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Chapter Seven: The Last Chapter

Harry smiled as Dean came back into his room twenty minutes later with the same huge grin on his face that he'd left with. Anthony was held carefully in his arms. Harry pushed himself into a sitting position, Hermione had given him a dosage of pain relieving and minor healing potion, so even though he still looked worse for wear, he felt fine, just a bit tired which was expected.

Dean seemed almost reluctant to put Anthony into Harry's arms, but after sliding onto the bed next to him, Dean began to relax. Harry smiled down at Anthony, then turned to look at Dean.

"You did good." Harry said and Dean looked over at him, and his smile faltered.

"How can you say that? I left you in the middle of the night." Dean muttered. Harry sighed and leaned against him, Dean moved his arm to wrap it around Harry's shoulder and swallowed nervously.

"We still have a lot to learn about each other Dean. But I know just by looking at you, that despite everything you're a honorable man. You did what you had to, you're trying to save the world after all." Harry said. "We can work out the kinks in our relationship as we go." Harry looked up at Dean, watching the emotions playing out in Dean's muddy green eyes. "You're stuck with me Dean, and its going to be a very long eternity."

Dean's eyes went a little wide at that, and Harry chuckled. "Lucifer wasn't lying then, was he?" Dean asked and Harry shook his head. "What happened?"

"I already died, a Reaper came and took my soul across the river and I was in heaven, it was only a few minutes here on Earth, but it was years in heaven. I dunno how I got sent back, but I did and as a result I can't seem to die." Harry said with a bit of a chuckle, but when Anthony whimpered in his sleep, Harry shushed him, running his fingers over his baby's forehead softly.

"Have you tried or something?" Dean asked in confusion.

"Or something." Harry replied looking at Dean. "But that's not important right now." Harry closed his eyes tiredly.

"I guess, get some sleep." Dean said running his fingers through Harry's hair. He'd never felt this comfortable with anyone before, not even Sam.

"You too, I know you haven't gotten enough sleep either lately." Harry said.

Sam wasn't sure why he ended up wondering around this huge castle that they were in but after laying in the bed he'd be given for over an hour, staring at the ceiling and listening to the silence in the large room, he felt restless and got up. He stopped at the Infirmary, as the girl - Hermione - had explained to him, and checked in to see Dean and Harry both sleeping in the same bed, Dean's arms wrapped around Harry's torso protectively and Harry buried against Dean's chest. Anthony was asleep in the crib that Hermione had spelled into existence. Sam would never begin to grasp what natural wizards and witches could do, it was amazing.

Bobby was in his own room somewhere, and Sam didn't feel much like bothering the older hunter, knowing Bobby had a temper when he was woken early.

So Sam started walking around this castle. He'd been told it was a school for witches and wizards, the very building itself was magical, from the stones that made up its foundation to the paintings that hung on the walls, the subjects inside each painting alive and moving, free to hop from painting to painting and interact with each other, and to the real world.

After over an hour and a rather strange encounter with a creature with floppy ears and huge eyes - a house elf - the creature had explained, Sam had found the kitchen, where more house elves were busy rushing around cleaning and cooking which surprised Sam seeing as there weren't any students. Hermione had said that there were several staff members that stayed at the school year round, so Sam figured that they must be getting breakfast ready, though it was still about four hours away.

A house elf rushed up to Sam and bowed, making Sam take a half step back. "What can Twinkly be getting you sirs?" The house elf asked and Sam rubbed the back of his neck.

"Coffee?" Sam asked.

"Coming rights up sir, please be sitting." Twinkly rushed away after that and Sam went to the table near the fireplace and sat down.

Sam ran his fingers through his hair. He was happy for Dean, he really was. It wasn't everyday that two people fell in love so completely, and the fact that they had a kid together was even more amazing. Sam was also a bit jealous, he had come close to what Harry and Dean had when he was with Jessica, though the fact that he always had to hide the fact that he was a hunter from her, always left this gaping hole that they had both tried hard to ignore, but the few times that they had a fight, Jessica always brought it up, and Sam couldn't bring himself to tell her and it only screwed up their relationship all the more, and after a while it was just one of those things that they had never brought up.

Sam looked up when the door opened and Castiel stepped in. "What are you doing here?" Sam asked. "I figured you would've been long gone by now."

The angel frowned, but it looked more like a pout to Sam. "Why would you think that?" Castiel asked and Sam shrugged as his coffee appeared on the table.

"I dunno, you don't seem to stay around for very long these days." Sam said looking at the angel over his coffee. "You keep running off to find God and you don't seem to wanna be near me and Dean for longer than you half to, so I just figured you would've taken off, that's all." Sam shrugged.

