How did I get here again? Oh yeah I remember now!! Me and my overly nice self kept on insisting that I would stay here and keep 'guard' of these stupid plants. Charlie , My dad , said that if they were to be left alone they were surely to get stollen. I mean come on! Who would steal plants! Well.....our neighbor Bob might, He was really fucking strange.

But now im here in my yard reading Wuthering heights.I love this book. Iv'e read it like 3 times already since I got here yesterday. Maybe I like it so much because of the romance or because I saw Edward Cullen reading it. He read it at the dinning hall. It was sexy. I could tell that he wasen't a typical boy. He was a Badass and that attracted me to him even more. But he was also smart.

Edward Cullen. swoon. He's who I want to be with, but who wouldn't like him? He's gorgous with his piercing Emrald green eyes, His messy Bronze/rusty/reddish brown hair, His black stud ViperBites and his tounge ring, and his unbelievably sexy jaw line. His Jaw Line!!! It's like Porn. It's JawPorn, thats being added to my vocabulary. But why would someone like Edward Cullen like me? Bella Swan

The new girl to Forks, Wasington. The new girl to Forks college. I was the boring,shy new girl, I even looked boring. I lived in Arizona with my mom so I should be a Tan, Sporty, Blonde. But instead I was Ivory-Skinned, covered in piercings, Brown eyed. Also I have Long Brown hair that stops at the middle of my back, I was always slender, but somehow soft, and I was like really shy and I can't play sports for Shit. I didn't have the necessary handeye coordination to play sports without humiliating myself or hurting anyone around me.

So why would someone like Edward like me? I can answer that. He wouldn't. I was pulled out of my fantasy by the sound of Charlie's cruiser pulling up

"Bella..Why are all the plants gone?They cost so much! How could you not notice that someone took them"?!

"What"! I screamed in alarm. They were just there. How long had I been fantasizing? Was my fantasy of Edward enough to distract me that I wouldn't even hear an intruder? I looked over to were the plants were and.....they were still there.

Anger and embarrassment flashed through me. I was sure I was blushing. My blush has always appeared whenever I got angry or embarassed. I could hear Charlie laughing and that made me get even redder.


I wanted so badly to go tell him to stick his foot up his ass but charlie was never opposed to me cursing. But the truth was that I did curse. ALOT. In front of Charlie I acted like a normal girl teenager but I am far from that. I have tattoos that he can't see and piercings. I have one on my hip wich is a blossom tree and another that is on my abdomen that says "And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, Directs your course. Also I has My Name tattooed along my wrist and I had a patch of Black stars in the hallow of the back of my ear. My mother Renee allows me to be who I really am. I had Black Stud ViperBites and a tounge ring, also a Helix and an Industrial piercing and a BellyButton ring and I'm kind of kinky so I have a nipple piercing and a clit piercing and I wear Vans and Chucks. All my pants were skinny jeans. But in front of Charlie I make sure my tattoos are always covered. I don't bother to take out my piercings though, He dosen't mind them.

Of course I didn't tell him about the piercings I had that weren't on my face or ears because he would shit out bricks and plus that would be weird for him to know. Plus I wouldn't even tell him if I didn't think it was weird because we didn't have the best father-daughter relationship but we loved each other. I got all the tattoos and piercings in Arizona with my mom.

"Sorry...Hunny.....I couldn't....Help it"! Charlie struggled to say while he was laughing

I let my dad get over his laughing fest before I asked him "What are these Plants for anyways"?

"There for Billy and Jacob. Billy went over to Sue Clearwater's and he ran over her garden with his wheelchair so he asked me to go get them for him". Charlie stated

I didn't even catch what he said because my mind wandered back to Edward. When I got to Forks yesterday I was unhappy to have to come to this overly green alien place, but then when I got to school that all changed. I met a couple of people that I could hang with. I didn't have friends back in Arizona so it was ice to talk to people for a change. I was hoping to see if he had any tattoos or peircings anywhere else...... But anyways my day got better because I met Mike, Angela, Tyler, Jessica, and Eric also Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, And Emmett. Also Edward but I didn't talk to him like I talked to the rest of them at the Dinning hall. All he did was stare at me with a irritated face causing me to blush the whole time and all I could think was what did I do?. Me and Edward were the only ones with piercing that weren't just earings. I would see a couple of people with tounge rings buy nothing serious. I would be sharing a dorm with Alice. I liked her. She was energetic and liked my tattoos and piercings. Also she told me that she was Edwards Twin and I was suprised. They didn't look alike but that was because the were fraternal twins. Alice has a pixie like body with short black hair that points in every direction and dark blck eyes. Edward was masculine and tall with Emrald green eyes and Bronze hair that went everywhere.

I was home for couple of hours today to finish getting the rest of my stuff. Alice only went yesterday to the dorm see who her roommate was. She was so happy when she saw me. It was kind of weied at first then I relized that I really liked her. She said that we were going to be best friends and I asked her how she knew that. She simply stated that she just has a feeling and I couldn't relize why but I belived her. She brought most of her stuff as I did so now I was home and she had texted me today to say that she was done bringing all her suff to the room.

Yesterday Alice asked me if she could decorate the dorm and I said yes so now when I get back to the dorm we were going to go shopping for stuff to decorate the room. She also asked that we go for clothes because she went to my closet in the dorm and looked at my clothes. She said what I had was unexceptable and that we were to go shopping for clothes after we found stuff for our dorm. So all I had to do was make dinner then go to the campus to meet Alice.

The my mind started to wander to Edward.........again.

I had to think of something else but Edward so I decided it was time for me to Start Dinner.

"Hey dad im going to go start dinner". I said and trugged off to the house and into out small kitchen

I was prepared to make spaghetti but there wasen't any pasta or tomato sauce. Shit. Charlie lived off of pizza boxes before I came here so I guess I should have know he wouldn't be stocked up. I decided that I was going to go to the Grocery store. Charlie told me how to get there but even if he wouldn't have told me I would have found it because everything is right off the highway here.

I went upstairs to change and apply a light amount of makeup and brush my hair. I grabbed some money and went downstairs.

"Hey dad i'm heading to the store ok"? I asked

"Yeah but hurry up Bells im starving". Charlie complained and to reasure me his stomach let out a loud growl telling me to hurry up.

I giggled all the way to my parked truck. My truck was an orange Chevy 1984. It didn't go over 55mph, it was old and rusty and had a dent but that's what makes it special. I love my beast of a truck. I made it to the store in only seven minutes and headed inside after I parked and locked my truck.

Since it was my first time here I aimlessly wandered around the aisles looking for supplies for dinner and other stuff that we needed at the house. I stumbled and trugged down all the aisles looking for the last thing on the list and my favorite food in the world. Pickles. Fuck I love Pickles. I was on the ground looking on the bottom shelves and still couldn't find the pickles."Fuck were are the Fucking little cock suckers"! I said outloud to myself. Thats when I heard someone clear there throat

I didn't look up to the punk ass who was inturrupting my search. The person said " you need help"? A familiar and Panty melter voice asked.

Oh Shit.