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Unbreakable Bond
Chapter 9

I awoke before Serah in the morning. Something I was very thankful for. As much as I wanted to just stay in bed with her, I knew I couldn't. With a sigh I wiggled out from under her arm and left her room to take a shower.

As I waited for the water to heat up, my mind raced. How was I going to tell her? Hell, I was still trying to wrap my own mind around the revelation that box contained. I should just hand her the letter and let her read it. I nodded, deciding that was how I was going to share it with her. After taking a deep breath I stepped into the shower. Fuck… I hissed in pain, the water burning the raw patches on my back from Serah's nails.

Claire. Claire Farron… I wonder what my first surname was. Was my birth name even Claire? I rested my hand against the shower wall and closed my eyes, allowing the water to wash over me and relax all of my tense muscles. Usually a violent romp, like last night, with Serah left me more relaxed than ever. But there was something deeper about last night. The love was deeper. It was no longer a lustful desire to me. Serah was mine. Now she can officially be mine.

How was my sister…no…my…what would she be to me now? We're not related by blood… How was my girlfr-no… I ran my fingers roughly through my sopping wet hair trying to get my thoughts together. Serah. She was just Serah to me. Not sister, not girlfriend… We haven't made that decision yet. Just Serah. How will Serah respond to this?


Most likely.

Be happy?

I didn't know. I honestly had no idea how she would react. With closed eyes I looked up at the shower head. Warm water splashing over my face, washing away the tears from my eyes. I was happy, in a way, to find out we're not related. But it broke my heart at the same time because I was no longer Serah's big sister. I reached for the shampoo, my eyes still closed.

What would the others think? Would they even believe me when I told them we weren't related? They'd probably think I've finally lost my mind. That I'm trying to convince myself that we're not related. Convince myself to make something that's unnatural seem alright. I'm just trying to convince myself that that letter was real. The letter had to be real, it was definitely mom's handwriting. Well, Serah's mom's handwriting. It was in a sealed envelope. It was at least seven years old.

I sighed softly, finally lifting my hands to lather my hair. My mind soon going right back to Serah. I had to deal with one thing at a time. Fuck what everybody else would think. I had to focus on her first. The woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Not as a sister though. As a lover. I want to be the one to take care of her, to support her, to comfort her. More then I already have been. I want us to go to the next level. My eyes opened, a sudden thought hitting my head.

I got her a present for her 17th birthday. A present I never thought I'd be able to give to her. Now I could. I could offer it to her. I don't know if she'd accept it. Maybe after the letter. Yes, the letter. That single piece of paper will, in fact, change both of our lives forever.

My shower was quickly over, I made haste with washing my body.

"Claire?" I looked over at her when she spoke my name. I had returned to her room after my shower and sat near the window, simply watching the passing thunder clouds in the sky. Thinking. I've yet to have a break from the thinking. I was actually starting to get a headache from it. "Claire…?" She asked again when I never responded. I just took a deep breath before holding up the paper.

The same piece of paper that caused me to run off and leave her alone for most of the night. "I…" I couldn't find words to speak. My head tilted back, maybe if I didn't look at her I could speak. "I need to show you this…" The words were soft, but enough for her to hear me and come closer.

"What is it?" She had wrapped a robe around herself before coming to my side.

"Just open it… Please." I still couldn't look at her. Her hand brushed against mine when she pulled the letter from my hands. My eyes darted out the window again. The last thing I could do was watch her facial expressions as she read the words of her mother.

An eternity passed. Or at least that's what it felt like. "This…" Her voice crackled behind tears. "Claire…?" I heard the paper land on the floor. "This is a lie!"

"It's not…" I finally turned to look at her. She was crying just as much as I was last night. My heart couldn't take it, I pulled her across my lap where I was seated, my arms encircling her in a warm, loving embrace. "I thought it was a lie at first too."

"It can't be true." She buried her head against my neck.

"It's mom's writing… Well, your mom's writing." I turned away, taking a few deep breaths to calm my nerves.

"She's just as much your mom as mine Claire!" She pulled away and forced me to look at her. "They're OUR parents."

"They're not my birth parents." I shook my head. Those words were still new to me. And still very hard to say.

Her lower lip trembled. It took every ounce of strength I had not to break down in tears again. "You're still my sister! I don't care what anything says."

"No…" I cupped her face with both of my hands and looked directly into her eyes. "I'm not your sister Serah. The documents in that box prove it. It took me all night, and this morning to admit it to myself. To believe it. Fuck, I'm still skeptical on what it says. But deep down I know it's true." I placed my forehead against hers, my voice becoming softer. "You have to believe it's true. Just like me."

"I can't!" Her eyes slammed shut and her fist pounded on my chest in frustration. "I won't!" She continued pounding. "No!" Her fists stopped making contact and gripped my shirt. "I don't want to believe it…" Her body shook violently as she sobbed.

All I could do was hold her tightly against my body and whisper soft, comforting words to her. "Serah, I love you. That's never going to change. Ever." I rested my head against hers. "I can't be your sister anymore."

"I want you…to be…my sister." She spat out between sobs.

"I can't."

"Why not?"

I stood up, cradling her in my arms. "I want to be more than that to you." I placed her on the bed. "I need you to stay here for a moment. I'll be right back." My hand caressed her cheek for a brief moment before I stood and left the room.

My heart pounding in my chest was the only sound I could hear. My mind was no longer racing. It was clear, clear of any doubt, of any apprehension. It's never been as crystal clear as it was at that moment. I dug to the back of the top shelf in my closet and pulled out a small lock box. Taking the key from the chain around my neck I opened it up to retrieve Serah's gift. With shaky hands I walked back to her room. "What do you mean you want to be more?" She spoke as soon as I turned the corner.

"I got you something…" I knelt down directly in front of her so we could be eye level. "I got it a long time ago. But the time hasn't been right until now. The time couldn't be more perfect."

"What are you talking about?"

A sigh escaped my lips before I picked up her left hand in mine. "I don't exactly know how to say this. But there…there's something I wanted to ask you. To give you…ugh…" I rubbed my free hand over my face, trying to regain my composure. Her expression showed she was confused. Probably just as much as I was right now. I thought my mind was clear, but I had no idea what words to say to her right now.

"Claire, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong honey…" I shivered at my own words. I'd never called her honey before. She blushed at the word. Instead of speaking again, and putting my foot in my mouth, all I did was open the small box to show her a glistening diamond ring. My eyes locked with hers before she looked down at it. "Now, I can ask you properly."

"Yes!" She threw herself into my arms, knocking the box from my hand to the floor. "I will…"

Serah was no longer my sister. It would take some time to fully adjust to that. But the time will come when we're both in full acceptance of it. I held her close, a smile plastered on each of our faces I never wanted to let her go. And I never would. She may no longer be my sister. But now… Serah can be my wife. She's still my family. Regardless of what any paperwork says. I would never turn my back on her. And I never will. I reached for the box and pulled the ring from it to put it onto her finger.

I was once told the bond between sisters is said to be unbreakable. But now, and only now, can we take that bond to the next level.

-The End-

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