All characters © Amano Akira

Summary: Misogyny is quite the crime.

"I wouldn't expect you to understand, Reborn," Kyoko said, wiping away the frustrated tears that spilled out over her lower lids against her will. Her tone was not one of anger, but of a deep, pent-up sadness that leaked out of her in a weary puddle.

"You're right," Reborn told her in that honest, blunt way of his, hopping up to join her on the bench in Namimori park. "I'll never know what it's like."

Kyoko made one last attempt to stave away the tears, sniffing lightly. "And I'm sorry you have to see me like this, but look at me, Reborn. I'm almost eighteen. I can take care of myself, despite what people seem to think."

"You don't have to tell me." Reborn chuckled. "I don't suppose Tsuna knows about your parkour?" At this Kyoko smiled, like the sun poking in through the clouds.

"Or Haru's pistol-training," she added. Reborn had in fact suggested these hobbies to them himself once Tsuna had officially inherited the title of Vongola Decimo.

"She and I have barely mentioned it in the last few years, but we're a little frustrated at being excluded solely on the basis of our sex. We know the dangers of the mafia—" her expression hardened—" and we're prepared to face it."

Reborn looked at her, the future Sawada-san, and mused that if Tsuna saw her current expression he would probably drop dead on the spot. It wasn't an ugly expression, but it contorted her face and made it almost unrecognizable from the Kyoko-chan that everyone knew.

"Tsuna-san and the others see me as a 'nice girl,'" Kyoko continued softly, "which I admire. But I am not a trophy wife."


When she was 23, Sasagawa Kyoko challenged Tsuna's strongest Guardian and former classmate Hibari Kyouya to a match. Naturally he refused, until Kyoko took out her knife and threatened the weal of his most prized possession: Namimori. The battle lasted for three hours.

Kyoko won.

At 20, Miura Haru was doing all of the Vongola's tax repairs and collateral damage fees. A year later someone from the Varia tried to drop by without scheduling the appointment ahead of time. Haru shot the man in both feet before realizing that he was an ally.

She tactfully omitted that from the expenses.

The mind is one's greatest weapon, and one's greatest weakness. When she was 24, Chrome Dokuro sent both Kakimoto Chikusa and Joshima Ken to the emergency room with multiple lacerations, broken bones, and internal bleeding. It had gone on too long; they had disrespected her in favor of Mukuro-sama one too many times. They weren't really injured, but they thought they were.

For all that talk about her silly illusions and them not being real anyway, they were pretty coercing.

She also saw to it that Joshima Ken shower at least once a week.

Bianchi waited until she was 30 before assassinating what was left of the entire Gesso family. She did it in less than a day, which was shorter than the time it took all the Varia to infiltrate the Millefiore in the alternate future.

Ipin, age 10, memorized her 3,000th Japanese kanji.

Sawada Nana always put on a cheerful face when the boys were around. She would unquestioningly let people into her home, pretend not to know anything, and see her son's heart break when he would lie about his bruises and absences from school. I know you're trying to protect me, she would think, watching Tsuna leave guiltily for his "gym training," as the smile slid off her face like cheese from a grater, but you don't have to lie, Tsu-kun.

I already know everything.

It took urinating blood to learn never to cross Lal Mirch when she was in a bad mood. From then on whenever Colonello had a training session with her, he always kept a hand absently over his nether regions in a quiet, defensive fear of his manly parts.