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A/N: There are loads of moments from the Brian and Justin story that we just don't get to see in the actual series, so I thought I'd have a go at writing some. There's going to be one for every episode. At least, that's what I'm hoping (it might become a bit difficult when Ethan - boo, hiss - comes into it but I'll try me bestest). If you have any moments you think might be missing, please let me know - some episodes are more difficult than others! =D That will probably show in the varying lengths, haha!

Anyway, here's episode one (and two, I think - but i've never seen them as seperate things so i'm not sure where the split is. :S). Hope you like it ...

Set just after Michael drops Brian and Justin off at the loft, just after driving them back from the hospital...


Brian staggered through the door of his loft, dragging Justin awkwardly after him.

"Wanna drink?" he asked, going over to the kitchen and grabbing a couple of glasses and a bottle of whiskey.

"Water please."

"Water?!" Brian questioned, shaking his head and pouring two double Jim Beams. He handed one to Justin, "this stuff's better."

"I know, my dad keeps it in a cupboard. He only gets it out for special occasions, like when we have his clients over for dinner or if his golfing buddies are visiting."

"Is that right?" Brian said, downing his glass and pouring himself another one.

"Mm-hmm," Justin nodded, taking the tiniest sip of his drink. "He says it's the kind of drink you get out when you're trying to impress someone."

"Well my dad used to pour Jim Beam on his cereal and he didn't impress anyone," Brian said, downing his drink again and slamming it down on the table top. "Do you know what I'd do … if I were trying to impress someone?" he asked.

Justin just shook his head, taking another tentative sip of the dark liquid.

"I'd do this," Brian said, and next second, his torso had disappeared and two legs began flailing about above the counter before crashing to the floor with a loud and painful bang. Justin put his glass down and ran round the breakfast bar, to see Brian holding his back with one hand as he struggled to his feet using the other.

"Are you okay?" The kid asked, rushing to help him up.

"I'm fine," the older man snapped, jerking away sharply and getting to his feet in one swift, if slightly unstable, movement. Then, seemingly pleased with himself he took a bow and held his back again.

"Ow," he complained. "I'm a bit out of practice."

"You don't look like you've ever had any practice," Justin grinned cheekily.

"Hey!" Brian pointed a finger at the kid. At least that's what Justin assumed he was trying to do. He actually just pointed a hand somewhere at the door and wobbled about a bit. "I could have joined a circus." And suddenly he was on his hands again. This time taking a few steps, legs kicking about everywhere. He went crashing through the bar stools and collapsed in a heap.

"Do you need some help?" Justin asked, not at all sure what was going on anymore.

"I've got it," Brian snapped, positioning himself again. First, he crashed through a table. Then the blinds, a lamp, a chair… until the entire flat was destroyed. Eventually Brian pulled himself to his feet, rubbing his head a little.

"Maybe it wasn't handstands that I was good at," he frowned. "Maybe it was…" He looked around the loft for something else he could show off with and his eyes landed on a bowl of fruit, "juggling," he grinned. He walked over and picked up two oranges and an apple. He threw them up and they immediately dropped to the floor. He didn't stop trying.

Justin just frowned as he watched this beautiful man trying incessantly to juggle some fruit. He could see Brian's eyes were loose in his skull and seemed to roll about of their own accord. It was obvious the man was still high as a kite, despite the fact he seemed to have sobered up a lot since the jeep.

Suddenly, Brian stopped. He was holding just one apple, the others were rolling around on the lino. He took a bite from the apple and chewed slowly. Justin watched the juices running from the corners of his mouth and the way his lips looked all wet and shiny. God, this man was beautiful. In fact, this man was probably God.

"So," Brian smirked, throwing the fruit away and finally turning his attention back to Justin, "you wanna see what else I'm good at?"

"Sure," Justin shrugged a little. And next second Brian's lips were on his and he was stripping him and dragging him to the bedroom.

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