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Chapter 23

Harry and Rebecca went to the apparition point at St. Mungo's and she side along apparated him to the alley near the clinic.

"What are we doing here Mum?" Harry asked as he winced slightly from the pressure of apparition.

A voice behind them answered "We decided that you might want to breathe some fresh air before going home."

He smiled and didn't even look back "Hi Tonks."

She came up to the opposite side of him as Rebecca and took his arm while looking at his Mum.

"Shall we?"

Rebecca grinned and nodded as they started walking at a slow pace forcing Harry to come along.

After only a few feet Harry said "Uhm, we're going to the café?"

"Yes honey, Conner wants to let you know how long you have off." His Mum told him.

Harry just gave a mental shrug and started to enjoy just walking outside after three days of being cooped up in the hospital.

When they got to the café Tonks opened the door and let him in to a deafening cheer and clapping.

He looked around at the packed café. He recognized the regulars and several of the clinic's staff through out the crowd along Cath and Sirius. Hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room was a banner that read 'Welcome Back Biscuit Boy the Vultures.'

Harry blushed as a small smile came to his face. He held up a hand about shoulder height for a moment until it quieted down.

"Thank you all, but no biscuits today you Vultures." The crowd laughed as Harry was escorted by his Mum and Tonks to a table in the center of the room where there was tea already waiting.

Once he was seated Rebecca leaned in and whispered "Sorry about this but Conner said the Vultures insisted and would mob our home if you didn't show up."

He took her hand and whispered back "Its fine Mum. It's actually kind of nice for a change."

Madam Bones had told him the story they had given out to everyone who was in the café that day and Harry was happy to note that it wasn't just the magical community that could make a simple story into something for the legends.

He was laughing at all of the different variations of the story. His favorite was that he had stood his ground even after being cut and calmed the two who had been fighting with a plate of biscuits and a cup of tea.

Harry also found out that most of them just wanted to make sure he was still amongst the living. He was surprised when several of them had referred to him as 'one of our own' when talking about the incident and him getting well again.

After everyone had eaten lunch compliments of the O'Connell's, Amanda announced that since Harry was still recovering it was time for him to go home.

It took another half hour for him to get through all the well wishes and kisses from the waitresses, female clinic staff and Lady Vultures and actually make it out the door with his Mum, Tonks, Cath and Sirius.

"The car's around the corner." Cath said.

Rebecca smiled "Thanks."

It was only a short drive but Harry was grateful for it.

Once they were in the house and he was seated Tonks sat in front of him with a pensive expression.

"I know you're happy right now Harry and I really hate to tell you this but I don't want to keep it from you either. The Dursley's came back today and all three of them were arrested before they even got their car unpacked."

Harry looked at her for a moment "Really?"

The pink haired Auror nodded.

"Brilliant. When's the trial?"

Sirius groaned and pulled a pound note from his pocket and handed it to Rebecca who was grinning from ear to ear.

"Told you he'd be happy about it no matter how she presented it." She leaned over the back of the couch and kissed the top of Harry's head.

"Thanks son."

"Uhm, no problem. What'd I do?"

Tonks smiled "Sirius thought you'd get mad or upset about them being back at all."

Harry smiled "As long as they're in jail they could have come back anytime. So do we know when the trial is?"

"Not yet, they have more procedures for trials in the muggle world than in the magical." Tonks answered.

"Do I have to do anything for this?"

His Mum answered "No, I gave them enough evidence to convict your uncle and aunt and from what the constable told us they already have plenty on your cousin to finish him off until he's eighteen at least. They try to keep minors from having to face abusive relatives again."

He nodded "How about Malfoy? Have they been able to question him yet?"

"He was finally off enough of the potions that they could use veritaserum on him last night. There really weren't any others involve." Tonks said then added.

"He's the one who decided that you should be the main target. He seems to really hate you for some reason."

Harry snorted "I didn't shake his uppity hand our first year. He's hated me ever since. What's he likely to get?"

Tonks shook her head "It's hard to tell. Normally he'd get twenty or so years for attempted murder, but with both his arms having been cut off he may get a lighter sentence."

Sirius asked "Will he be able to use magic again?"

Rebecca answered "No, he's not powerful enough to do wand less magic. From what Ams said there are only four or five underage witches and wizards who could become that powerful when their magic is mature. They'll probably bind his magic so he isn't able to do accidental magic."

Tonks looked at Harry "His trial is in two days. Would you like to go?"

Harry thought about it for a minute "I don't think so. I would rather just never see him again."

Tonks smiled "Good, I don't need you re-injuring yourself while yelling at the Wizengamot. You need to recover so we can have our days together."


Gerald Fenton was tired. He had often thought about what life would be like as the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. Thanks to the Minister asking him to take the position for the Potter trial and the Dumbledore trial he found himself elected to the position and was finding it was nothing like he thought.

