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Summary: (Sequel) After The Third Time Charm, Harry, Severus and company start to raise Harry Potter while trying to help the Potter parents recover. AD was right about something, Becca said, all this fame could go to his head. AD GnW RW HG MW bashing, AU/AR, M/M, OC, Slash, Yaoi

This story is meant to be a Sequel to my other story The Third Time Charm. I will attempt to explain some things that happened in the other story in case you are reading this without having read the first one. But you will probably be lost without some knowledge of the events in the first story. If you have questions, I will be happy to answer them. You may either put it in a review or email me at yahoo with my author name.

Growing up Royal: After The Third Time Charm

Posted: 03 April 2010

Chapter 1 The ending is only the beginning…

It was prophesied that there would be a child to defeat the Dark Lord. The people put all their trust in a small baby without training, love and support. But there was another prophecy, one of greater magnitude. This same child was to be a royal, and he, with his family, would restore the magical world to its greatness once again. Because there was no real royalty within the magical world, it was assumed (and rightly so) that a family named Prince was the one to help the child. Only very few people knew of what was now termed, the royal prophecies.

The group, dubbed the royals, was a family of Time Spirits that had been foretold by several people including Merlin himself to help the child. They traveled from two different time lines but still considered each other family, and were in possession of the portraits of the Founders of Hogwarts as well as the portraits of Merlin, LeFay and other great wizards. After the group trained diligently and took their mastery exams, they one by one, took down most of Voldemort's followers of which some had the mark removed. The other Death Eaters that were still connected to the evil wizard died with him.

The group had found the evil artifacts that Voldemort tried to use to keep his spirit earth bound and destroyed them all. When the megalomaniac attacked the Potters and the baby, the Potter heir had been protected with his parents love, and a secret spell that transferred their powers to their heir if they died. The Dark Lord died, never to return. But by some strange power from the foundations of the house, the Potters were revived and were currently in a coma.

Another thing the Prince family brought with them was many healing potions from the future including a werewolf's cure that could tame the wild beast of the creature on the full moon and allowed the humans to live a normal life if they wanted.

Prince Conglomerate was the name of the company that would soon become a household word as the creators of many healing potions, the publishers of "The Book" (a book about Voldemort and the true old pureblood ways) as it was dubbed in most households. They were the benefactors of many programs to help wizards and creatures alike to start their own businesses and the creators of the mini floo. Their printing company had published several books explaining that there was no such thing as a 'muggleborn' and that if they had a magical core; they must have had at least a squib in their family line. They owned many companies, muggle and wizard alike and stayed hidden within the vastness of their empire.

While most creatures could not bank with the wizarding bank, and were not allowed to trade in the wizarding world, they were able to do business with another bank. Prince Conglomerate, with the help of the goblins, financed a second bank called Gringotts II. Now most of the other creatures in the magical world would help the Prince family any way they could.

The Prince family (Harry and Severus Prince soulmated and from another time line) with the help of their Great Granddaughter, Becca (from a different time line), explained to the other creatures what they wanted to do and who they were to pave the way for. There was a child coming, one with the pure love for all creatures, which would be famous and powerful and instigate the old ways from the beginning of time.

All manner of creatures were interested in this as the Prince family created contracts that would protect the other species and give them acceptance and would allow for trade and business with each other. Even the acromantulas were fed for the silk and shells or hide they could provide. The unicorns, fairies, centaurs, vampires, werewolves, goblins, elves and many other species were all working within the company or in some way doing business with them.

It had been almost two months since the Potters had been attacked at their home in Godric's Hollow by the Dark Lord, Voldemort. Having knowledge of what disasters lay ahead, a group of people jumped from their own time lines as they were destroyed by evil, to help the wizarding world of this time become a better place.

Harry Potter, who was only fifteen months old at the time of the attack, was a prophesied child to return the old pureblood ways that came from the beginning of time. Not the way the Dark Lord wanted, but the real old ways, where magical creatures and wizards were equals and magic was light by day and dark by night and both were for the protection of the magical world they lived in. This world stayed hidden from the muggles to protect it, and it was to always be that way.

The Potters had been friends with the Headmaster of Hogwarts, fighting along side him against Voldemort, but had been betrayed by the old man just as they had been betrayed by Peter Pettigrew. The old man, thinking the Potters dead, had marked their son as a sex slave and had planned to enslave the Potter heir for his power and money. This plan was foiled by the Prince family and friends, everyone coming together to protect the prophesied child.

The Headmaster had also arranged to incarcerate Sirius Black and others, without a trial, for killing or at least betraying the Potters and suspected Death Eater Activities. This also came out in court and now instead of going to Azkaban, Sirius Black had been reconciled with his family that, unbeknownst to him, had joined the Prince family in their quest some time ago.

