"Hey, Felix, go get a glove. You can pitch," called Rupert Gillis. It was recess, and some of the students were about to have a game of baseball.

On his way back outside, Felix was stopped by his teacher, Mr. Pettibone. He was chatting with Miss Stacey, and had a small stack of papers in his hand. "Felix, distribute these to your classmates."

He glanced down at the fliers Mr. Pettibone had just handed him. They were advertisements for the grand opening of the general store.

"Here you go, Sara." Felix said, handing one to his cousin, who was standing nearby with Davey Keith. He continued giving them out to the other students, including his best friend, Izzy Pettibone.

Izzy had always been a tomboy, so she and Felix got along well from day one. But today, Felix noticed a dramatic change in his friend. She was wearing a dress.

Instantly, Felix thought of how pretty she looked, and how he might actually like this tweak in her wardrobe. He decided he should tell her this, but didn't know how. Not to mention the fact that he felt rather shy about telling Izzy that she looked nice.

Felix took his place in the centre of the makeshift bases the students had laid out. Just tell her, he thought as Rupert handed him the baseball. Just say, hey Izzy, you look very nice in that dress.

He took a deep breath. "Hey Izzy," he called. "That dress mean you can't play ball any more?"

He had chickened out. But Felix decided it was for the best. He realized that Izzy would probably give him another bloody nose if he had humiliated her in front of the entire class. Sometime, he would have to tell her just how pretty he thought she was, but not today.