The Only Exception

I do not own Twilight I only own my mind and all it's sick and twisted storylines that came of Mrs. Meyer's characters

been revised - 6-9-2010

Summary: What happens when your world falls do learn to depend on?


I never knew I could feel this way, I never knew I could stand here and watch everything still unfolding before my eyes. I waited to see my family, my past, my future; here to witness a miracle in the making, that only 3 months before, I thought wouldn't ever happened. I never knew I could feel this way, I never thought I would see what was unfolding before my eyes. I waited to see my family, my past, my future, here to witness a miracle in the making. I wouldn't have thought this all possible.


"Bella, me and my family are leaving" his voice dull and flat

"Let me find something to tell Charlie, I have to figure this out" I said stopping suddenly when I realized "When you say family, I'm not included" I looked into his topaz eyes and suddenly saw them darken I saw his sadness

"I'm afraid I don't love you like I thought I did Bella" his voice void of the emotion that use to be there. I felt the tears race down my cheek, I felt my heart cracking, I knew it wouldn't break fully, yet.

"Edward... No. You. Cant. Just. Leave. Me." My breaths were coming out ragged and I felt myself begin to fall inside.

"Bella, I'm not right for you, you don't belong in my world I'm not safe for you" his voice still dull and lifeless he continued "but please, will you do something for me" I nodded watching him close the gap between the two of us "I promise it will be like I never existed"

I came back to reailty and I smiled as I waited for the doors of my new life to open and begin. I heard the voices on the other side of the two solid mahogany doors that were the color of my hair. They were etched beautifully, I finally got the time to look at them while waiting.

I was dolled up. I thanked the girls earlier for getting me ready and I sat here for what felt like forever waiting for them to finish getting everyone in place I could hear people speaking

"What's the meaning of this meeting?"

"They normally never hold a meeting like this unless it's important" I hear several different snickers from people who are around and know me.

I walked well actually paced back and forth barely letting my heels click on the stone floor I was getting pissed that it was taking so long it was then that I heard all three voices at once

"Mi Cara, please Join Your Family"