Now the Prince family was raising Harry Potter in an underground fortress. His parents, who were in a coma, were being treated at one of the medical facilities owned by the family company.


At Becca and Sal's wedding there was an attorney there that had asked, "Why? Why would you give up your life, travel through decades and centuries of time for one small boy? Invoking a spell as tremendous as The Third Time Charm that has never been used and without any instruction. You could have been killed."

Becca had answered him, "What would you do for a child that could save our world and make it stronger than ever before?"

Everyone at the table turned their head to see what the attorney would answer.

But the attorney gave Becca a hard stare and then smiled one of those smiles that light up a face. "I guess I would invoke The Third Time Charm, build an army, start a business and train him up so that he could succeed at his prophesied mission in life."

Becca smiled back and said, "There is a muggle expression that goes something like this, 'It only takes two people to make a child and a whole village to raise it'."

This is where our story begins…

It was only three days before Christmas 1981 and Salazar and Rebecca Slytherin nee Prince had just come back from their four week honeymoon. It had been a whirlwind trip around the world and although she had a really good time, Becca was exhausted. But not too exhausted to see the children before unpacking and resting. She had missed them so much.

The children came toddling out of their room when they heard her voice. "Harry, Lillian, Evan and Teddy, how nice to see you again," she exclaimed as she knelt and held out her arms as they all crowded into a hug. Evan and Lillian were sister and brother and the offspring of Harry and Severus Prince from another time line. Because they had different carriers, they were only a month apart. Evan was born the same day as Little Harry and Lillian a month later. Teddy was almost three years old and came with Remus Lupin and Tonks from the same time line as Harry and Severus, only four years later. She was glad to see Little Harry was opening up more although he still held back some, still shy and wary.

"How are his parents?" she asked 'Uncle Harry and Uncle Severus' as they had decided to be called by baby Harry, since that was what Teddy called them already.

"Still in a coma, but improving," Severus answered her. "Their magical cores are just starting to regenerate a very little and Doc said it would be a few months before we could really tell if what they are doing will work to revive their old magic or give them new magic that their cores will accept. The process is very slow."

Becca nodded as she held the children to her chest, loving the little arms trying to reach her neck to 'skeeze her a hug' as Teddy put it. Poor Teddy, he hadn't gotten the 'qu' sound yet for squeeze. She always laughed when he said "skeeze me An B'cca." (Squeeze me Aunt Becca)

The other children were starting to make some discernable sounds as well. Soon they would be talking up a storm and no one would have any peace.

Sirius came into the room just as the kids were letting go of 'An B'cca' and Harry started saying "Foo, Foo".

The man scooped him up and asked the toddler. "That's right little prongs, Un cle Pad foot." He said as he annunciated each syllable. "Are you ready to visit your parents?"

The little boy nodded his head and said "Mama, eep?" (Mama sleeping?)

"Yes she is, but we will go see her for a little while." It was their daily outing. As long as Little Harry could go see his parents and spend time with them, he stayed calm. He would put his little head over their hearts and listen for the beating and say "Dada eep and Mama eep" It was heartbreaking, but at least he knew they were there for him. Sometimes he would sit there and chat away, not that Sirius knew what he was saying, but he liked to think that Lily and James might.

Sirius felt a tugging on his pants and looked down. "Lili go? Foo?" It was Lillian asking if she could go too. They had all picked up the 'Foo' for Padfoot from Little Harry.

Severus was watching this exchange and teased Sirius about it. "Are you sure they are trying to say 'Padfoot' and not fool?"

"Very funny," Sirius said to the older man, "let's change you into a dog and see what they call you!"

"My animagus is a phoenix, in case you have forgotten. They would call me Shadow as my older counterpart is called Black for his phoenix animagus." Severus smirked.

"Glad to see one of you has some class." Sirius threw back at him. He could smirk and come back with an answer just as well as the rest of them. He may not have been in Slytherin in school, but he was raised with them.

Uncle Harry, who sought to defuse the situation before it got out of hand, got up to reach Lillian. "How about we all go to see the Potters, would you like that Lili?"

The little girl nodded her head, her small curls bouncing around to frame her face and her green eyes glowing. "Lili go bye bye?" as she patted her Dada's chest.

"Yes, but I think we need to change you first. Would Lili like to wear a pretty new dress?"

The little girl nodded again, black silken curls tumbling around and her green eyes even wider with excitement.

"Do you mind waiting, Sirius?" Harry asked, "It won't take but a minute."

"Sure kiddo, we will wait."

Harry brought his daughter to the room to change her. Ever since he had a girl, a house elf named Seamstress Sissy felt it her honor bound duty to make sure 'Lili' had the clothes to dress like a Princess every day of the week. She had already outgrown many things that he had sent to a second hand shop in Diagon Alley, asking the owners, (a cured werewolf couple) to make sure some of the proceeds went to a charity of their choosing. They normally would buy the clothes and then resell them, but Harry just sent them to help people. Fine quality clothes were hard for them to get in really good condition.

