OH my god... WE DID IT!!! this is the 100th pokemon in the Yinji Pokedex, and it is the last! We made about 93 by ourselves, borrowing a select few from Nintendo, but we did it! I feel so happy... Do you know what's messed up? Two amature-hour kids at the ages of 12 (me) and 14 (FrostHeartWarrior) did in a month and a half what Nintendo took over three years to BEGIN to do. Don't get on my case about how they created the new region too, because we also did that.

All these pokemon are for rent all over fanficiton, but they MUST give to readers where they found these pokemon.

WE DID IT!!!!!!


Type: Dark/Psychic

Ability: Soul Sap (Takes 20 of foe's HP every time they use a physical attack)

Height: 10' 6"

Weight: 710 lbs

Classification: Omega Pokemon

Pal Park Location: Mountain

Color Category:

Does Not Evolve

Pokedex: This pokemon is said to combat life. If a living being enters into its lair below ground, it will instantly be killed.

Appearance: Depaz is four-legged, like Arceus. On each foot is a red/black tip, much like its fraternal twin. It has a Topaz stone set in each one of these legs, and four more on its shoulders. It has, instead of Arceus's 16 life plates; it has 16 DEATH plates, which brings death to all who stand near them. They are shaped as Diamonds, and are made of pure—You guessed it—Topaz. Its neck is much like that of Arceus also. Its head is shaped like Arceus, with a curved pair of horns, joined at the middle (think Gyarados headpiece without the middle prong), and has ANOTHER topaz on it. Below that are its eyes, which are pure red. It has no mouth, only a red strip of skin, connected to the horns, and a Pair of red bat wings with a black frame. Can anyone guess what's inlaid on its chest? ON the count of three: One, two, three—TOPAZ! It has deep red skin all over, and a black head.

Stories will be up soon, but we are still adding the final touches to the Gym Leaders. But about the geographical layout of Yinji, find a map of Japan and locate Sinnoh at the top-west corner. Just below that, on the mainland, is Yinji, and we'll explain more later.