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Chapter 1

"Pie" – Speech
'Pie' – Thought
"Pie" – Kyuubi or other special beings

The two combatants looked at each other while standing on the cliff, which had once given rise to the great stone faces of the Hokage, which now lay as a pile of rubble beneath them. One, with sickening red eyes, gazed with the pure intent to kill. He gazed with the intent to spill his opponent's blood, and to finally realize his goal – Revenge against Konoha. The thought of this brought his now almost trademark psychotic grin to his already maniacal face. The other, in brilliant orange and black, gazed on with a solemn understanding look with his almost glowing golden eyes. The eyes of a sage. Their battle had taken place above the newly rebuilt Hokage tower, or what was left of it. The rock face itself was torn apart, and left bare. It was as if a storm had struck the mountain. A storm of lightning and wind. Both teenagers where battered and bloodied. Both had gashes and bruises all over their bodies from the multitude of techniques they had been pulling. It was a battle that was meant to end it all, the final battle between Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto had never expected Sasuke to attack Konoha directly. But, to him, it didn't matter. He knew they were going to die. Both of them. He had already seen it before, and he knew perfectly well. This resolve how ever DID become shaken, due to the fact that Sasuke had attacked the people he loved as well. He didn't care, as long as he could defend them, he didn't care if he died. He was supposed to die anyway. Even the Elder toad sage of Mt. Myouboku had said so.

Sasuke glared even more fiercely at his opponent. "I have no idea what kind of technique you're using, and I don't care. Don't expect things to go the way you want. I will not die here, not to someone like you." Sasuke thrust out his hand and sent a long beam of chakra, his Chidori Eisou towards his blond nemesis. Naruto saw this coming, and dodged it almost effortlessly.

"Your right Sasuke. If it would be going my way, you would be home and laughing with the rest of us a long time ago". His solemn look was momentarily broken by a wary smile. Naruto summed up as much speed as he could, and rushed forward at Sasuke, his fist stretched out. His Senjutsu enhanced strength had already made the Susano'O useless and his own ability to make a natural field of nature energy around him kept him safe from the Amaterasu. That only left the Tsukuyomi, which normally would be enough, had it not been for a reluctant Kyuubi agreeing to break it, which it had done over 3 times now.

Sasuke evaded the punch, and jumped as far away as possible. He had already come to the realization that against Naruto's new Taijutsu style, a few mere inches, or even a few feet would do no good. He was now a good 10 meters away. He generated a sword made of lightning chakra, then with a burst of speed, made a long arching slash at the young sage. Naruto ducked, flipped on the face of the cliff, and kicked Sasuke into the air, cracking a few of his ribs. Sasuke regained composure and landed effortlessly about 200 feet up the cliff from Naruto, near the top, with Naruto being about 50 feet from the ground below.

"This is getting annoying. Fighting you is always a pain. Damn healing abilities and that damn stamina" said Sasuke with a snarl. "Alright then. If the powers of my eternal Mangekyo are useless to me, then I'll just use this…" Naruto wasn't surprised to see Sasuke use seals for a Fire release Ninjutsu, but he was surprised when he did not fire it at him, but instead released it into the air.

'…I wonder what he's up to….'

'This should be enough to finish him and maybe even half of this repulsive village too…'

Naruto, being a sage, could automatically sense the change in pressure and humidity around him. It was almost like a storm was brewing. No, a storm WAS brewing. The sky above had begun to be covered in dark storm clouds, and rain began to pour…

"Uzumaki Naruto…you have been a hindrance in my path long enough." A flash of light and the sound of thunder rang out across the village. "But my old friend, this will be the last time."

"What the…" Naruto looked up in awe as the storm clouds formed together, and the large image of a giant beast made of electricity formed above him. He had never seen an elemental attack like this. It was as if Sasuke could tame nature himself. Thinking quickly, he brought his hands in front of his chest, and performed his most familiar Jutsu.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

In that instant, two clones appeared alongside the blond ninja. He held out his palm, and they began to swirl and flail their hands around it.

