A/N This is my first fanfic. I got the idea from a friend. It probably won't be to long, three or four chapters. I sadly do not know Percy Jackson. Please enjoy!


Sitting tall and stiff in my throne I gazed unwavering at my brother, tight lipped and waiting for him to speak. Standing at my side was Amphitrite, looking bored and tired. Behind her Triton stood, looking annoyed. As was I. Zeus was staring absently at the wall, thinking. I clenched and unclenched my fists, agitated. Since it was destroyed Amphitrite, Triton, and I had been working diligently on our palace, trying to get it back up to its former glory. Hephaestus had come down to help them, refusing to be left out of such a massive building project. Since he started helping the building had gone a thousand times faster. Then Oceanus had reappeared. I got furious just at the thought. The nerve of that titan. I was not around, nor was Hephaestus, when he attacked. My Cyclopes did the best they could, but much was still destroyed. Again. Where he ran off to when I arrived, I didn't know. And it bugged me. But not as much as the meeting Zeus had called. Zeus was afraid of another war I knew. I was furious that he intervened with my problems. And now here he was decided what to do about Oceanus.

Amphitrite's eye traveled over to Hestia, standing alone in a corner of the room. She looked at me and then walked over to Hestia, hugging the goddess and striking up a conversation. Triton watched his mother go, hesitated, then walked over to Hephaestus, who gladly greeted him and starting talking at once. I gritted my teeth, they seemed so unconcerned sometimes. I didn't take my eyes off Zeus. Finally he rose from his throne and I stiffed. But he walked over to Amphitrite and Hestia, not looking at me. He said something and Hestia smiled and nodded. Amphitrite said something and Hestia replied. A flicker of a smile was visible on Zeus's face and both goddesses laughed. I frowned. Then he walked over to Hephaestus and Triton, said a few words to them. I frowned deeper, wondering what he was up to. Finally he walked back to his throne and called everyone together.

I watched him, but he still did not look at me. "Oceanus is desperate," he started off and I huffed. "And unpredictable at the moment. It would be in the best interest not to distress him any farther, for fear of war." I clenched my teeth, my army could take Oceanus. "So while we try and find Oceanus, Poseidon, Amphitrite, and Triton need to keep themselves scarce. Not using their powers." He added forcefully. My mouth fell open in anger as he continued, "Amphitrite has agreed to stay with Hestia at the camp. Hephaestus has invited Triton down to his forges," he continued, finally looking at me. There was a gleam in his eye I didn't like. My eyes narrowed.

"And me?" I asked coldly.

Zeus smiled at me, no warmth in his smile. "Correct me if I'm wrong Poseidon, but doesn't Perseus live here in New York?"

Percy? I thought confused at the change of subject. "Yes." I snapped. "Why?" Everyone turned to me, giving me a funny look, like I wasn't getting something.

Zeus rolled his eyes, "Honestly Poseidon."

"What?" I demanded angrily, and then it dawned on me. "Wait – stay with Percy? Me stay with - ?" I stammered in shock. Zeus nodded, looking away from me.

"Glad you understand. Yes, you'll stay with Perseus. And, according to Hestia," he nodded at her, "his mother is not around. So it's the perfect option. Unless," he said as I started to interrupt, "the great Poseidon can't play mortal for a few days." "

I can manage just fine!" I snapped.

He smiled wryly, "Good. So that's settled. We're done here now." He said, standing up and walking off, leaving me sitting blankly on my throne.

Edit: a/n Greek names are always spelled weird and there are a few spellings for Oceanus, but 'us' is the most common. Thank you to Cmoparw 4406 and Name Repair who pointed out the odd spelling, and sorry for taking so long to finally getting around to changing it.