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Chase The Morning

Pairing: Dean Winchester & Harry Potter (main). Lucifer(Nick)/Harry (one-sided)

Rating: NC-17 (is there any higher?)

Chapter One:

That night seemed very much like a cheesy romance novel. Eyes locking across a smokey bar, two people meeting in the middle, and this electric spark going off when they touched.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion, they danced sensually, his large strong calloused hand resting perfectly on Harry's thin hip as their hips swayed to the music, a slowed down sensual version of some hip song, but it didn't matter, neither of them could hear the words, just the bass pumping though their blood.

Then he leaned down, his surprisingly soft lips, brushing lightly over Harry's cheek, to his ear, and his rough voice sounded softly, sending flaming shivers down Harry's spine. " I'm Dean."

"Harry." He replied, looking up at the cocky sexy smirk that spread on Dean's lips.

"Lets get out of here Harry." Dean said, and at the time, Harry had never heard a better idea. Dean lead them through the crowd, and out the back door to his waiting black impala. Harry didn't have time to admire it, before he was pushed roughly up against the wet metal and Dean attacked his lips passionately.

Harry moaned wrapping his arms around Dean's strong shoulders, letting the man throughly fuck his mouth with a skilled tongue, powerful lips, and teasing teeth. Dean growled, gripping Harry's hips hard and lifting the slighter man up and pushing him harder against the car.

Harry's back arched and he tossed his head back as Dean sucked hard on his neck. Harry wrapped his legs around Dean's waist, bringing their bodies impossibly close.

Thunder roared and lighting flashed warningly against the thick clouds that filled the sky then opened up, pouring rain down on them. It didn't seem to matter, Dean just got them into the backseat, Harry's lithe flexible body beneath him, and they quickly began removing clothes, their eager hands exploring every inch of freshly exposed flesh, until finally they were both completely bare, staring at each other, panting heavily.

Dean reached down and under the driver's seat for the box of condoms he kept there and pulled one out and started to tear it with his teeth until Harry stopped him.

"I'm clean Dean." Harry whispered and kissed Dean's jaw. "I wanna feel you." He almost pleaded, his needy voice made Dean groan and press his lips against the closest bit of Harry's skin, his right shoulder. "Don't wear it."

Dean tossed the condom onto the front seat and moved his hand over Harry's left hip to ground himself as he lowered himself onto Harry's pale beautiful body. Dean pressed his lips slowly and lovingly against Harry's body, to distract the younger from the dull pain that was sure to come. Harry's back arched when Dean first pushed his large thick length into him. Harry put his hands over his head and pushed against the car door above him, never breaking his eyes away from Dean's burning gaze.

It started out slow, and passionate, but it quickly turned into a heated rush, sweat slicked bodies pressing desperately into one another, until they both found their orgasms, white light flashing in both of their eyes.

Dean lowered his body onto Harry's, his head resting against Harry's shoulder. They didn't move for the longest time. "We should go back to my place." Harry finally whispered. "To continue this." Dean pushed himself onto his hands and knees and looked down at Harry.

"I'd like that." Dean said smirking, even though his was still winded.

The drive back to Harry's condo was unnaturally long, even though he only lived ten minutes from the bar, when they got into the door, the door barely slammed shut until Harry found his back pressed up against it, and Dean again ravishing his mouth.

Dean took Harry again, right there against the door, hard and fast, but no less blissful as in the car. Then twice in Harry's room on his large four poster bed, sliding beneath the dark green and black satin sheets.

Harry fell into a deep sleep, the haze of orgasm still consuming him, Dean's strong arms wrapped around his waist.

Harry woke slowly, a blissful dull ache filling his entire body. He smiled lazily and stretched out like a feline, moaning softly then rolling over, and opening his beautiful eyes slowly.

At first it didn't register, the fact that bed was empty expect for his small body. Harry reached out and pressed his hand against the sheets, they'd long since turned cold without a body to warm them. He sat up slowly, letting the sheets fall off of him, revealing his chest which was covered in purpling love bites. He strained to listen, praying that perhaps Dean had just gone into the bathroom, or maybe the kitchen. But that wasn't the case, like every morning, Harry's condo was silent, and he was alone.

Harry laughed softly at himself, and put his hand over his eyes, his laugh quickly turned into a soft sob, and he slowly laid back on the bed, Dean's scent burst into the air and Harry curled into a ball, wrapping his arms around himself.

'Really Potter what were you thinking would happen? It was a complete stranger you met at a bar!' Harry thought bitterly. 'All that bull-shit about romantic connection was stupid, was all in your alcohol fogged mind. You brought this down on yourself, just get over it. He was no different from the others, that's all there is to it, just admit it. He was a worthless douche-bag hoping to get laid, and he got what he wanted, and so did you. You wanted sex, you got it.' Harry closed his eyes tightly and sighed.

"He's just like the others, get over it." He mumbled aloud and bit his bottom lip until it bled.

Dean tapped his fingers angrily on the steering wheel, his foot heavy on the gas pedal. Sam sat tensely in the passenger seat, noticing his bother's mood.

"Something you want to talk about Dean?" Sam asked and his brother shot him a glare before turning his eyes back onto the road.

"No." Dean ground out and Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Did something happen last night?" Sam asked.

Dean didn't answer. "So where did this son-of-a-bitch show up?" Dean asked.

"Castiel said Lucifer showed up in New Mexico." Sam said.

"A three day drive." Dean said with gritted teeth. "Why couldn't he have just showed up where we were?"

"Dean?" Sam asked. "What the hell happened?"

Dean stepped harder on the gas pedal and twisted his hands around the steering wheel. "I didn't want to leave." Dean said and Sam's eyebrows shot up to his hair line.

"But... you went home with someone last night." Sam said.

"I know." Dean said.

"You don't do anything longer than a night." Sam said.

Dean glanced at Sam and his younger brother stared at him for a long few minutes. "I wasn't ready to leave." Dean said.

"Dean, you just had sex." Sam said. "You didn't even know the guy." Sam said.

Dean, didn't answer, just turned his attention back to the empty dark road ahead of them. He didn't know what the feeling in his chest was, but knew it had something to do with Harry, and it wasn't a good feeling.

End Chapter One

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