Castiel sat across from Sam, apprehension clear on his face. "If I have offended you, I apologize." He said folding his hands slowly on the table, almost as if he was holding himself back from something. Sam nodded, and tapped his fingers on the sides of his hot mug, and looked at the table.

"It must be hard." Sam said after a few minutes of tense silence.

"Excuse me?" Castiel looked up at him.

"Not being able to fall in love." Sam said.

Castiel shifted uncomfortably. "I can fall in love Sam. It is just more complicated than when two humans fall in love." The angel explained.

"Why?" Sam asked.

"There are rules. They must believe in angels, they must be willing to leave their life - friends family, everything -"

"Why? Can't you just love them around their family?" Sam asked. "Why cut them off from everything?"

"It is the same reason that Jimmy is not allowed contact with his family." Castiel answered. "You could be hunted, an angel will do anything for their other half, even fall, without hesitation."

Sam opened his mouth to speak, then closed it and looked down for a moment. "Is that why you haven't gone to your mate?" Sam asked.

"No." Was the simple reply.

"Then why? Don't you want to be happy Cas?" Sam asked.

"I am . . . I believe you call it - afraid." The angel admitted.

"You shouldn't be afraid Cas, go for it." Sam said with a soft smile.

Dean woke with a start, and sat upright. He looked down at the bed, only to find that it was empty. Dean looked around frantically, throwing his legs over the side of the bed, then froze.

Harry was standing next to the crib, dressed only in a pair of cotton draw string black pants, and Anthony held in his arms. Harry was feeding Anthony from a light green bottle, a smile on his face.

Dean got of the bed slowly and made his way across the room to Harry. The younger man looked up, and his smile grew a little wider as Dean leaned down and kissed him.

"Good morning." Harry said when Dean pulled away.

"Morning." Dean said placing his hand carefully on top of Anthony's head.

"Breakfast will be ready in about twenty minutes, you should get cleaned up, you're still a bit of a mess." Harry said, but Dean didn't move. "Dean?"

"I wish my dad was around to see this. He always said I was gonna settle down and have a family some day." Dean said, an emotion in his voice that Harry couldn't place. "I never believed him, never really wanted to either." Dean looked at Harry.

Harry looked up and smiled. "I'm pretty sure he can see us." Harry said, then pressed a kiss to Dean's cheek. "Now go clean up, I'm starving."

Dean grinned.


Ten Years Later

Dean chuckled as he watched now ten year old Anthony taking apart an unloaded twenty-two pistol. Much to Harry's annoyed amusement, Dean had been teaching Anthony how to dismantle and assemble any of the weapons he would ever use while a hunter.

After a long discussion when Anthony had been only three, that there was no point in trying to keep him away from a life as a hunter, that just like being a wizard, Anthony was a born hunter. They had no intentions of training Anthony in the same way John had trained Dean and Sam, but they were going to make sure he knew what he was doing.

"Done!" Anthony cried, his hands shooting into the air and he looked up at Dean with a huge crooked smile, one exactly like Harry's.

Dean nodded approval and ruffled Anthony's dirty blond hair - Dean's hair, though it was messy like Harry's. "That's my boy." He praised, and looked up when Harry came through the front door of their house.

"What did I tell you two about guns in the living room?" Harry asked, dropping his Quidditch bag on the floor, Dean got up while Anthony grinned meekly.

"Come on babe, its all in good fun." Dean said putting his hands on Harry's hips. Harry put a hand on Dean's shoulder, right over the burned handprint that Castiel had marked him with after raising him from hell. Dean suppressed a shiver as he leaned down and pressed his lips to Harry's.

"Ew!" Anthony cried from his spot on the couch. Dean just chuckled against Harry's lips and continued the slow kiss for several more seconds before pulling away.

Dean looked down at Harry more carefully, Harry looked the same as he had ten years ago, not a day over twenty-five. Dean knew for a fact that he too looked exactly the same as he had ten years ago, though he acted different, but not by much. He was still cocky, still a bit of a player, but every night, he knew he was coming back home to Anthony and Harry, and there was nothing in this world that would ever change that.

"We still going to Sam's for dinner?" Harry asked pulling away from Dean and moving to the couch where he leaned over the back tilting his son's head back to kiss his forehead, ignoring the fake gagging sounds his son made as he flailed his arms wildly.

"Yeah, he called about twenty minutes ago, told me to head over when you got home." Dean said stuffing his hands into the back pockets of his jeans.

"I'm gonna shower first, clean up your guns, lock them in the safe this time." Harry said raising an eyebrow. "I don't like guns falling out of the linen closet on me again."

Dean and Anthony gave identical pouts and Harry chuckled before heading to the bathroom. Dean turned to Anthony. "You heard what the boss man said Tony, lets get this cleaned up."

"Time me." Anthony said, his hands hovering over the pieces of the gun laid out on the coffee table.

