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Miss Blair, this just arrived 10 minutes ago.

Thanks Dorota, can you unpacked this bags for me.

One last chance to save your man. – Jack

Well, well, well, if it isn't my little nephew's gorgeous girlfriend

Cut the bullshit, I'm not here for you, I'm here to get Chuck's hotel

I can see that Blair… but I was hoping we could catch up; did you miss me on New Year's Eve? Or little Chucky was around this time to entertain you?

Ugh, enough with the chit chat, what do you want?

Aren't we a little tense over here, are we? Isn't Chuck keeping satisfied our little princess?

Don't flatter yourself and think I'm going to enjoy this

Oh but I know I will

Why are you doing this? Seriously Jack isn't something else back in Sidney you can do than going after Chuck, what happened? Didn't you find the next drunk girl crying over someone other than you?

Well princess if you must know I'm not doing this for Chuck, I want you, and if Chuck gets screw on the process well that's just a plus

Isn't a little pathetic for you? How old are you 6? Is there a big ice cream you want too or a new bike?

(Jack gets in front of Blair and kisses her, but she doesn't respond the kiss)

Fine, I just want you to kiss me a real good kiss Blair; you can pretend I'm Chuck again

That's it? Just a kiss… and what about the hotel?

I'll call my lawyer first thing in the morning, you know I would never hurt you, if you want something else to happened it will, but if you don't want to then just a kiss, but you should know I think my nephew agreed my terms this morning, I asked him one night with you to get his hotel back and I don't see him around to stop this

Shut up, let's just get this over with once and for all

Blair where were you?

What are you doing here Bass?

I just wanted to explain

About the arrangements you did with Jack, spare me details he already did, and you know what I'm very exhausted

No that's not what happened, I never meant for this to happened, I tried to reach but I couldn't the place was full of staff, and I just.. I did what i had to to win

Well so did I

What are you talking about?

Tomorrow morning you should be getting a call from your lawyer, the Empire is yours again

What did you do?

Why do you care, you wanted the Empire back, didn't you?

Did he touch you?

I can see everyone left, so should you, and as far as I concerned the party is over and so are you and I, for good

No, I want…

I couldn't care less about what you want anymore, so leave

Fine, but this isn't over, just so you know

(Blair couldn't turn around and see him gone, just when she heard the elevator closed she started to cry, she wouldn't let him see her weak, she was Blair Waldorf after all)

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