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Chapter Three

"Awaken to darkness on this place we call Earth,
one vampire's bite brings another one's birth. A vampire wakes with blood thirsty needs,
on the warm rich sensation she feels when she feeds. She stalks in the night like a disastrous beast, and what once was alive will soon be deceased. So when the last bit of sunlight disappears from the sky, you better watch out unless you want to die." -Victoria Boatwright

Pulling her comforter more Bonnie realised that something was pulling it off of her.

She wondered when it had become so cold in her room. Her body was shuddering softly as she began fully awakening. The duvet was sliding further down her body; whatever was at the end was strong.

Her hair stood on end and it wasn't until her eyes were fully open that she realised her psychic senses were alerting her. Sitting up slowly, her eyes wide and her mind disarray, Bonnie felt nothing but fear.

For there was something at the end of her bed…

The sight before her not only caused her heart to beat vigorously in her chest, but caused her to land with a loud thump on her bedroom floor. Gasping she shimmied onto her backside into the nearest corner, well tried to.

I watched as this dark form stepped out into the silver light that sneaked through me bedroom window i found herself coming face to face with dark bottomless eyes on a pale face. Her hair tumbled elegantly down in soft loose waves of brown and she wore an attire of a completely different century. 1900s presumably.

I knew this face all too well, except the brown orbs held a sinister look and the smirk promised sinful torture, mischief and desires.


My hearted momentarily stopped, yes, this woman may have looked like the distinctive clone of Elena or should I say, Elena looks like the distinctive clone of Katherine- But their auras were completely different.

If anything, being a descendant of witches, i knew about auras. They came in different colours of the rainbow. For one, I knew that humans have seven layers and it was the radiant light in which wrapped around us. The radiant light was the energy which flows and swirls in bright colors like a protective blanket. Elena's aura had always been light, she had a combination of different colors and each one distinctively portrayed part of her personality. Elena's happened to be a different range of blues, pale blue and sky blue portraying her sensitivity as well as basic instincts. Delft blue to show her strong principles and navy blue indicating that she was a slow, safe and sure individual.

Katherine's on the other hand, as I stared at her now, was a range of red and black. Her black telling me that she had experience some sort of torture or great trauma in her life. Her red energy flows were the colour of scarlet red and maroon, I shuddered, it immediately reminds me of blood. They showed that she carried a big ego and the ability to own self power, her own and that of others.

Katherine leaned down in front of Bonnie, the fear radiating off of her was pleasurable, and Katherine being the vampire she was, loved to bask in its glory.

Katherine had always been fond of witches, having one for a best friend had its perks and since Emily was burned to the stake, Katherine needed a reliable ally to help put forward her diabolic plans. It needed to be set in motion and what better person to get on you're side then a loyal, witty, good hearted witch- of course; no one said it was going to be easy.

"Bonnie." Was all the centuries old whore chimed softly as she brushed her hand against Bonnie's cheek.

Bonnie looked up into the vampires eyes unable to look away, it wasn't because of compulsion, because to put it simply, witches were immune to compulsion.

"Katherine" she bit out almost venomously, this woman was the cause for the attack weeks go, the reason why her life flashed before her eyes as she felt her life slip away until Stefan saved her. As much as she was scared, it infuriated her and she slapped Katherine's hand away. Her eyes glaring at the older vampire.

"In the flesh" she raised her brow before her eyes flashed darker, if that was possible. She grabbed Bonnie by the neck, picking her up and slamming her body against the wall.

Immense pain shot through Bonnie's body and she groaned her breath airy. "What… Do… You... Want?" she managed to say as the vampires cold, hard hand was slowly cutting off her wind pipe making her struggle for breath.

Katherine smirked brightly, dark veins forming underneath her eyes, her face deformed and her canines protruded through.

"You, obviously…" she mused darkly before releasing the young witch causing her to drop the floor easing her neck with her hand. Her head hung low as she coughed trying to catch her lost breath.

"I don't have anything for you, Emily's amulet is gone Katherine, destroyed."

Katherine laughed; it was a dark and real earthy laugh. "Oh I know, I've been watching very closely. You see Bonnie; it's not about the tomb, the vampires are already out, I want you to help me."

Bonnie glared up at her, her eyes boring holes into the ancient vampire. Frankly, if looks could kill, she'd be ashes. "What would make you think I'd side with you?" she shot back.

Katherine rolled her eyes and gently seated herself on Bonnie's bed; she smiled dazzlingly at the little witch.

"Well, if you care for Elena, Jeremy and Caroline, I think you would… I mean, right now the released vampires from the tomb I have control over, but I can't be responsible if one tends becomes rebellious and may happen to attack 'said' humans you care deeply for" she trailed off, her sentence lingering in the air.

Bonnie's felt everything seem to close up on her, she felt like the walls in her room were trapping her and she found it hard to breathe. She didn't want her friends hurt, none of them, but she still refused to help Katherine.

"Over my dead body…" Bonnie replied, but her voice failed to be so sure of its self. She already sound defeated.

Katherine laughed, this time it was demonic and contagious, down-right annoying too.

"Oh Bonnie, such a young, loyal and stupid witch." Katherine smirked. "Don't tempt me, because it can be arranged." She wiggled her eyebrows in a way that made the young witches mind venture off course and think about him. Damon. Her body shuddered involuntarily.

Katherine tilted her head to the side as she listened in on the young witch's thoughts. It amused her.

"Bonnie, we can take them out, the Salvatore brothers; all you have to do is help me open the tomb. I'll take it from there" she offered.

