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Summary: Yugi gets an unexpected visit from his father. A man wants to get his greedy hands on the Puzzle. Things don't always go as planned.

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/Yami and Yugi mind link./

Chapter 1: Training and Phone Calls

"On my mark, get set…" mumbled a teen with tri-color hair to himself in a track running position at a city park. "Go!"

The same adolescent sprinted down a semi-smooth path. He watched where ran to ensure he wouldn't bump into any other adults who were out jogging. His legs pounded against the ground as his arms moved swiftly back and forth. He inhaled in and out quickly to fill his lungs, so he could continue on. Even though he hadn't run far, he had to stop and rest.

"Not… good," he grumbled to himself. "I need… to train… harder."

After catching his breath, he took off once more. Racing down, he thought back to the reason why he was training himself so hard.


The teen with the tri-color hair stared intensely at a bulletin board that read, "Sports Festival Coming Soon!" He sighed with disappointment; he had always dreaded the yearly physical sports challenges.

"Hey, what's going on, Yugi!" an adolescent with blonde hair greeted happily.

"Oh, nothing, Joey," he replied, trying to mask his true feelings.

"Don't you think it's cool that you, me, and Tristan are on the same team this year!" the taller student asked with great enthusiasm.

"Um…" the other boy stammered. "Yeah, this should be… fun."

The blonde teen patted his friend on the back and assured, "Don't worry, as long as you do your best everything will be fine."

End flashback

"How can I give my best if I don't try?!" the petite adolescent thought to himself as he stopped once more.

He trudged over to the water fountain and took his time re-hydrating himself. After a couple of poorly attempted laps, the sun was setting, and the young adult in training thought it would be best to leave for home now. However, his entire body was sore from a full day of running. He decided to sit on a park bench and relax for a bit.

"Ugh… this is hard."

He could hardly move as his legs and arms, which felt like jelly. He wasn't sure how much more he could take. He really did not want to work his training alone, but he also did not want to bother any of his friends from his physical weakness.

A familiar voice broke his thoughts, "Hey, Yugi."

The young teen looked up to see one of his friends. He greeted back, "Hey, Tristan. What are you doing here in the park?"

"I was just doing some running; for a healthier way of living rather than fighting all the time," Tristan explained, "What about you?"

"Um…" Yugi stammered since he wanted his training to be a secret so he could surprise his friends.

"Are you training yourself for the Sports Festival?" Tristan asked.

"How did you know?" Yugi questioned stunned.

"Joey said you've been staring at those posters and looked worried." Tristan replied as he took a seat.

Yugi stared at the floor feeling embarrassed.

The tall brunette was aware of his friend's feelings so he assured, "It's nothing to be ashamed of; if it bothers you then I'm sure all of us can help you out."

"R-really?" Yugi asked becoming excited.

"Yeah, you already took the first step to getting better at something: working out ahead of time." Tristan smiled.

Yugi couldn't help but laugh.

The taller teen stood up and promised, "Joey and I can help you get ready. You don't have to do this on your own."

Yugi nodded, "Yeah, you're right."

He tried to stand up, but his whole entire body was aching.

"I'll give you a lift home on my motorcycle." Tristan offered as he helped Yugi stand up.

The student with large, purple eyes smiled, "Thanks."

After a quick ride, the two boys arrived at the Turtle Game Shop.

"Make sure to drink plenty of water tonight and bring a water bottle tomorrow." Tristan advised, and then rode off into the night.

Yugi immediately went to his room and fell on his bed, exhausted from running.

"Did you have fun without me," a spirit asked with sarcasm and hurt in his voice.

"Mm hmfmm m mhmt," Yugi mumbled, his face vertically pressed against his soft mattress.

"What?" Yami asked, not understanding the message.

Yugi sighed, turned over, and repeated, "I'm sorry I didn't take you."

The spirit laughed and responded, "That's all right; as long as you were safe."

Yugi stared at his ceiling for a moment deep in thought.

