(AN: Long time no see. Consider this a mini-update. I'm cutting the Cell games a bit short because, to be honest, I have no interest in writing it. Hopefully this doesn't upset anyone, but the following will be a bit of an anti-climax. On with the show.)

The had fought and they had lost, each and every one of them had given it their all and fallen, beaten but not dead. Cell wanted them alive to witness the fall of the world.

Aria stood panting before the monster, left arm broken and useless at her side, blood tricking from her mouth and countless wounds across her body. The rest of Earth's heroes stood or crouched on the sidelines, none looking in particularly good shape. By all accounts, this was the end of the world.

Aria smirked and allowed her hair to fall to it's natural black state, eyes not leaving Cell.

"So is this is?" Cell mused. "The limits of your power? Are you admitting defeat? I must say, you all managed to give me quite the warm up. Perhaps if you take some of those Senzus, you'll be able to wear me down. Go ahead, I don't mind."

Aria shook her head, smirk still present on her face. "No, Cell. I give up. You're stronger than me. But there's someone here that can beat you."

Cell glanced around, clearly seeing nothing of note based on his expression.

Aria flicked her hand forwards, a small device flung from it at Cell. He reached up and effortlessly caught it.

"Was this supposed to be some kind of attack?"

It shone with a glow for a moment before an energy shield much like the one surrounding the planet sprung to life, trapping him in a cube. Cell tested it with a few punches before crossing his arms over his chest.

"You do realize that all you've done is by yourself some time, correct?"

Aria shrugged. "But I've yet to introduce you to the one that can beat you. Bra, could you come here?"

Cell looked genuinely insulted as the little girl stepped forwards, full of confidence.

"Go ahead dear." Aria said affectionately, rubbing the girls head.

"Well, uh. I helped my mommy make this, and something else." Bra managed to stumble through. "This stops ki from escaping. It's capacitors have limits, so you'd break out eventually. But that's not the point. It can stop enough energy..."

Cell growled. "Hurry up girl, my patience grows thin."

Bra stuck her tongue out t the menacing android. "That cooler android, like all of Gero's creations, had a self destruct device, one that's more than powerful enough to erase you. And since my mommy found his lab, she was able to figure it out."

Bra pulled a remote from her pocket, with a big red button on it. "And that shield can stop the explosion." She shrugged. "It's designed to be a "Contained explosion" anyways."

Cell paused, seeming to analyize something for a moment before his hand shot forwards in desperation to blast his way out. Bra hit the button at the same time.

The inside of the cube lit up with a blinding flash of energy and cracks shot along it's surface. But it held.

After a few moments, the light died down and it was clear nothing remained inside.

"Alright Bra, good job." Aria said, rubbing her head once more. "Let's get home." She turned to face the gathered group. "You guys coming?"