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Soul Calibur: The Conflict of Souls

Prologue: Beginning

In a school located in the Poconos, a group of people were busy in front of a TV.

"Come on man, come on…" one grunted.

"Taste my butt," his opponent said as Yoda flipped around Siegfried and smashed him to the ground with his butt.

"No fucking way am I letting you win," the first player growled as he began to do a combo, unfortunately he still lost to the Yoda player.

"No! God damn it no!" the first yelled.

"Calm down Mark," a spectator said to the boy, who was identified as Mark. Mark sighed and kept his temper from flaring up again, "Sorry Joe, I get like that sometimes," Mark said.

"More like all the time…" Mark's opponent said.

"Shut up Jake!" Mark yelled.

"Calm down Mark" Joe said to him. Mark sighed heavily as another person was now fighting Jake in Soul Calibur 4. Just then the Xbox 360 suddenly shut down in mid-match.

"What the heck?!" Jake yelled as he looked at his console.

"Dude I think it's busted," Mark said.

"Impossible, I cleaned this thing, there's no way it could have red ring," Jake said. While most of the spectators were talking, Mark was busy wandering around the room, thinking to himself like he always did, he preferred to think to himself and be alone, but deep down, he also liked companionship.

"Yo Mark!" a voice said. Mark looked and spotted three of his friends, Zack, Scott, and Tom.

"'sup guys, mind telling me how you guys got here…and past Kat?" Mark asked motioning to their club leader by the door.

"Gave her money and she let us in," Zack said. Mark sighed, why did they have to make that rule with people having to pay for stuff? Still the club did make money. Mark looked at his friend Joe, who was sitting on a chair with crutches next to him as he watched the others tinkering with the 360. Joe was a cool guy and one of Mark's friends, as were most of the others in the club and school.

"Huh? What the hell?" he heard someone ask. Mark turned and noticed the ring around the 360 wasn't flashing red, but blue.

"Is this supposed to happen?" Tom asked.

"Nope, either this thing's busted or something's going on," Mark said. Mark suddenly felt a presence in his mind as images flashed in his head for a brief moment before they vanished. Mark shook his head as he felt the presence fade away.

"…Mark, you okay?" Joe asked.

"y-yeah, I need to sit down," Mark said and sat down.


Mark gasped from the woman's voice.

You are the ones…

Suddenly a bright light appeared and suddenly engulfed the people in the room.

"AHHHHHH!" Mark yelled.

"WHHHOOOAAA!" Joe yelled.

"HOLY SHIT!!!" Zach yelled.

When the light faded, Mark, Joe, Zach, Scott and Tom were gone. "Where'd they go?" someone in the room asked. Jake was also confused, they saw the 360 die down and text appeared on the screen.

The five heroes have been chosen… a new conflict has begun…


Yeah, it's short, but that'll mean the real story will begin! Basically, me and my friends are now in Soul Calibur, will we survive? Well..you'll find out in the next chappie, till then, i'm GOM43, Peace Out!