Yami broke the silence asking, "What's the plan for tomorrow?"

"Going to the park to train with Joey and Tristan."

"For that sports game?"

Yugi nodded, "I want to give it my best this year."

Yami chuckled and praised, "Glad to hear that, partner."

"I didn't take you because there was no one to the hold the Puzzle while I was running. But, since Joey and Tristan will be there, I guess one of them could watch over the Puzzle while we train." Yugi thought out loud towards his friend.

Yami gave a thumbs up, "I'll be there to encourage you all!"

Yugi laughed as he lifted himself up and placed the covers over him ready to sleep. He knew it would be best to turn in early, so he could be better prepared. Soon afterwards, he started to toss and turn in his sleep.

Yugi's dream

A teen from one year ago raced on a school's track field. Plenty of taller and stronger boys than him passed by with ease. He tried even harder to catch up, but everyone was already far in front of him.

"No!" he yelled as he tried to push himself harder.

But the race ended.

Yugi stopped in his place as the entire outdoors turned into a black realm. He heard everyone talking about him.

"Man, that Yugi-kid is a terrible runner!"

"I can't believe we were forced to have him on our team."

"Yeah, we could have won if we had Joey or Tristan."

"What girl would ever want a weakling for a boyfriend?"

"He might actually be good if he wasn't so busy playing those stupid children's games."

"No!" Yugi screamed as he covered his ears and fell to his knees. He cried, "I'm sorry!"

"Talking ain't gonna do him no good! I say we kick his ass to teach him a lesson!"

Yugi found himself surrounded by other students, but he couldn't make out there features. One of them lifted him up from his shirt with Yugi having difficulty breathing.

"You think losing is some sort of joke!" the bully screamed more so than asked.

"No! I don't! I-" Yugi tried to apologize, but he was cut short when a fist had entered his stomach area. He felt the pain enter his entire physique. He yelled in agony.

"Had enough," asked another student sarcastically.

"Please, stop!" Yugi begged. "I'll do better next time!"

Another punch landed on his cheek.

"Maybe next time you won't take sports so lightly!" a third student mocked as Yugi cried.

"Look at the baby cry!"

"I'm sorry!" Yugi sobbed. "I'm sorry!"

End Yugi's dream.

The teen woke up terrified. Sweat pour down his face as he inhaled and exhaled rapidly. He placed one hand on his stomach area and swore he felt the pain from there again. He never told anybody about what happen to him last year at the Sports Festival. That was before he became friends with Joey, Tristan, and Yami.

"I'm still being haunted by that. But… I don't want a repeat of last year. It wouldn't be fair to Joey and Tristan." Yugi thought to himself, rubbing his forehead dry with his pajama sleeves.

"Something wrong?" Yami asked as he appeared in his transparent state. He had sensed his partner was in discomfort and decided to check in.

Yugi looked over at his friend, who glowed against the light of the moon. He shook his head.

"I'm just going to go get some water," he announced as he stepped out of his bed and headed towards the door.

He went down the steps and into the kitchen. He poured himself a cold glass of water. As he did, he noticed his hands were shaking. Drinking his water, he thought, "I need to calm down… Joey and Tristan will help me train tomorrow."

Finished, he placed his cup by the sink. He then walked over to the fridge and opened it to ensure some bottled water was there for him to take. He grew startled hearing, "Yugi, is everything ok?"

The boy turned around and saw a woman in a pink robe with maroon short hair and brown eyes. He smiled, "Y-yeah, I'm fine."

He headed for the stairs and said, "I'm going back to bed. Night, Mom!"

Walking back up the steps, he did some deep breathing to calm himself down; he did not want to worry the spirit of the Puzzle over nothing. He entered his room and went back to bed. Turning on his side, he faced the wall, not prepared to fall asleep just yet. He tried to reason with himself, "It may be hard, but it will be well worth it… Besides, I'm not going at it alone this time."

With that, Yugi closed his eyes and went into slumber.

