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My name is Alex Drake. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.


Molly hated Mondays; first two lessons were double maths. Quadratic equations - bloody pointless Molly thought as she forced the hairbrush through her unruly brown hair. Have mum and Gene ever used Quadratic Equations? Don't think so she scowled at the mirror as Gene yelled up the stairs.

"Molly Dolly get a move on!" he had offered to drop her at school. If only to make sure she stayed there. Just lately something other than school had been occupying the younger Drake's mind. Gene had a feeling it was probably some daft lad his step daughter was sweet on but he hoped she had inherited some of her mother's sense. Talking of which he set off to find Alex so the lot of them could get their backsides in gear and start the working week.

"Oi! Bolly, where the bleeding hell are you now?" he was not in a good mood. Alex sat in the kitchen drinking the coffee she had made about five minutes before when Gene had gone to shout for Molly. She had been more distant since the Layton trial. He hated it. It was almost like she blamed him. He didn't need that. He blamed himself already.

"Drinking my coffee. And you can stop shouting at her. We've got plenty of time" Alex glared over the top of her mug as Molly entered the room.

"Ok, where's the fire?" Molly had pulled her school coat on as Gene turned.

"Right, thank you at least one of the women in this house listen to me" Alex and Molly both raised their eyes as Gene picked up his car keys.

"Pardon?" Molly dead panned as both Gene and Alex failed to suppress a smile at her cheek.


Alex sat in silence as the car drove away from the school. She couldn't put her finger on what was bothering her but something was. Gene was the same as ever as they headed towards Fenchurch East Police Station. She felt the tell tale pounding that signalled a migraine starting. She'd been suffering them since she was shot. Gene swore at a cyclist as she shot him a dirty look. They had several investigations on the go at the moment and Gene was keen to get to the station before Chris or Ray ruined any chance they had of making a solid arrest. Alex folded her arms and huffed as Gene failed to work out why he was in trouble again.


The Squad room was its usual hive of non activity as Gene and Alex barged their way in. Sharon was no where to be seen as Chris talked to someone on the phone. Annie and Sam were both out talking to suspects while Ray and Viv were in the evidence room searching through files. Most were now on line but a few had been archived. Gene surveyed the room before wondering when Keats would be down to annoy him. Alex threw her handbag on her desk as she started to log in to her computer.

"Ma'am" Chris spoke up.

"Yes Chris" she smiled as Gene slammed his office door shut.

"Don't you think you and the Guv, better sort things out? I mean I dunno whats happened but when Sharon and me split up no one wanted to be around us. Made them feel awkward. If you two are having trouble them sort it out. For the sake of the team if not yourselves" he started hunting through his desk drawer as Alex stared open mouthed.

"When did you get so insightful?" she was amazed that Chris would even sense that her and Gene had been having problems let alone voice his concerns to her.

"Got it" he announced before opening his chewing gum. Alex rolled her eyes before opening the Haver's file.


Gene watched the two detectives through his office window, he hadn't wanted to fall out with Alex. He really hadn't but he knew he had a way of stuffing things up. His latest stuff up had been spectalcular and now he was paying for it. But if Bolly thought he was letting her go undercover after everything that had happened she was sadly mistaken. After Layton, there was no chance he was letting her put herself in harm's way.


Alex knew she could do this. It was a straight forward undercover op, plus she would have Gene and the others there as back up. Glancing around the Squad room she knew that the others would go for it. Knowing that Gene wouldn't be able to say no if she announced her plans to the rest of the team as if he had already condoned them. The only thing she would be risking was her marriage. Sighing she closed her files down on the computer. Was risking her marriage worth it? Maybe she could catch the serial killer that was out there. Maybe if she could do this, Gene would stop thinking he had to protect her. Deciding to see Gene before she put her plan in to action she smiled as Annie and Sam re-entered the room.

"Hi Alex" Sam smiled as she stood.

"You ok?" Annie glanced at a brooding Gene in the office as Alex nodded. It was now or never. She only hoped she could get Gene to listen to her, and not see her Coma dream as fantasy. Something had happened when she was in her coma and whether Gene liked it or not it affected the hear and now. She smiled at Annie and Sam hoping she looked as confident as she felt before walking across the room to Gene's office.

author's note. Its set in 2010 so I hope the characters are in keeping with the show, although as we rarely see Molly I'm not sure. Let me know what you think. I hope this will go to maybe 5 chapters and is about Alex learning to trust Gene and her instincts again now she's back in the 21st century - there will be references to the show throughout.