He dressed her in a dark silk pink dress with green trim on the sleeves. The trim he noticed, was silk embroidered protection runes. Under the skirt of the dress was a pale pink petticoat that flared out the skirt. Her pale pink tights and black Patten leather shoes completed the outfit.

She insisted on bringing her little scepter and wearing her little tiara with the outfit as well. She looked like a mini fairy godmother.

When Evan and Teddy came into the room, Teddy was the spokesperson. "Unca Hawy, Teddy fwry wit Ewan? We pay wit sisth and terd?"

Now, Uncle Harry, who was getting really good at toddler speak asked, "You and Evan want to stay and fly and play with Sixth Born and Third Born?" He watched the two little boys; Sixth Born and Third Born were their snake familiars. They were part of The Seven which were baby basilisks from his own time line. He and Severus as well as Becca could all speak the snake language to communicate with the snakes. He and his husband also noticed their two children watching the snakes as they spoke as if they understood, but they hadn't heard them speak it yet.

Teddy Lupin and his parents were more people that were time jumpers. He was a head taller than Harry's own son Evan, because he was two years older. His hair was constantly changing color because he had inherited his mother's metamorphmagus abilities. He was the one who usually spoke for the other three children as he was more understandable and had a larger vocabulary.

The two little boys nodded their heads up and down so hard, Harry wasn't sure their neck wouldn't snap. "Evan, go ask Papa if you can stay and play with Teddy." Harry didn't know what his husband had planned for the day and Remus Sr. was on company business while Tonks was helping Narcissa today. Narcissa Malfoy was seven and a half months pregnant for the fourth Malfoy child and couldn't do much these days. Although they had elves, the children still craved the attention of humans and could be a handful when Lucius was away on business or at the office.

The Malfoys had been just two of many people that were 'relieved' from the dark mark and saved so their family line would not die in the war. Their twin daughters were only ten months older than their son Draco and had been born with damaged magical cores. Doc, who was a healer and ran a medical facility that belonged to Prince Conglomerate, had found a way to repair and regenerate their cores so they would not be considered squibs and sent to the muggle world.

As Harry finished dressing his daughter Lillian, the two remaining boys were trying to convey their wishes to stay and play. Severus was not as versed in 'toddler speak' as Harry was, but he did get the gist of the request and told Harry he would be fine with the boys for awhile. Harry and Sirius then left for the medical center with Little Harry and Lillian in tow.

Severus took the little boys to the pool room, where they would have lots of space to fly around. Evan was not allowed to get on his broom without at least two others in the room so Severus called for Sentry Dobby to help look after the two boys. They loved flying over the pool, dipping their little feet in the water. Since the brooms only went about fifteen centimeters from the surface, they were safe.

Back at the medical facility…

Sirius and Harry were walking down the hall to the Potter's room, each of them with a child in their arms. Both of them had walked this path many times in the past two months and were desperately hoping that they would wake soon. No one in the Prince organization knew exactly why they were alive and the general public didn't even know they were alive at all. They were keeping it secret for now to avoid a mob of reporters.

As they walked into the room, both of the Potter parents were laying on the large bed sleeping peacefully.

Both Lili and Little Harry were moving to get down so that they could be next to the two adults that had not moved in almost two months. Harry's daughter Lillian insisted on bringing her toy scepter with her and sat next to Little Harry on the bed between his two parents.

The baby did his usual ritual of leaning in to hear first his mother's heartbeat and then his father's. He sat and talked in nonsensical syllables to his parents as he told them about his day or whatever he was saying.

About fifteen minutes later, "Mama eep" he said sadly looking at Lillian. "Dada eep" He said as he looked at his little friend.

"No" Lillian said to her little friend. "Up".

She gently took the other toddler's hand and placed it with her own on her scepter. She then said "Up" in her very demanding princess voice and Little Harry repeated "Mama up" then they moved to James Potter and Little Harry said "Dada up!"

Sirius and the older Harry looked at the two toddlers with an amused smile on their face. They were trying to cast spells, wasn't that cute. But then a bright white light glowed and they heard a groan. The two toddlers were knocked out just as the light vanished.

Harry was panicked he rushed to the door and screamed for Doc to come, while Sirius started shouting into the intercom speaker next to the door. They didn't dare move the children, not knowing what had happened.

Doc and Kyia, both healers from Becca's time line, came running in the room to find out what was going on. He looked to Harry and then to Sirius and saw the two toddlers on the bed, apparently knocked out.

"What is it Doc?" Harry gasped, "What happened to my daughter and Little Harry?"