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Book 4 & Beyond

By Kimberly T.

100-word glimpses into the lives of the characters after the series finale.


When the former Earth King Kuei showed up on their doorstep with not just his bear Bosco but a small herd of creatures he called 'deer' -- not lynx-deer, not duck-deer, not kanga-deer, just 'deer' that he had found in a strange land far, far away – Aang just shrugged, and said they could share Appa's grazing terraces.

Appa welcomed the company. And more than welcomed them…

No one was quite sure how Appa did it, but two years later, the spring fawns started flying.

Sokka looked at them dancing overhead in a spring shower, and said, "Let's call them rain-deer!"

A/N: This one was written for my young daughter, who thought it was a good origin for Santa's sleigh-pullers!