'Rasengan? I though he only needed a single clone to do that…wait no…this noise'. A loud high pitched ringing noise came from where Naruto and his doubles stood. The familiar Rasengan was now white, and gusts of wind swirled around them. It changed its shape to become a giant shuriken like form, almost completely white. The gusts of wind generated by this caused gashes in the cliff to form.

"Futon: Rasenshuriken!"

Sasuke at first looked bewildered, but then, his smug look returned as always. "I see, so you have a Wind nature chakra eh? Don't get too confident. My technique itself is too powerful to be stopped by that puny pinwheel. Even if a element is weaker, if it's strong enough he rules don't apply." Naruto looked on, unaffected by his jibes. "Well then, we won't see till we try!"

Naruto's clones dissipated and with all his might, he threw his Rasenshuriken directly in front of him. The technique spun and moved so fast it looked like a disk of pure wind. A compacted hurricane. Sasuke, sensing it was the opportune moment, thrust down his hand, and the massive lightning beast followed in its direction, directly at Naruto. "Kirin!"

The air around the cliff was thick and turbulent; both attacks sped at each other with unrivaled speed. Naruto looked on with a blank expression, Sasuke with an expression that would give one the impression he had already won.

The two elemental Ninjutsu slammed into each other in the large gap between the two boys. It made a deafening WHAM like noise, and the immediate ground around it was destroyed in the instant they connected. A shockwave shot out through all of Konoha, and any all the windows of the vacant houses (the citizens had been evacuated before Madara's invasion) shattered, and the area was bathed in a shining light.

'What!? How did my Kirin get deflected by such a puny attack?'

Naruto's face remained calm, even in the face of this awesome power between him and his "brother". IT remained calm that is, until his spine felt a sickening chill go up and down his spine, and his skin crawled. The natural energy around him had begun to vibrate and turn hot. Sasuke too, with his eternal Sharingan has noticed something odd. The chakra generated from their two attacks where no longer repelling as two opposing natures should, but they where converging, fusing, swirling towards one another, and compacting in the center. Then, it began to expand outward. The two attacks had now become a massive sphere of light, and it was quickly spreading. Again, Naruto felt something off about it.

"This … isn't supposed to happen. What's going on?"

In that moment, the sphere collapsed in on itself, and both young ninjas felt their very being collapse in with it. In a flash of brilliant light, both where gone, and a massive crater was left in the wall of the cliff.

At this moment, at the Konoha camp, Fukasaku who had come to aid in any way, could sense this disturbance in the fight between Jiraiya's pupil and the Uchiha. He then came to a strange realization.

"This ain't good."

"What?" asked the young genius, Nara Shikamaru who stood beside him. "What happened? Don't tell me Sasuke killed …"

"No…It ain't that…both of those lads are gone…vanished."

All the ninja who stood around him, most of them trying to keep tabs on the fight between the young hero of Konoha, and its fallen elite had a complete look of shock on their faces.

Sakura, who had been healing Kakashi after his fight against the Akatsuki member Zetsu, stepped back with a mix of anger and fear on her face. "What the hell do you mean he "vanished""?

"Just what I said. I can't sense either lad's chakra anymore. It's like they ceased to exist…if they were dead then I would've sensed the nature energy leaving Naruto-boy, but…"

Kakashi, who had been selected as one of the ninja generals of the newly created Konoha war unit stood firm. "Alright, I want two squads to head over there stat!"

Team Guy and Team Kurenai, plus Shikamaru and Sakura sped off as fast as they could to the battle ground. When they got there. They found no trace of either boy.

"Maybe they both got caught up in whatever caused this" hypothesized Kiba as he looked down into the crater.

Shikamaru nodded his head. "No, Fukasaku said that if Naruto had died he would've sensed the nature energy leave his body…"

"Either way, we need to find them" stated Neji, as he turned his head to look in sympathy at his worried younger cousin, Hinata.


End of Chapter 1

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