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Every step I take, every move I make
Every single day, every time I pray
Ill be missing you

Thinking of the day, when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break
Ill be missing you…

Bonnie picked up her Grams tea. She could see that tonight had taken its toll on her Grams. She was worried.

Bonnie made her way up to her Grams room; she walked in, a small smile on her face. "Here you go Grams." She murmured gently as she made her way to her Grams little night stand. She set the mug of tea down.

Her Grams was positioned down the middle of the bed, both her hands over lapping each other as they rested against her chest. Her eyes were closed and she looked peaceful. Maybe a little too peaceful but Bonnie knew her Grams needed rest. Never again would she let her do such powerful magic like she had done tonight.

Bonnie walked over to the bed, she took the blanket that was at the end of her Grams feet and began pulling it up over her Grams so she wouldn't get cold.

As she pulled it up halfway, Bonnie's eyes rested upon her Grams face. It was then that she had realised the stillness of her Grams. Very stiff.

Her heart began thudding in her ears as her eyes averted to her Grams chest- There was no rise and fall. Bonnie froze. "Grams." She whispered softly. Still her Grams laid there, unresponsive.

Bonnie's hand shook her gently as her voice became a little more desperate. "Grams."

She sat down on the bed beside her Grams and shook her again, softly. "Grams wake up." Still there was no response from her grandmother.

Bonnie shook her Grams again as she leaned over her older witch. Her face not far from hers. "Grams." Another shake. Another beat of the young witches heart.

Her eyes began to sting as they brimmed with tears. "Grams." She repeated again. She refused to believe her Grams could be dead. She couldn't be!

As the tears began free falling down her face Bonnie desperately shouted for her best friend. "Elena!" her hands moved up to her Grams face as she clasped each one on either side of her Grams face. Still, she willed her to wake up.

A chain of sobs parted from the young witches lips as Elena ran up the stairs. She ran into the room, only to stop short at the scene before her.

Bonnie's sobs became more frantic. "She's not breathing…" more tears fell.

She shook her Grams again. "S… She's not breathing! Please!" she climbed off the bed. "Wake up!" the tears came fast now, as with each tear she could feel a puncture I her heart. Slowly, it was growing, wider and wider into a hole. It hurt. Still she shook her Grams.

Elena grabbed the phone on the dresser and dialled a number. "Yes… I… I need a ambulance to Oak street." She stuttered as she spoke down the phone. Her hands were shaking, it hadn't yet digested that this was happening.

At this time Bonnie had ran to the other end of the room, grabbing her Grams spell book and rushing back to the bed. She placed it onto the bed. "It's an emergency... Quick." Elena added on to the operator at the end of the phone as Bonnie began carelessly rummaging through the pages, looking for a spell.

Elena put the phone down and walked up to her best friend. Bonnie was shaking aggressively at this point as she kept flicking through pages for the right spell. Elena hesitated as she listen to her friends pleas. "No… No... No!"

"Bonnie…" Elena said softly as she rested a hand on her best friend back. "I can fix this!" was all Bonnie kept repeating as she looked up at her Grams. Her sobs were louder and only nanoseconds apart by now, she could hardly breathe.

"Bonnie…" Elena repeated gentler as she took her best friend into her arms. Bonnie allowed Elena to hold her eyes the tears blurred her vision of her Grams, who laid there. Gone.

Knowing there was nothing she would do only made her break down even more.

Elena rested her head upon Bonnie's shoulder as she tried to console her best friend. She was shaking so bad now.

Just like other days, Bonnie laid in bed. Just laid there staring at the blank white wall. Her mind went back to that night like it did every second of the day. The day her Grams was stole from her. Only one thing was different today- She was all cried out. She was numb now, just empty.

It had been a month since Grams had passed away that night, it had been a month since Grams was laid to rest under the ground. It had been a month of loneliness for Bonnie.

Bonnie constantly beat herself up over what happened. As much as she blamed the Salvatore brothers, she blamed herself.

She and Grams had been helping Stefan and Elena to open the tomb, so that they could get Katherine out. They believed that if Damon got what wanted he'd leave this town in peace and stop torturing his younger brother.

Except, that's not what happened. Damon was still here, still torturing! Katherine hadn't been in the tomb to begin with. All of it was for nothing. What had anyone gained from such an experience? Nothing, except Bonnie retrieving punctured heart.

Bonnie lost the only person she had looked up too, the only person who understood her and in which she could relate too. Without Grams Bonnie was simply, lost.

Every night she beat herself up mentally, she felt her Grams death was on her. When Grams had requested to help to open the tomb, Bonnie felt she should have made Grams stay home, where it was safe instead of giving in. A beat. But then her Stefan and Elena needed all the help they could and Grams was the strongest witch left in mystic falls. Besides, Grams had her own little plan, but then things had gone awry when Damon dragged Elena into the tomb with him, just in case it was a set up. He took her as bait.

Bonnie never should have got angry at Grams and made her fully open the tomb. It put a strain on her, the spell was too powerful. Drained them both but at the time she was scared for Elena's life. Elena was like her sister, she had known her her whole life. Bonnie would practically die for her. Any day.

Grams had tried protecting them all, she insisted that she couldn't open the tomb fully.

Bonnie felt she shouldn't have made her do that last spell, she should have sent her home instead, but she had threatened her own life in order to make her willing. Bonnie had taken advantage of her Grams fear to keep her own kind safe, and that's what killed her most inside. All her Grams ever wanted to do was protect her granddaughter. Her own.

Bonnie could feel the hole in her heart begin to reopen again, it still hurt, even after 1 month.

Bonnie has just been keeping herself to herself, avoiding everyone's calls or texts. Avoiding all house visits. She hadn't left her room in ages, she hardly ate anymore. Her usual sparkling green-brown eyes were dull, whenever she smiled it never caught her eyes. She just wasn't Bonnie anymore. She wasn't the kind-hearted, loyal and supportive friend anymore.

On that morning
When this life is over
I know
Ill see your face

Too Be Continued…

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