Yami appeared next to his companion's bed. He knew something was worrying his lighter half, but he chose to allow his partner to tell him if anything was happening. However, he stayed out to ensure everything was fine for his partner during the night.

Early the next morning, Yugi awoke feeling a little sore in his legs and lower back. He moaned as he tried to lift himself out of bed.

"Day one," he mumbled to himself.

He grabbed his bag and placed his Puzzle around him. He walked downstairs into the kitchen where he took his water bottles and placed them in his bag. He decided it would be best to take some medication, so he won't collapse while training. Quickly, he ate some waffles after heating them up in a toaster.

"Yugi, where are you going?" the boy's mom asked.

"I'm meeting my friend's at the park today." Yugi replied as he washed his plate and cup. He then placed on his shoes and was out the door.

"Where is Yugi going?" an old man asked feeling somewhat groggy.

"He said he was going to the park," the woman replied as she placed the dish and cup in the dish washer.

Just then, the phone rang. Solomon went to answer it as his daughter's hands were wet, "Hello? Moto residence."

"Solomon, is that you?" the other line asked. "It's Izumi."

The elderly man smiled, "How have you been?"

The other line laughed and replied, "Fine, fine. I was calling to let you all know I'll be within Domino area soon. Is Mitsuki there?"

"She is but she's washing dishes right now-" Solomon was cut off as the phone was taken out of his hand.

"What do you want?" Yugi's mother asked the other line.

"Uh… Hi, Mistuki." Izumi greeted nervously.

"Don't hi me! What nonsense do you have over here!" she asked furiously. Izumi was about to answer when Yugi's mom interrupted by saying, "Oh, what does it matter!"

She then handed the phone back to Solomon then stormed off.

"Um… nice talking with you, too?" Izumi said confused.

The old man laughed again and said, "Yep, she hasn't changed her feelings about you."

"That's understandable. Well, what's Yugi been up to? I've read in the papers he's won a card game tournament or something."

"Yes, he had won Duelist Kingdom and recently Battle City over here in Domino."

"Wow, what an accomplishment! Is he up right now?"

"Actually, he's not here; he's at the park right now with some friends."


"Something shock you?"

"Err… well… um…"

"Ha ha, yes, he's not the same child as he was on your last visit! He's changed quite a bit!"

"Heh…. I feel bad for not being able to visit sooner but you know…"

"Yes, your job has kept you very busy."

"Speaking of which, I need to get back to it! As I said, I'll be in Domino soon. Will you tell Yugi that I've called?"

"Of course, have a safe trip."

The other line hung up, and the old man said, "Guess this will be big surprise for all of us."


Yugi arrived at the park meeting his two male companions.

"Hey, guys," he greeted with a smile on his face.

"Hey, Yugi," Tristan greeted back.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Joey asked, wanting full focus but also did not want to push his buddy in the wrong direction.

The smaller boy nodded with determination.

"Good," Tristan replied. "We want commitment!"

"But, I hope this doesn't take away your own time for getting ready." Yugi said with a little guilt in his tone.

"Don't worry about it, Yug," Joey assured happily. "This will be something that me and Tristan can help you with since you've done so much for us!"

Yugi smiled again, grateful for having such loyal school pals.

"Now let's get started!" Joey exclaimed with Yugi and Tristan agreeing in unison, "Yeah!"

"Ok! Let's warm up with ten laps around the park!" Joey instructed.

"What!" Yugi exclaimed.

Tristan knocked his blonde friend with the back of his fist.

"What was that for!?" Joey demanded to know, rubbing his sore spot.

"We need to start off easier!" Tristan explained. "He doesn't have the same build as you and me!"

Joey felt sheepish, so he apologized, "Err… Sorry, Yugi."

Yugi only smiled as Tristan said, "Let's start with something easier. Take one lap around the park and then we'll stretch!"

Yugi took off his Puzzle and handed it to Joey. He then positioned himself and prepared himself mentally to start.

