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"This is Berk, it rains nine months of the year and hails the other three. Any food that grows here is tough, tasteless. The people that grow here are even more so. The only upside is the pets. While most places have ponies or parrots, we have Dragons..." – Hiccup

Hiccup was flying.
He felt more than saw Toothless beneath him, the dragon's muscles bunching and rippling as he twisted and turned. All around him was black clouds and no matter how he strained his eyes, he couldn't see more than about two feet ahead. The wind, which was usually pleasant, was cold and stung his face as they flew.

A sudden series of orange flashes lit the sky for a split second, before all was black again. As he whipped his gaze around trying to find the source of light, he saw black distorted shapes in the fog. Skeletal cloud dragons seemed to dance before toothless flew through them, blurring their shapes irreparably. Silhouettes of Vikings carrying glowing torches seemed to advance on the cloud-flock of what he now recognised as deadly Nadders, menacingly. With each orange flash was accompanied by an ominous rumble of thunder, and as the two sides collided, sounds of screams and roars split the silence.

Suddenly, a group of dragons lead by five familiar shapes joined the fray. Hiccup could see it wasn't enough. Suddenly Toothless jerked and spun erratically, Hiccup looked past the dragon's wings to see the battle. Then Toothless's right wing gave a sickening snap, and flopped uselessly. They fell as one, screaming in unison. Hiccup stared at the fading, but ongoing battle above them. And then, all was black...

Hiccup jerked awake.
And promptly bashed his head on the low roof of the sleeping deck. He collapsed again: cursing Odin's toe hair before rolling out of his hammock, narrowly missing Fishlegs on the way down. Hiccup sighed and tried to find his boots, finding the left one underneath the twin's hammocks he slipped it on his left...limb. He glanced around before giving up the other as a lost cause until the morning; he padded to the steps leading to the top deck.
He did not notice a pair of blue eyes following him up the steps.

Part the first, lessons and injuries...

Thor was annoyed, wait: scratch that. He was exceedingly, extremely pissed off. He had sent a gigantic summer storm to the Isle of Berk, with howling winds and a wild and angry ocean. Thunder bellowed across the sky, lightning shot through the sky and speared the ocean. You had to be a special kind of insane to want to sail in this weather. But, there was a single ship cruising bravely through the waves, being hurled violently from wave to wave, the hopping mad ocean chewing at her: hoping to tip her and grind her sailors to sand on its bed.

The madman in charge of this vessel was, rather unsurprisingly, Gobber. This was the second stage of Viking training: Piracy. It was crucial that every Viking could sail, they hadn't got their name for the best sailors around for nothing. Vikings were marauders, conquerors, pillagers and above all: Pirates. This crazy voyage was, in fact, one of Gobber's lessons. Every week, for four days he would take the graduates out to sea to train, as he put it, 'on the job'.

"Now class, this is a great example of what to do when you can't rely on the three key things. What are they?" Gobber bellowed over the roar of the ocean.
Hands fought in the air to rise first. The trainees were in groups of two: two to each bench, two to an oar. Hiccup was with Fishlegs, who could row with one hand, whilst chewing his nails. Fishlegs knew a lot about dragons, he rode with the best of them but he knew nothing about ships. Or fishing. Or rowing or pretty much anything to do with boats in general. This was rather unfortunate for Hiccup, because he had to explain everything Gobber said to Fishlegs in terms he would understand. This is difficult to do when all you know are the basics of sailing. It's even harder when you can't stand up on the boat on your own for more than two minutes.

Stupid leg. Stupid queen dragon.Hiccup growled as Snoutlout answered the question,
"Sight, sound and the wind?"
"Good! So, what happens when someone boards in this weather? What are you going to do?"
Walk the plank. Thought Hiccup viciously as he strained to row, he gritted his teeth as a big wave came over the side to blast him full in the face.

Hiccup is in fact the hero of this story, but you never would have guessed it to look at him. Hiccup had only ever been noticed because of the mistakes he had made, and how small he was in comparison to the other boys. His face was entirely unmemorable, his hair whilst turning his father's red, was only remarkable for flopping into his eyes so many times in one day. His helmet wasn't as extravagant as Tuffnut (Jr)'s and he was nowhere near as muscled as Snoutlout.

Now however he was noticed for ushering the new 'dragon age' on the isle of Berk, and his leg. Whilst the village saw it as a mark of his heroic efforts in spring, he hated it. It told him he had failed.

