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Ikimono Shinobi

Chapter 1: Great, we're animals.

Uzumaki Naruto sighed happily as he saw the massive gates of Konoha come into view. On his back was Uchiha Sasuke, a genin that tried to defect, and was Naruto's team mate. Naruto nearly dragged his legs forward as he was utterly exhausted from his fight with Sasuke. In the end, he won, as Sasuke had faltered in his resolve of killing Naruto when they clashed with their most powerful attacks.


Furasshu Bakku no jutsu (Flash Back jutsu)


An angry Sasuke stood, panting and glared at his former teammate. "Naruto." He growled. Naruto stood on the opposite side of the water. "SASUKE!" He shouted. The two genin powered up their strongest jutsu. In Sasuke's hand a Chidori crackled into life. In Naruto's hand a spinning blue orb formed. They leapt at each other while shouting the name of their attack.

"Chidori!"(Thousand birds)

"Rasengan!"(Spiraling Sphere)

They clashed. Their attacks trying to overpower each other, and then… nothing. The jutsu cancelled each other out. Both of them were dead tired and fell down, their alternate forms receding. (Fox cloak and Curse seal level 2) Naruto slowly rose up and frowned at Sasuke. "Why… didn't you power the Chidori all up?" He asked his fallen team mate. He reached out a hand. Sasuke took it and smirked slightly. "I couldn't kill…the dobe. You're…after all the lifeforce around here." He said, and then fell unconscious. Naruto smiled a sad smile as rain began to fall then he lifted Sasuke on his back and proceeded to slowly walk towards Konoha.


Furasshu Bakku no jutsu, Kai! (Kai: Release)


Naruto managed to see Kakashi jumping towards them before he fell unconscious. Kakashi shot forward and caught his students. He smiled sadly as he gazed at them. 'Naruto… you did it' He thought before carrying both teens back to Konoha. At the gates, Tsunade stood, together with Sakura and Ino. A smile lit up both the Hokage and Sakura as Kakashi came with Sasuke and Naruto. "Naruto…he made it! He kept his promise!" Sakura said while smiling. Kakashi nodded and eye smiled. "Hai, but now you need to move, both of them are exhausted. Now Ino spoke up. "What! What did the baka do to Sasuke-kun!" She screamed. Kakashi, Sakura and Tsunade glared at her. "He brought back Sasuke with minimal injuries other than Chakra exhaustion. Naruto has way more serious injuries." Kakashi said. Tsunade nodded. "Hai, get them both to hospital, quick!" She yelled, and Kakashi instantly moved with his two students, not noticing that both of them suddenly started to sweat profusely.


Naruto woke up in a white room. He groaned as his memories came back to him. Sasuke had nearly killed him, but then changed opinion in the middle of the final attack. Speaking of Sasuke…Naruto spun around in his bed and looked at another bed. He noticed that it had been used as it was messy. Then he noticed a small tuft of what looked like fur, sitting in the sheets. He studied it and found out that it actually had the same colour as Sasuke's hair. Then he noticed that everything seems smaller. He wondered why, and walked to the mirror, expecting to see himself wearing a lot of bandages, but what he did see…

Naruto yelped as he studied the reflection in the mirror. In the mirror, there was a golden fox, the size of a dog. And it had many bandages. The only thing he could see as a part of himself was the sapphire blue eyes the fox had. Suddenly, he heard the noises of feet. He darted around the room looking for somewhere to hide as foxes weren't very much liked here. The only options he found…was the forest. He quickly slid open the window with his snout, and leapt out as a nurse came in. She only saw a golden fox tail before it was gone.


Sakura yawned as she woke up. She stretched, and promised herself that today; she was going to look better than ever before for her Sasuke-kun. She tried to walk out of her bed, but fell. "Eh?" She mumbled before getting a look on her hands… or rather what were hands before. She was looking at two pink paws, the same colour as her hair. She was gone to the mirror before a second had passed. She stared at the reflection that stared at her. It was a pink cat, with green eyes and a red bow on her tail, the same colour as her dress. She blinked once. Twice. Then she screamed her lungs off. "AAH! I'm a cat! How can I date Sasuke-kun now!?" She screamed. The door burst open. "Sakura? Huh, she's not here?" Sakura jumped up in front of the Haruno woman. "But mom, I'm here!" She meowed. Her mother looked down and froze. "A demon cat? Shoo! Get away from here, SHOO!" She shouted and tried to kick Sakura. Poor Sakura was forced to jump out of the window, and landed up in a tree.


