definitely this one." Utau exclaimed, plucking swimsuits off the wrack in Amu's size.

Amu's POV

*OH GOD* I thought. *KILL ME NOW* I watched in horror as Utau picked up bikinis that were practically just strings. She handed me the pile and pointed towards the dressing room, blocking my escape with her skinny body.

"March!" she demanded, "And I want to see every one!"

I stepped inside the dressing room and shut the door. They were all just as provocative as the next, so I settled for the first one I grabbed. I was already scarred of the outcome.

When I stepped around the dressing room curtain and did a quick twirl, Utau looked at me thoughtfully and placed her index finger on her chin, left hand on her hip, and I knew then that this was going to be a long shopping experience.

Later, Normal POV

By the time Utau had finished, not only had she found Amu a new bathing suit, but a new wardrobe as well. Also, she had redone what they were presently wearing.

Amu wore an extremely short denim skirt with a few fabric ruffles protruding from the bottom, three inch high flip flops, and yet another lacey spaghetti strap. Accessorized with large white rimmed J-Lo glasses and silver bangles.

Utau was clothed in a short sleeved, purple, cheetah print, mini dress, black stiletto heels and black rimmed J-Lo glasses.

To add a dramatic effect, they both wore extremely large, round, sun bonnets, Amu's white, and Utau's tan. Shopping bags hung from both girl's arms; Utau also carried a large, shiny, black, expensive-looking purse.

Even with skimpy clothes the blonde looked beyond high class. She was teaching Amu the "right" way to walk in high shoes as they reached the food court.

Spotting Ikuto and Kukai sitting at a table chatting and eating lunch, Utau linked arms with Amu, despite the shopping bags, and flashed them a grin. Pleased with her "Extreme Makeover Amu Addition".

Ikuto and Kukai caught a glimpse of the girls and their eyes widened in surprise, betraying they're "cool" act.

"Wow!" Ikuto commented, smirking. He looked Amu up and down from head to toe.

"Your sister sure is something." Kukai took in the way Utau looked as she bent over and kissed him on the cheek, knowing he approved.

Utau pulled up chairs for Amu and herself.

"Okay, I got her a bathing suit, and everything else she could possibly need." Utau reported to her brother.

He just looked at Utau for a moment, then raised an eyebrow.

"How much do I owe you?" he asked, reaching for his wallet.

Utau held up both hands and leaned back in her chair.

"Fashion services are free of charge," she grinned, pleased, "Ready for your turn yet?" she asked, staring at his usual black skinny jeans.

"I think one victim is enough for today," Ikuto weaseled his way out of his sister's sinister plan.

"Hm, pity," Utau retorted, "Places to go, things to do." she stood up and began her graceful waltz away, blowing a dramatic kiss Amu's way. Both girls broke out in laughter, and Amu waved her friend goodbye.

Kukai shrugged and looked at Ikuto, picking up his plate to throw away.

"What she wants, she gets." he laughed, grinning and following her.

Amu just giggled a little at how absorbed Kukai really was in her.

"Sorry you had to be subjected to that." he gestured towards his departing sister.

"She's not that bad." Amu laughed, placing her hand in Ikuto's as they began to leave as well.

At School The Next Morning

"HONOLULU HAWAII?" everyone screamed in unison. They stared in amazement at the plane tickets the Tsukiyomi twins flashed in front of them.

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