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Kris jumped to her feet and rushed to NiGHTS's side. "What's going on?"

NiGHTS glanced down at herself, as if just now noticing the changes occurring in her body. "Oh," she replied. "It's the sun rising. I can't be seen in sunlight."

"Sunlight makes you invisible?" Link asked. "Like the sun makes the moon and stars disappear?"

"Yep. I'm a dream creature, after all."

"You'll still be here, right?"

"Yes, of course." NiGHTS's voice seemed to be fading away. You won't able to see or hear me until sunset, but I'll still be here."

"Okay," Kris replied. "But at sunset, I wanna hear the story about what happened to Zelda."

"Don't worry," NiGHTS reassured her, outline now faintly visible. "You will."

And with that, the dream creature was gone, as if she had never been there at all.

Kris walked alongside Link in the town square, making sure to keep her face hidden from view.

"So what's the plan?" she whispered to Link.

"We'll need to find somewhere we can spend the night without worrying about someone seeing NiGHTS," Link muttered. "Or getting arrested again."

"Okay. I think I saw a place we could hide in while they were dragging us to jail. It's…over this way," Kris picked up speed, keeping her head low. Link followed her out of town into the neighboring forest.

"Here it is," Kris announced. They had stopped in front of a gigantic oak tree with protruding roots that could be mistaken for fallen trees themselves. Link squinted.



"This is a tree."

"You're right. It is a tree. Excellent observation, Mr. State-the-Obvious."

"I don't see any genius hiding place here."

"Ah, that's what makes it genius," Kris smirked. She poked at some fallen branches with the toe of her boot. "Yup, this is the place."

"Are you hearing me?" Link asked, exasperated. He knew his friend tended to act crazy sometimes, but it was usually the "I've got a blade and you're gonna get it somewhere you don't want it if you don't get out of my way" kind of crazy, not this apparently harmless, infinitely more frustrating kind of crazy she was exhibiting.

"Yeah. You sound annoyed," Kris kept her eyes on the branches on the ground and smirked slightly, indicating that she was enjoying that little fact.

"Kris, tell me where this hiding place is, or I'm ditching you when that guy's soldiers come after us!" Link finally exploded.

"You don't mean that," Kris responded casually, getting down on one knee and gathering branches in one hand. "But since you asked so nicely, I'll show you." She shoved a handful of sticks against his midsection. "Here, hold these."

Now just confused, Link obeyed and watched as Kris picked up handfuls of sticks and set them aside in piles. Once she had formed several rather large piles, she inched forward.

Link shouted in surprise as his friend pitched forward with a surprised yelp and disappeared. Link dropped the sticks and lunged to help her.

"Found it!" Kris's voice called up out of the ground. Link leaned over carefully to see Kris lying on her stomach at the bottom of a hole at the foot of the oak.

"What do you mean?"

"I found our hiding place!"

"Didn't you know where it was already?"

Kris rolled over and sat up, grinning sheepishly. "Well, I suspected as much, but I didn't know where, exactly."

Link groaned. "Someday, you'll be the death of me, Kris."

"But you love me anyway," Kris shot back with a grin. "Now cover the hole and stand guard, I want to see how big this is."

"Now wait a second, I'm not-OW!" Link rubbed the middle of his forehead. "What did Zelda say about throwing rocks?"

"Zelda's not here now, is she? And there's a lot more down here!" That was clearly a threat.

Link grumbled as he gathered up the sticks and laid them over the hole. He was the big hero, after all. He should be the one going down to scope out the area. He sighed and looked up at the sky. It was nearly midday. Link suddenly realized how exhausted he was. He had hardly slept since they had found Zelda. He felt the lack of sleep catching up to him, yawned wide, and sank to the ground with his back against the tree.

The next thing he knew, it was dark, and NiGHTS was hovering inches away, poking at his head. Link swatted at her hand and jumped to his feet.

"How long was I asleep? Where's Kris? Why were you poking me?"

NiGHTS blinked at the rapid-fire series of questions. "Ten or eleven hours, still down there, and I got bored." She grinned impishly. Link groaned and rubbed his temples. Stuck with a mouthy teenager and an annoying floating jester who could only be seen at night. "I'm going to lose my sanity on this quest, I just know it."

NiGHTS's second answer suddenly registered. "Wait. Kris is still down there after ten hours? She didn't come back up or anything while I was asleep?"

NiGHTS shook her head. Link looked at the branches over the hole. He walked over and pushed them aside with his boot. Once he had made a big enough hole, he jumped down and looked up at NiGHTS expectantly.

NiGHTS was simply confused. "What?"

"Aren't you coming?"


Link sighed. "Why not?"

"Ummmm… because…you'll need someone to…okay, it's underground. I don't like going underground."

Link rolled his eyes. "This is no time for claustrophobia, NiGHTS. Kris could be in big trouble. Now get down here."


With a sigh, Link climbed out of the hole, stood next to NiGHTS, then grabbed her arm and jumped back down into the hole, dragging the protesting jester down with him.

NiGHTS looked around and squirmed. "Can I please go back? Pleeeease?"

"No," Link replied, firmly, still clutching her sleeve and towing her along like a half-full helium balloon. "Not until we find Kris and get her out of here."

NiGHTS moaned, but let Link drag her down the tunnel.

"It's okay," Link reassured her. "I'm sure she's just a little turned around somewhere. We'll find her, mark the place she's at, then get aboveground."

"We will?" NiGHTS asked.

"We will," Link answered with a smile. "Why don't you tell me about what happened to Zelda? Maybe it'll take your mind off this."

NiGHTS was only too happy to tell Link all about her experiences with Zelda.

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