First there was all of the parchment work. He had no idea that just preparing for a trial would require that many rolls of parchment, or how many more were caused by the trial itself and sentencing.

Then there was the fact that all of a sudden there seemed to be nothing but trials. Since Potter's trial they had held Dumble's followed by several Death Eaters and now they had this latest bunch.

He had asked if they could try them all together so they could just be done with it. He had a vacation planned with his wife to celebrate his election and the fact he was the first non pureblood to reach this level in the government. Being a half blood he had resigned himself to having his career peak five years ago with no chance he would ever be promoted in the pureblood run ministry again no matter how much he had tried to spout their pureblood nonsense.

Madam Bones had assured him that trying them together would drag everything out longer. 'Never have that many lawyers in a courtroom at the same time unless their on your side.' She had told him.

He had to admit that she was right and the trials had gone quickly. That is until this one.

Gerald had thought that windbag attorney who represented Dumbledore could talk a lot without saying anything, but this idiot Malfoy had brought put him to shame. It had already been three days of motions and posturing and the newest Chief Warlock was tired of it.

He had made up his mind before leaving home this morning to put an end to this first thing and get on with the conviction and sentencing. Everyone in the chamber knew it would end in guilty and that the lawyer was just trying to get the sentence lowered.

He arrived and entered the courtroom with determination. He was the Chief Warlock and this was going to be the day that lawyers learned that meant he was running this show.

That's when he spotted forty goblin warriors surrounding an impeccably robed goblin and a young lady who had a mail shirt on and a sword strapped to her back. This had to be the girl who had caused so many scars on the latest defendants and removed the arms of Draco Malfoy.

Gerald Fenton's plans for forcing this to be a quiet and short day were looking a lot less likely and he was wondering just how he was going to explain to his wife that they wouldn't be leaving in the morning for the Caribbean and a week in the sun and surf.

Stiffening his spine he started the day's proceedings and then spoke to Malfoy's attorney.

"Mr. Gristly, we will not be having anymore meaningless motions from you today. This trial will be finished and our decision reached before noon or I will put the defendant into a cell in Azkaban to await the rescheduling of this trial. I'm sorry to inform you that with the varied other jobs of the members of this august body of witches and wizards it may take a few years to be able to find a date that will work for all of us.

"I trust that your client wants to be done with this as much as we do so I suggest that you let us finish so that everyone can get on with their lives."

Gristly stood there for a moment wondering where this pompous ass got off trying to threaten him.

"Your honor, I assure you that none of the motions I have made have been frivolous. All of them have been in the interest of defending my innocent client. Since you obviously have a bias I move that…"

"SILENCE! I have had enough of this. Your client confessed under veritaserum with you present. There can be no other verdict than guilty leaving the only real decision to be made his sentence. I am considering sentencing you to whatever he receives just for wasting so much of this courts time and attempting to make my ears bleed with this bullshit.

"Now you will sit down and let us make our decision unless there's an objection from the body."

He looked around and saw many smiling faces in the gathered Wizengamot. He knew that many of these people had been threatened and bribed over the years by the elder Malfoy, but that was over now because of his death. Many of them were finding that convicting murderers and attempted murderers harshly was a way to increase their popularity so this should be an easy decision for them.

Even when they had sat in session to consider new laws they had found that without the threats and bribes the debate over them could be spirited but that when it was over no matter what the outcome they could all hold their heads up in public while telling everyone how they voted and why.

This was a new and proud Wizengamot and they seemed to be enjoying it.

"Are there any objections to moving on with the verdict?" No one raised their hands.

"All those in favor of guilty" everyone raised a hand.

"All those in favor of innocent" no hands were raised.

Gerald banged his gavel "Draco Malfoy you have been found guilty of the attempted murder of Harry James Potter and numerous muggles. We will now consider motions for sentencing."

Gerald Fenton's world slowly started to look bleaker when the impeccably dressed goblin stood. Goblins speaking in the Wizengamot in the past were usually the beginnings of another war with them. He finally recognized just who this goblin was.

"Director Ragnok is recognized."

"Thank you Chief Warlock. I know that goblins have no place in trying to influence the sentencing of witches and wizards and I agree with that. However this case involves a wizard honored among the Goblin Nation who was intentionally taken by superior numbers while he was known to be unarmed.

"We have several accounts that tell us that Honored Warrior Harry of Clan Potter attempted to take the fight away from innocents in an attempt to make his life the only one in danger. These actions speak highly of his honor. Many warriors among our Nation have sought a peaceful life after many battles and this is the case with Harry of Clan Potter.

"To attack a warrior who has given up the sword to pursue an inner peace is considered to be of the greatest dishonors amongst our race."