Dean glanced at the watch on his wrist. "Three. . . two. . . one. Go!" Anthony began picking up pieces and putting them back together and Dean smiled.

Harry stepped into the kitchen and smiled. "Need any help?" He asked and Sam looked at him then shook his head.

"Nah, I've got it." Sam said, Harry sat at the kitchen table so they could continue to talk while Sam finished dinner. "So, how has everything been?" Sam asked.

"Same old same old." Harry said with a shrug. "You know what your brother's like, and Anthony's just like him too, although he seems to get into more and more trouble at school."

"Well I'm pretty sure that comes from you." Sam said with a smile and Harry couldn't help but return. "Unless the stories aren't true."

"Believe me, they are very true." Harry said as he heard the front door open then close.

"Uncle Cas!" He heard Anthony yell, followed by running feet on the carpet.

"Hello Tony." Came the blue eyed angel's reply. Harry raised an eyebrow at Sam's light blush.

"You tell him to do that?" Harry asked.

Sam blushed a little more. "Well, Tony keeps asking me what Cas is, so I told him that Cas' is his uncle, just like I am." Sam said rubbing the back of his neck as said angel came into the kitchen, his famous tan trench still on his shoulders, though the disheveled suit had been replaced with a better fitting more stylish one.

"Hello Harry." Castiel greeted as he moved around the table.

"Hello." Harry replied, then smiled when the angel put a hand against Sam's shoulder. Even after being together as long as they had been, only six months after Anthony had been bored, Castiel still wasn't one to show that much emotion, though there were times when he did, most of all for Sam, and Anthony.

Sam leaned down and pressed his lips against the corner of Castiel's. "Hey." He whispered fondly.

Harry stood and went into the other room, leaving them alone for a few minutes. Dean leaned his head back over the back of the couch, grinning at Harry. "What?" Harry asked.

"They're so cute at that age." Dean said with a teasing grin.

"You're never gonna leave them alone are you?" Harry asked taking the seat next to his son.

"No, we're all got forever, and I'm always going to be his older brother, and I'm always going to tease him about his relationship." Dean said truthfully.

Harry put his hands over Anthony's ears for a moment. "You sir, are an arse." He said, Dean just leaned over Anthony and pressed his lips to Harry's.

"No!" Anthony yelled, pushing both of his father's chests with all his strength, pushing them apart. They didn't fight him. "You guys are so gross, kissing all the time." He mumbled and Dean patted his shoulder.

"Just wait, you'll get a girlfriend -"

"Or boyfriend." Harry added.

"And, you'll do nothing but want to kiss them." Dean finished.

Anthony rolled his eyes, not looking away from the television. "Just don't get one too soon." Harry said and Anthony looked at him and raised an eyebrow, another expression he'd gotten from Dean, one that he used perfectly. "Most off all once you start school in in September."

Anthony stuck his tongue out at him and Harry sighed. Harry looked over his son's head at Dean who just shrugged with a smile.

"Food's done." Sam called from the kitchen. Harry squeezed the back of Anthony's neck.

"Go wash your hands." Harry ordered and Anthony got off the couch with a sigh, but made his way towards the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Dean pulled Harry off the couch, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist. "I love you." Dean said and pressed his lips against Harry, who kissed back slowly.

"What brought this on?" Harry asked softly when Dean pulled away slightly.

"Nothing, I just thought I'd tell you I love you again." Dean said, a bit meekly. Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Sam told you didn't he? While I was in the bathroom." Harry asked.

"I didn't even ask, I just walked into the kitchen to get a beer and said, 'Thanks for dinner, you didn't have to.' Sam looked at me, and broke like a bitch." Dean said grinning while he tightened his grip on Harry's waist while Harry swatted his chest lovingly.

"Well, so much for it being a surprise." Harry said looking up at Dean. "So I guess I should congratulate you, huh?" Harry asked.

"You first." Dean kissed Harry again. "Congratulations."

Harry kissed back then pulled away. "I went to speak to Madame Pomfrey this morning before I went to practice, guess what else she told me." Harry said as Dean picked up his beer from the coffee table, and took a swig, before following Harry into the kitchen.

"What's that?" Dean asked, helping Anthony scoot his chair in.

"That I should probably invest in another crib." Harry said, Sam's eyes went wide instantly, Castiel was already smiling softly, but Dean seemed a bit confused.

"I thought you wanted to use the one we got for Anthony." Dean said.

"We will, but I need an extra one." Harry said sitting down, realization washed over Dean's face and his mouth fell open. "Two girls, Dean."

Dean swallowed thickly, then grinned. "You're awesome." Dean pulled Harry from his chair and kissed him passionately, and for a moment everything went silent, neither could hear, Anthony's fake gagging, Sam's laughter or Castiel's soft chuckle.

The End

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