Naruto was running in the edge of the forest in full speed. He had to reach the Kage tower some way, but it was in the middle of the village! So he tried to find a way without any people to see him. Unfortunately, he didn't look out, and crashed in something and landed on his furry butt. "Hn, stupid animals." A voice said. Or rather mumbled. "Hey! Who're you calling animal!" Naruto cried out. The one who made the noise blinked. It came forward from the shadows with narrowed eyes. "How can you speak, animal?" It asked. It was a bluish-black panther, on size with a wolf. Naruto frowned, the colour was somehow connected to the fur in the hospital might be? " Because I'm not an animal! I just look like it!" That perked the panther's interest. "What? Then what are you?" The panther asked. Naruto grinned. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage of Konoha, and I'm a human!" He barked out. The panther widened it's eyes. "Naruto? You became an animal too?" It exclaimed. Naruto cocked his head to the side. "What do you mean too?" He asked. The panther smirked. "Heh, still as slow as ever, eh, dobe?

Naruto and the panther, who turned out to be none other than Sasuke, was walking in the forest talking, and speculating on why they had become animals. Sasuke also apologized for his earlier behaviour and attempt to kill Naruto, but Naruto just brushed it off, saying that he'd make sure to help Sasuke kill Itachi. When they was near the Haruno household, they thought of visiting Sakura, but that was stopped when they heard a crashing sound and a meow. They looked up, and saw a pink cat tied up in some tree branches. 'Wait, pink? Sakura?' The two thought as they jumped up to help the frustrated cat.

Sakura meowed and scratched at the bark to get lose but to no avail. Suddenly, a panther and a fox jumped up. The panther clawed trough the branches like they were made of butter and the fox bit the rest off. "Ne, cat? Are you by any chance Sakura?" The panther asked. Sakura nodded slowly. "Yes, I am…what about it?" The fox jumped up and down. "That means everyone in team 7 became animals! Wait, maybe not Kakashi-sensei…" Sakura blinked in confusion then she noticed that the fox and the panther's fur resembled the colour of her team mates hair. "Naruto? Sasuke?" She breathed out.

The two nodded. "Hai. We don't know what happened, but it seems we have become animals. As of now, I actually hope Kakashi became an animal too, because then he could train us, but…" Sasuke explained, but was interrupted when a brown pug with a Konoha hitai-ate (forehead protector) landed in the tree with them. He appeared to be sniffing out a trail and was startled when a pink cat stood in front of him. "Pakkun?" It said. Pakkun nodded. "Who are you and why do you smell like Haruno Sakura?" He asked. The cat smiled. "I am Sakura. But we need to know, have something happened to Kakashi-sensei?" Pakkun looked stunned. "Uh… yeah, he…" He was interrupted when a silver dog landed beside him. "*huff* No one ever said * gasp* that it was so damn hard to move on four legs." It said. It then looked at Pakkun. "Did you find them?" Pakkun nodded and gestured towards Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto.

Sakura blinked. "Sensei? Wow, now all of team 7 is an animal!" She meowed loudly. The silver dog, apparently Kakashi, blinked. "Do any of you have any idea of how this happened?" He asked, his normally lazy demeanour changed into a serious one. The three other shook their heads, but then Kakashi got a new scent in his nose. "Who's there!" He demanded. A new voice laughed silently, although it sounded more like barking. "Follow my voice, and you might find out why you are like this…" The voice said. In no time at all, team 7 + Pakkun followed the voice.

Ne, did you like it? I know, it's kinda weird but I figured those animals fit them. Now who might the mystery voice be? I know something that you don't! Ha! XD Oh, and by the way, there are three more characters that have become animals, but they won't be exposed before the next chapter. You can try guessing, but I bet you won't get all three right! If you get one at all...XD Ja Ne!