Yami appeared in his transparent form and gave his partner a thumbs up, /Do your best!/

With that, Yugi took off running.

When he was far enough, Joey commented, "He runs like a middle school student."

"Yes, yes he does," Tristan agreed.

The young boy came back and was tired. His two friends pushed him the rest of the day to stretch, run, do sit ups and pushups.

"I'm not sure how much more I can take!" Yugi discouraged himself. His energy was brought back when all of his male comrades cheered him on.

"Just a few more!" they encouraged. "Almost done!"

By the end of another day, the small boy was exhausted.

"Great job for the first training session!" Joey exclaimed.

Yugi could barely move as he sat on the bench looking down and trying to catch his breath.

Joey placed the boy's Puzzle back around his neck for him.

The group walked to Yugi's place together to ensure nothing happened to their small friend.


The same pattern went by the following day at the park. The small boy yawned, still tired from the day before. However, he held a sad, worried look on his face.

"Everything ok, Yug?" Joey asked as he broke through his friend's thoughts.

Yugi smiled and nodded.

Meanwhile, Yami watched from the sidelines as Yugi continued to push himself while his friends encouraged him. He observed through the other night something was not right with his friend. However, his partner seemed cheered up.

"Let's go for two laps around the park!" Tristan instructed.

Yugi nodded and took off running. Although his entire physique was crying out to stop, he chose not to. The second day was not easy, but he was determined to keep up his pace. Speeding past other people, his concentration was broken.

"Man, that Yugi-kid is a terrible runner!"

He stopped.

"What girl is going to want him for a boyfriend?"

He covered his ears and shut his eyes tightly as he tried to block out the voices he heard again from the night before.

"Talking ain't gonna do him no good! I say we kick his ass to teach him a lesson!"

"NO!" Yugi screamed as he sprinted down the path. Arriving at the same place he started, he felt someone grab his arm. He looked up and saw Joey.

"Yug, are you sure everything's all right?" the taller teen asked with concern.

Yugi smiled and nodded.

The same training routine was done as time flew by. The two boys walked again with their pal to secure he didn't stumble over.

"Welcome back!" an elderly man greeted.

"Hi, Grandpa," Yugi said tired.

"Another day of successful training," Tristan commented as everyone sat in the living room to recover.

"What do you plan to do tomorrow?" Solomon asked the group.

"Train after school but not too long," Joey answered.

Solomon looked over at his grandson who had his eyes closed as he tried to recover. The old man was proud of his grandson who was interested in improving himself at a mandatory school activity. He was, however, unable to say about the news of the phone call he had received earlier; he did not want to break the boy's concentration.

"We should get going," Tristan insisted as he stood up. "We do have school tomorrow."

Joey groaned but agreed to leave.

Yugi opened his eyes, smiled, and said, "Thanks for everything, guys."

"No problem, Yug," Joey smiled back.

The two boys left, and Yugi went up to his room to rest. He changed his clothes and immediately went to bed. He wanted to sleep, and even though his mind was hazy, he couldn't relax.

/You don't need to push yourself so hard./ Yami advised as he sat on Yugi's chair.

/I know,/ was all the boy could reply.

/Your friends won't care if you come in last place./ Yami pointed out calmly.

However, Yugi did not have the energy to argue or even say anything back.

The spirit of the Puzzle felt his connection with Yugi weakening, so he allowed his partner to rest.


The next day, Yugi went to school but remained tired.

"Did you sleep ok, Yugi?" Tea asked her friend.

The boy could only smile and nod.

"Sorry, I was busy with a lot of errands at home. Did you do anything interesting over the weekend?" she asked making conversation.

Yugi shook his head. Earlier he had asked his two friends not tell Tea about his training, and they both had agreed. Although he was unsure how Tea would react to him doing something masculine, he also wanted to show he could be tough, too.

After school, as Yugi gathered his stuff together, Tea had asked if he wanted to do something.

"Um… Sorry, Tea," Yugi said. "I'm a little busy this week."

