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I must say that out of all the wonderful and complex characters on the show, my favorite has to be Danny (who couldn't love that Staten Island wit and puppy-dog face?). I also must admit that, for some odd reason, I love to see Danny be tormented, either physically or emotionally. I dunno, maybe I'm just weird. I always found that the fan fictions that I was most most interested in usually had Danny in some sort of distress.

Right now, I'm not sure if this will have any ships in it. It may have some DL, but I'm not yet sure if I can even write any kind of romance. I guess we'll see….

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It was a quiet night in the lab that evening, a rarity to say the least. There had been no homicides, no rapes, and no burglaries. And to be honest the investigators were quite bored.

First grade detective Mac Taylor sat in his office. One was clearly able to see the many frames hanging from the clear glass walls. They showed diplomas, certificates, awards, and probably most notable, the many shadow boxes holding military pins and medals. The detective was going through the short stack of cold case files on the corner of his desk. He had explained to many people that on a slow day, much like today, he would crack open one of those files and re-examine the evidence, just in case something had been missed. It was just the kind of man he was.

Stella Bonesara sat in the break room, lounging on the sofa. She was snacking on a power bar, while going over her notes for an upcoming trial. It was a clean-cut case, the bastard was definitely going to jail, but she liked to be prepared. Much like her supervisor, Stella would often go over bits and pieces of information, looking for anything that could further her knowledge on a subject.

Lindsay Munroe, the new investigator from Bozeman, or 'Montana' as Danny had so quickly come to call her, was also in the break room, sitting at the small table near the door way. Seeing as how she was still labeled with the title of 'the new girl', Lindsay felt the need to continue to prove herself, not only to her boss, but to the rest of the investigators and lab techs as well. This is why she was currently thumbing through a slightly out of date forensics text book, scanning for any information that she might have missed or forgotten since her days in college. One never knows when an out of date procedure could break a case.

Doctor Sid Hammerback and Doctor Sheldon Hawkes were both in the morgue. Since there had been no homicides of late, there were no bodies to examine, and so both doctors also were fighting boredom. Sid had pulled out a deck of cards from his secret stash and had started a game of poker with Hawkes. Of course, gambling is against the law in the state of New York, so instead of using money, the two men bet with jelly beans, grapes, and whatever else they could pull from their lunches. They both silently prayed that Mac would not suddenly walk in. Sinclair or Hilbourne, they could handle, but Mac Taylor was just plain scary when he got mad.

Adam Ross, the jumpy, yet brilliant lab tech was in the AV lab (silently rocking out with his Ipod). Although he had only just joined the day shift team, Adam had become somewhat of a jack of all trades. It didn't matter whether one needed DNA analyzed or trace identified; Adam was the one to go to. Despite this, his true calling still seemed to lie with electronics. Phones, computers, videos, If it had an electronic pulse running through it, there was a good chance that Adam knew how to fix, restore, or break through its firewalls, if it required some sort of pass code (which it usually did).

All of the detectives found themselves thinking, at some point during the day, how fortunate Detective Messer was that today was his day off. Instead of being stuck at work, nearly drowning in the boredom, he got to stay home, probably sleeping in. The smaller dirty blonde haired detective sure was lucky.

Danny Messer had gotten up at around noon, which was actually quite early for a day off. Shortly after that he'd had a champion's breakfast of Reese's peanut butter cups, stale toast and day old coffee. After that, he had realized that his kitchen was almost bare of actual edible food, so he got dressed and went out to get some groceries, silently promising himself that he would get more then just junk food.

Some time later, Danny exited the grocery store, happy with his selection of semi-healthy foods. He decided not to take the subway or a cab. If he was eating healthier (kind of), then he might as well get some extra exercise as well. Unfortunately, as he was walking off in the general direction of his apartment building, he did not see the cold grey pair of eyes following his every move.

As Danny turned into alley, he heard a slight rustle behind him. He turned around immediately.

Nothing was there.

Danny scoffed at himself, "Pfft…. gettin' paranoid".

He continued on his way. He could just barely see the roof of his apartment building over the ocean of other structures.

There was another rustle behind him.

He turned around again. "Who's there?" Danny asked, slightly disturbed. His voice giving away that he was indeed nervous. "Seriously, man, if there's anyone there you need to-"

All of a sudden there was a loud scuffle, coming from his left. He turned to it quickly, only to see the butt of a gun coming down on his head.


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