A/n I know it's been a while and I apologize – I don't really have a good excuse except life, and writers block. And now, looking back at this story, I cringe a little. Re-reading it I can't believe I wrote some of it. But, I hate leaving things unfinished and positive reviews have encouraged me to at least finish it. So here you go.

Chapter Six

It was Friday afternoon and Apollo had blessed them with a warm and bright sun after Percy's school had let out. I had promptly kidnapped Percy after school and took him out to Montauk. I longed for the sea, and desired even more to be rid of Blowfish's presence. My fun was spoiled only slightly when Percy borrowed a friend's phone at school to call Blowfish and tell him that we would not be coming back right away.

I stared wistfully out at the sea, wanting nothing more then to run to it. But I figured Zeus would not be happy with me if I did. I grinned at the thought.

Percy said nothing of my longing glances, nor did he go near the water. I smiled down at him, touched. We stood awkwardly by the surf, and I realized that now that we were here I did not know what to do. I had not thought this far ahead – I only wanted to see my ocean. What did mortals do when they could not swim?

"Lets build a sandcastle," I decided, nodding to myself. Yes, that seemed to be popular.

"What?" Percy asked, turning to me with a frown.

"Sandcastle," I repeated, taking a few steps back from our spot near the surf and sitting down. "I see mort– people building them all the time." I pulled sand towards me and started to mold it.

"Yeah, little kids and their parents," Percy said, but he sat down across from me.

I built up a tower half way and it crumbled under my fingers. Frowning, I pulled it back toward me and built it up again – only to have it crumbled once more. I growled a little, trying again, with the same results. I heard what sounded suspiciously like a snicker and I looked sharply up at Percy. He looked innocently at me, but the corners of his mouth were twitching.

"You have to use wet sand or it wont stick," Percy quickly put in, digging deeper into the sand and shoveling dark, wet sand onto my fallen tower.

"Right," I said, pulling the wet sand towards me. I slowly rebuilt the tower and waited…it stayed up. I grinned to myself – easy.

"We'll build my castle – or what use to be my castle," I amended.

I could feel Percy's incredulous eyes on me. "The whole thing?"


"Out of sand?"
"Isn't that what a sandcastle is?"

"You're crazy," Percy informed me, but he started to build up a tower as well. I grinned over at him and he shook his head, laughing.

"There's a tower right here," I pointed out to him, "start on that."

He shot me an exasperate look. "It's not going to look like your castle, I doubt it'll even look like a castle." But he humored me anyway, starting on a tower in that spot.

After a good half-hour of chatting and building, I began to notice the stares we were getting from passersby. After a particular odd glance from a teenage couple, I turned to Percy.

"Is building sandcastles really that odd? I thought I usually saw plenty of beach-goers building them." I asked.

"Little kids," Percy reiterated, looking up at me with a small grin. "Not usually a sixteen-year-old boy and his dad." He laughed slightly, "If only they knew I was building a sandcastle with the god of the sea!" He laughed harder, almost doubling over in laughter.

"Hm," I said, grinning wryly at his point, picturing the look on my family's face if they could see me now. I laughed with him, and it felt good – just being there with him doing something so mundane.

The sun had started to sink in the sky and sprayed orange rays along the sand. I sat back and looked at our 'castle'.

"Well?" I asked Percy, turning to him.

He leaned back and squinted at our final product. "If I squint and tilt my head," he did so, "it almost looks a castle…"

I huffed, amused but acting out in mock indignity. "Almost, do you have any idea how hard I worked on that!"

"Oh yes, because building a sandcastle is so taxing," Percy snickered.

"Hmph," I said, flicking the sand that had caked on my fingers at him.

He retaliated immediately, throwing a fistful of sand at me. We both stared at each other in surprise, and then I grinned. Game on.

Within seconds the air was thick with sand as we broke out in a full-on war. Dry sand stuck to dark sand and I quickly found out it was more effective to throw them together. Unfortunately, Percy had figured that out before I had, so I was covered from head to toe in sand. Just as I started to get the upper hand, I heard someone call out my name.


Percy and I both froze and whipped around. Athena stood at the edge of our battlefield; her nose upturned but her face otherwise was expressionless. I cleared my throat.

"Good evening, Athena," I said pleasantly, flasher her a probably very sandy smile.

"Poseidon, Perseus," She greeted tersely. She turned to me, "The objective is complete, Amphitrite and Triton are back. I was sent to retrieve you." Her eyes, quicker then Percy would be able to follow, flickered over my sandy form.

"Ah," I said. She continued to stand there so I add, "Give me a moment and I'll be with you."

She reluctantly nodded and walked slightly off.

I turned awkwardly to Percy, who looked even more awkward shifting from foot to foot. I smiled at him, stepping forward and putting my hands on his shoulders.

"Thank you, for putting up with me for a whole week," I began and he smiled faintly, "It was surely interesting." I paused, "I had fun." We both grinned.

"I'm going to add in a room for you," I decided right there, "in the plan for my new castle. I'll pull some strings, you'll be able to come down some times." I told him, even though I did not know if that was entirely possible.

I knew he had his doubts, but he simply nodded and I was grateful for it. I hesitated, reluctant to leave. On an impulse, I pulled him close and hugged him tightly.

"You will," I stressed.

"Alright," he said. What a good sport, always humoring me.

I heard Athena clear her throat, glaring disapprovingly at him. I reluctantly let Percy go, stepping back and smiling at him.

"You can get home right?" I asked.

"I got some change for a taxi," he assured me.

I nodded. "Alright…good-bye then. See you soon," I added, winking at him as I disappeared.

Re-adjusting to life as a god was a little harder then I thought. I almost missed hanging around bored in the Jackson apartment. I spread out my castle plans, studying it closely.

I turned around and motioned for one of my architects. "Come here," I called. He swam closer and looked up at him expectedly.

"I want to add in a room," I told him. I let my finger wander around the plan for a while before I found the perfect spot. It would be close to Tyson's room, and could be modified to have a beautiful view of the ocean floor.

"There," I told him. "A bedroom – and a good-sized one. I want it nicely furnished too, with the best you can find. What room are you working on now? Stop now," I said, not letting him answer because I did not really care, "and work on this. I want it done as fast as you can." He nodded, bowed, and then took the plans from me, running off to his companions, who began drawing up a new plan right away.

I nodded, satisfied.

"They wont let him come down," Amphitrite said, shaking her head at me, as she walked up behind me.

"Why – not let the Hero of Olympus, savior of us all, come visit his dad for a few days?" I asked dramatically, "that sounds so ungrateful to me!"

She sighed, but she was almost smiling.

"It would be a crime wouldn't it?" She asked. She waving her hand at me, "Go wield your golden tongue then, they will be unable to say no. Who knows, maybe it'll be nice to have a demigod around for a few days."

I smiled, "I know."

A/n There you go, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for all of you who followed this story and stayed with it. I hope it was worth it. And for the record, I don't think building a father and son building a sandcastle is weird, but I figured Percy would. If anyone is interested, I be writing another story, but after the trouble I had with writers block with this story, I'm going to try and stock up a few chapters before I post it. So it will be a while. Thank you all again =D