Bonnie couldn't believe her ears, if it was one thing she knew; it was that vampires couldn't be trusted. Did Katherine really think of her as that stupid? Seriously.

"Who told you I wanted to get rid of them?" she muttered, her voice failing to be firm and cracking at the end. As much as Bonnie hated them right now, she could never betray Elena like that; it was going against the sisterhood code. Bonnie knew that even though Elena loved Stefan dearly, her friend also had a soft spot for Damon and somewhere deep down, through all her understanding of the homicidal vampires motives, she cared for him too. As much as it made Bonnie's stomach churn and her fist ball up in anger it was Elena she had to think about. It was what she did best, thinking about other people other than herself.

"Witch, I know you, better than you even know yourself right now. You are hurting, don't you despise them? They are the sole cause for Sheila's death, god rest her witchy soul" pressing a hand over her chest, Katherine feigned sympathy.

Her words strike Bonnie's emotions and she fights to keep her tears at bay. Her hand immediately covered where he heart was and she found herself choking back on tears. Grams was a sore spot for her still, she had this forever gaping hole in her chest and every time someone mentioned Grams or a memory was elicited from her mind, Bonnie found herself struggling to breathe and the hole tore open just that little bit more. Right now the room began to move and the walls looked as if they were going to cave in at any moment.

Still, Katherine continued on. "We will take out the Salvatore's and then, we can bring back Grams."

Bonnie clutched at her head, a headache forming; she knew that the only way to bring Grams back was through black magic. That was a dangerous and stupid path to turn down, in order to use black magic, you have to sacrifice something very dear to you and Bonnie couldn't lose anymore people. At the same time she would wish anything to have Grams back, anything. The only thing stopping her is the fact that it would be foolish to believe this vampire, foolish to commit to a magic that is too strong for her to control. She couldn't let someone plague her mind like this. It went against everything she believed in.

Katherine placed a hand on the witches shoulder, hard and aggressive. The witch flinches slightly at the sudden interaction. Still she said nothing.

"You are running out of time witch, when you chose your path… You know where you can find me" and as quick as she had came, the vampire disappeared.

Bonnie stared into nothing, her face distorted and bewildered. Her fists clenching and unclenching her lip quivering uncontrollably. A sob broke her lips and she broke down like she never had before. She cried for the loss of Grams, she cried for being so loyal to Elena. She cried for being so stupid and letting her mind be influenced and mostly, she cried for ever knowing about witches, warlocks, vampires and werewolves.

This story's missing a wishing well
No mirror to show and tell
No kiss that can break the spell
I'm falling asleep

Bonnie trekked into the Mystic Grille; it had been days since Katherine visited her. No one had heard of her since and she cursed under her breath as the sight of her friends caught her eye. All their eyes fell upon her wearily, Elena worried because her friend had taken days off school again. Caroline venturing on pissed because her good friend was ignoring her phone calls. Stefan, his forever brooding forehead brooding deeper- if that was possible- he looked like he was trying to read Bonnie. Damon, lounged on the opposite side to Stefan, Elena in the middle, his facial expression showed he was totally bored out of his head.

Bonnie rolled her eyes as Elena waved her over, Bonnie frowned as she walked over seeing Matt and Tyler in the distance playing pool. They sent quick waves before becoming engrossed into their game and Bonnie just smiled.

"Bonnie where have you been?" Elena replied, her eyebrows pulling down in a sign or her distress. Stefan immediately felt his and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend.

Great, even when the situation is not about her, it's about her. Both Salvatore's glanced at her, Stefan's gaze questioning and Damon's amused.

"Stay out of my head" she replied dryly receiving a weird gaze from Caroline and knowing stare from Elena. Not bothering to explain herself she crossed her arms over her chest. "You called?"

"Bonnie, what's wrong? Why are you acting like this?" Elena asked.

Bonnie smiled; it didn't reach her eyes like it usually did and her voice remained cold and flat. "I was paid a little visit and I guess, they helped to grasp reality" she replied.

It was Stefan's turn to speak "From who?" he asked.

Damon eyed the witch suspiciously now, he had her full attention.

"Someone, look sorry to cut this long conversation short but I have studying to do" she turned on her heel and walked away.

Damon couldn't help but chuckled, this side of the witch intrigued him yet disturbed him greatly. Something her eyes, it seemed she had an encounter with someone close to the devil. Her face was blank and usually green eyes were darker and more defensive. As much as he wanted to leave her to go about her witty self, a certain promise seemed to get under his skin and soon he found himself following the witch out the Grille.

Grasping her arm, Bonnie span around, her heart beating rapidly in her chest and she gasped at the tight hold on her upper arm. The touch was cold against her warm skin and it flashed like fire and ice. "Listen here witch, as much as I would like you to fall off the face of the earth so that this whole promise/deal or whatever it is can end, it isn't going to happen anytime soon. In the meantime, I guess you better keep me entertained and tell me, who is the person that visited you?"

Bonnie tried hard to get out of his grasp but the more she struggled, the more pain it brought, she let out a groan. "Get off!"

He chuckled "What you going to do, set me alight, talk witch, now."

The wind heavily began to pick and Bonnie found herself shuddering involuntarily again, besides Damon, there was only one other person that made her body react like that against her will. Katherine.

Damon's eyes narrowed as he skim read the witches mind. "Come again?" he eyes her fiercely.

"Well well well, if it isn't Damon Salvatore…" an alluring and dangerous familiar voice rang out in the night air. A figure stepped out of the shadows.

We kill the lights and put on a show
It's all a lie
But you'd never know
The star will shine
And then it will fall
And you will forget it all

Too be continued…

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