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It's been weeks since the start of term, weeks since I've had a good nights sleep. I haven't been able to keep my eyes off of her. I sit here for every meal in a sea of green and grey barely picking at my food all because I can't stop myself from watching her. My fellow housemates wouldn't understand. Hell, I don't understand it. I feel myself entranced by her smile, the way her lips curve up into that brilliant sparkling smile, the way her eyes light up when one of her friends makes a joke. I can hear her laughter from across the room, it floods my ears and boils my blood in a way that only someone with an obsession could understand. Yes, I realize that she doesn't notice me, only when we get into an amazingly heated tryst does she notice me. But she only holds hate in her eyes for me and for me only. Sickly enough, I enjoy our heated little moments, her eyes full of fiery hatred, hair wild and erotically angry. It turns me on to no end. Yes I, Draco Malfoy have an obsession over Hermione Granger.