"Ok; that's understandable." Tea smiled.

Yugi left the classroom, and Tea saw Joey and Tristan walking with him while holding silly grins on their face.

"Boys," she sighed as she left and headed home.


For the next few days, the teens were busy training for the Sports Festival. Every day after school they would run, stretch, do pushups, sit ups, and chin ups. They also trained for other events, such as tossing a ball into a very high basket. To help prepare for the trial, the two boys had their vertically challenge friend shoot baskets with a basketball into a hoop.

While tossing the ball, Yugi thought to himself, "My goal is to at least make three into the basket."

One week passed by, and Yugi's physical activities had improved.

"Wait ago Yugi!" Joey cheered.

"Yeah, you've managed to beat your old record!" Tristan informed.

"Thanks, guys." the boy smiled.

The group had agreed to meet again early Saturday morning, like they had one week ago.


Around the dinner table, Yugi slowly ate his meal. His grip on his chopsticks was not as tight, so he would drop his food on the table or on his lap.

"Yugi! Eat correctly!" Yugi's mother ordered.

"Err… Sorry, Mom," Yugi apologized feeling sleepy.

The short woman stood up and washed her dinner plate furiously. She would grunt often in anger as she clashed down the dishes and placed them within the dishwasher. She then marched down to the where the washer was kept to put in clothes to be clean.

When the coast was clear, the elderly man commented, "Boy, she has been in a really bad mood lately, hasn't she?"

However, Yugi was not fully paying attention.

"Yugi?" Solomon called his grandson's name.

"Hmm," the small teen replied as he rubbed his eyes. "I'm sorry."

"You should go to bed right now if you plan to get up early tomorrow." Solomon advised.

Yugi nodded and went straight to his room.


Up in his room, Yugi changed clothes, but before he went to bed, he decided to stretch his body.

/You certainly have improved./ Yami complimented.

/Yup./ was all the boy said. When done, he climbed into bed.

/Ready for another day of training?/ Yami asked.

/Yup,/ Yugi answered feeling confident.

/That's the spirit, partner!/ the former pharaoh encouraged as he watched his friend sleep.

Bright and early, the teen was up and headed out straight to the park.

"Have a good time!" Solomon encouraged. When he walked back into the house, the phone rang. He went to answer it, "Hello? Moto residence."

"Solomon? It's me, Izumi!"

"Hello, are you here in Domino yet?"

"Almost, how has everyone been? Have you told Yugi I'm coming?"

"Everyone is doing fine. But, no, I haven't told him yet. Usually he can sense when you're coming as you-know-who gets a little grouchy when you come by, but he hasn't yet."

"Ha ha… I can't help but feel guilty about that."

"No need to apologize. Right now, your son is busy training for that big Sports Day at school."


"Yes, he started last week. I think he wants to do really well."

"Huh… Guess it's best not to disturb him."

Before Solomon could answer, Yugi's mother grabbed the phone and demanded to know, "What are you up to?"

"Um… Hello, again, Mitsuki." Izumi greeted.

"Honestly, all you do is call and cause problems!" the woman yelled unpleasantly.

"Um…Yes? And how exactly am I causing problems this time?" Izumi snickered.

Mitsuki grew a little red but then handed the phone back to her father and stormed off.

"Ha ha… Guess I need to be going," Izumi said.

"Yes, and travel safely!" Solomon said then hung up. Before he had time to leave, the phone rang again. "Hello?"

"Um… Mr. Moto? It's Tea," the other line replied.

"Tea! How have you been?"

"Fine. Is Yugi there?"

"No, he's already headed towards the park."

"The park?"

"Yes. Weren't you going to meet him there as well?"


"Well, that's where all the boys are right now."

"…. Is that so? Well, I better be going. Thanks."

The other lined hung up, but the old man knew what was coming. He smiled and laughed to himself. "I wouldn't be surprised if she and Yugi ended like Izumi and Mitsuki."

To be continued…

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