He had also grown since then, maybe not very much widthways but he had shot up about three inches as if over night. Astrid had a shock when she had looked at him and realised he looked her in the eyes now. But all the other boys looked more of a hero than Hiccup: Snoutlout was the perfect viking, Tuffnut was getting acne, Fishlegs could row an oar all by himself and the girls were... well, he had had his ass handed to him by Astrid so many times he had lost count, and quite frankly Ruffnut creeped him out just a little bit.

Hiccup sighed again; he wanted to fly with Toothless above the clouds and the rain. Like when he had showed Astrid that dragons weren't all bad, when she had- Hiccup forcefully cut himself off from that train of thought. He didn't want to think about when she had held onto him for dear life, or how she had smiled, or how she had-
"HARD TO PORT!" Gobber's yell cut through Hiccup's thoughts, he immediately braced himself as they span round. Gobber stood faceing them at the fore of the ship, grinning like a lunatic.
'No change there.' Hiccup mumbled as they rested in the centre of the storm a moment.

"RIGHT!" The veins on Gobber's neck stood out as he yelled above the wind,
"Sword fighting at sea lesson has begun! Who'll go first eh? Snoutlout! Front and centre! Now, who wants to fight him?" The hands that had clamoured to be picked only moments before, disappeared. The last one to go up against Snoutlout had been Tuffnut, and everyone remembered his resounding screams as he was chased all round the boat. Snoutlout had been taking extra lessons from his father about swordfighting, seeing as he was what he called: 'A natural at killing stuff.' This meant the only person who could probably beat him was Astrid. Who had been banned from fighting for two lessons for multiple reasons, the least of which was slicing the top off a fellow hooligan's ear in a bar skirmish.

She sat, scowling at the ocean like it was a shark that had eaten her favourite axe. Hiccup frowned before taking off his helmet and shaking his hair free of excess water, as he tried to replace it water that had collected in the bottem splashed over his head, the cold water running down his neck, and into his boot.

"Nobody? Alright. Hiccup!" Gobber grinned at him before gesturing to come forward with his hook. Hiccup raised an eyebrow at him before groaning, and walking to the front.
"Good! Right I want a good and dirty fight! Remember, any movement on your part will give your opponent a clue to what you're going to do." He paused before looking at Hiccup, who had his sword in his left hand. "Right hand Hiccup, this is vital to your future."
"What? But I do everything with my left han-" Hiccup gestured fruitlessly,
"No buts. The right hand is your strangest weapon, use it." With that note of finality, Hiccup clasped his sword in both hands, and stood with feet shoulder width apart.
"Ready? No? Good. The best fight are the unplanned one. Now one...two...thr-"

Gobber never got to finish, Snoutlout had tackled hiccup and had him in an armlock, face down on the deck. Their swords lay forgotten beside them. Hiccup elbowed him in the ribs causing Snoutlout to give his arm an extra twist. Thinking hard, Hiccup smacked Snoutlout on the ankle with his metal foot. Snoutlout howled in pain, loosening his hold on Hiccup just that little bit. Hiccup seized the moment and wrenched his arm free before punching Snoutlout in the jaw.
"Oof!" Snoutlout saw red. He leapt at Hiccup, picking up his sword as he did. Hiccup tried to defend himself: even though all their equipment had wooden 'safety shields' on them, being hit by one would still give you a massive bruise and a dead limb. But no matter what he did, his right arm wouldn't respond properly. Instead of the neatly performed 'Destroyer's defence', he got a shaky parody and a twingeing elbow. Snoutlout roared in fury as Hiccup proved his skills at dodgeing, again. He didn't notice that with one of his wild swings, the wooden sheath of his sword flew off into the sea. The lightning flashed along his sword's gleaming length.

"Uh oh, Snoutlout I think your sheath-" Hiccup called, but Snoutlout was so incensed he either didn't hear him (very possible in this weather), or he simply didn't care. Hiccup was evading his strikes successfully, each failed swing nicking a chunk out of the deck. But suddenly his metalfoot slipped on the deck and he fell forwards. Just as Snoutlout's fist had been coming up...

They connected with the force of the queen dragon hitting the earth. The blow made Hiccup's teeth rattle. Snoutlout's knuckles cracked. Lightning flashed as Hiccup flew backwards. And all anyone could do was watch as Hiccup hit the rail, and as if in slow motion, s-l-o-w-l-y tipped backwards, into the sea.