He looked around the courtroom "I know that it is not customary to have a minor female of your race speak in consideration of the sentencing. I ask this court to allow it at this time for an honored member of the Goblin Nation and warrior in training. I ask that you allow Honored Warrior Ginevra of Clan Weasley to speak."

Ragnok retook his seat as murmuring broke out among the assembled.

Gerald cleared his throat "Is there any discussion on the motion to have Ginevra Weasley speak at this time?"

Minister Fudge stood and was recognized.

"Members of the Wizengamot, we find ourselves at a crossroads in history. These past few months we have seen many examples of how the old ways of doing business are not going to work anymore.

"I know the story of young Ginny Weasley from speaking with several goblin warriors and her family. We have before us the future of the wizarding world.

"She is a pureblood who is justly proud of her heritage yet still embraces the ways of not only half bloods and muggleborns but also of the Goblin Nation. It is an example of how our young will change our world.

"The question is will it change it for the better or for the worse. I believe that anything that brings us closer to understanding each other will also bring us closer to assured peace and I can't think of anything I want more for our children.

"I say that we start now and embrace this future. I say that we start now and help to assure this future so that they can live in peace without the worry of future Dark Lords. I say we hear what she has to say."

The minister sat down happy to see the members speaking quietly amongst themselves. He had thought that it would be a fools attempt when Madam Bones had approached him with this idea. But as he had listened to her arguments he found that it had all the elements to get their attention and sway them.

It had peace and children. If you ever wanted something to pass the Wizengamot all you needed to do was convince them that it was for the safety of the children and it would pass.

After a moment Fenton again cleared his throat "Thank you for your words Minister. Is there any further discussion?"

He waited for a minute with no one standing "All those in favor of Ginevra Weasley speaking"

Everyone raised their hands.

"All those opposed"

Again no hands were raised.

"Ginevra Weasley is recognized."

Ginny stood "I apologize that I'm not as well spoken as this body deserves. As you have heard I was there when the attack took place and I am the one who removed Malfoy's arms. I wish to say only one thing concerning this trial.

She looked to the gallery around her and about fifty teenagers stood up.

"We the future generations will not tolerate bigoted asses in society trying to kill people just because they think it's their birthright. We will deal with them harshly so that our future children can learn that acceptance is the only way to peace."

"We are the future of the wizarding world. We are pureblood, half blood and muggleborn and we say that this is the last time we allow this. Consider in your sentencing that Malfoy has been spouting his crap for his whole life. He will never give up thinking he should rule over others who he feels are beneath him.

"Those don't just include Half bloods and muggleborns but also a lot of purebloods. You all know how his father felt about it. The Malfoy's should rule everyone is how Draco was brought up and he has embraced that way of thinking."

She looked around "If he is released after anything less than twenty years we will take action to make sure he can't attempt this again. We will make sure he can't spout his bigoted bullshit anymore.

"I ask this court to make sure we don't have to do that. I ask that he be sentenced appropriately for his crimes and receive nothing less than twenty years because I would rather not have to take his leg too. Thank you for your time."

She sat and was followed by all of the other teens.

Gerald Fenton recognized some of the teens who stood in the gallery; some of their parents were on the Wizengamot and sitting in judgment of this trial. Longbottom, Greengrass and Bones being of the oldest lines while Abbott and the Patel's were newer pureblood lines.

He didn't recognize others and figured that they would be the half bloods and muggleborns of the group. With these children assembled together and proclaiming that they would take matters into their own hands if necessary, especially those purebloods, they had almost assured twenty years.

"I thank you Miss Weasley for your words, and thank you Director Ragnok not only for your words but also for your presence at these proceedings. I am hopeful that your presence here and with Miss Weasley representing both of our cultures we can begin to build on the future for both our children."

Director Ragnok stood and bowed to him "That is our hope also, thank you."

Fenton bowed his head then spoke again "Are there any other motions for sentencing?"

Daniel Greengrass stood "I believe we already have our guidelines for sentencing. I move that he receive no less than twenty years and no more than thirty in Azkaban."

"We have a motion for no less than twenty and no more than thirty years in Azkaban. Mr. Malfoy, do you have anything to say before we pass sentence?"

He looked at his attorney "You said I wouldn't even do a year. What the hell is going on, you're supposed to get me out of this."

"Silence! If you have nothing to say that concerns your sentencing we will continue." Fenton said.

"All those in favor."

Every hand once again rose.

"All those opposed."

No hands went up.

"Draco Malfoy you are herby sentenced to no less than twenty and no more than thirty years in Azkaban."

He struck his gavel. "Aurors please escort Mr. Malfoy to his new home."

As he watched Draco Malfoy being taken from the room he smiled. His wife was going to be happy for the next week and a happy wife means a happy Gerry.

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