Type: Grass/Flying

Classification: Graceful Pokémon

Height: 1'05"

Weight: 16.4lbs

Ability: Overgrow

Evolutions: Solwing (Lv16) to Plaphoenix (Lv36)

PalPark Location: Forest

Color Category: Green

Pokédex: This Pokémon flies majestically in the air, its wings with a glossy look and feel. It camouflages itself within the thickest of trees, then strikes unsuspecting prey.

Moves: (--) Scratch, (--) Growl, (9) Razor Leaf, (13) Synthesis, (16) Sand-Attack, (21) Wing Attack, (25) Magical Leaf, (29) Sleep Powder, (32) Lock-on, (36) Leaf Storm, (41) Petal Dance, (46) Sunny Day, (54) Leaf Cyclone

Physical Appearance: A small, young bird already adept at flying. It has green, glossy feathers still sticky from hatching not long ago. At the tips of its wing are small, sharp, three-clawed fingers. It prefers to use these instead of its underdeveloped beak. It has a round head with a red "mask-feathers" over its eyes. In the center of its forehead is a seed-like jewel embedded within its skull, a primary source of its solar power. It has a small, bright orange/yellow beak and small, sharp talons. Around its neck is a ring of messy, ruffled feathers. It has a small tail.