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Chapter 19 – Time is a Magical thing … Just Make it Stop

Without another word I felt like I was flying through the air, but I knew better, My husband had scooped me up bridal style and sped us away from the insistent chaos that had become my post wedding bliss. We made it just inside our chambers when he locked the door and tossed me on the the bed, my shoes had mysteriously found there way noisily onto the floor with a clack. Grinning like a mad woman, I knew what was happening and I wasn't going to let anyone interfere this time. Looking up, I saw my husband in all the devilishness that he was slowly giving me a striptease,giggling slightly as I watched with anticipation. He shed his cloak, allowing his glorious body come into my view as he began shedding those awful clothes, causing my purr to grow.

"Baby" a slight whimper of need escaping my lips. He knew I needed help, the moisture between my legs was evident as I had began slightly rubbing my legs together for friction. His hands moved along his shirt, my mouth salivating with venom at the newly exposed pale skin, my fingers itched to trace the masculine lines of his body. His footsteps ringing in the chamber with each step closer to the bed, my hands began sliding down my own clothed covered body, the electricity in the air between us almost fizzling. When his shirt fell to the ground, I felt my breath hitch for it had been too long since I had seen the pale muscles of his body. I needed him, my whimpering pleas grew in volume, my need between my legs pooling as my eyes darkened in desire.

"Aro, my darling husband, come to me". My breath heavy and my words husky, I wanted him to know how much I needed him, that I desired him to have in this moment. My tongue darting out to lick my lips as he made the final step toward the bed. I crawled toward the edge, where he stood, my body moving like a lioness after her prey. My hands begin to slide up to his belt buckle, expertly undoing the leather strap but nearly ripping free from his body. Looking up, I smirk innocently and kiss up his chest, my hands in all there haste work to rid him of his pants.

"Mmmm" gripping his member "Is this all for me?" I whisper into his ear, nipping on the lobe. His purrs vibrating against me.

"Yes, all for you love" his words dripping with lust as I pull him to me, then push him back on to the bed. My mouth capturing his, my legs moving to straddle him encasing him in my possession, my trap.

Lifting my head up, I smile and murmur,

"You are my prisoner my love, do you surrender?" kissing along his neck as he answers breathlessly,

"Wholeheartedly, I wave my white flag, my love." Groaning as his hips lift to rub against my still clothed body. My half purr, half moan rising in my chest as I felt the strongest urge to get out of these clothes came forth just as his hands were tearing apart the outfit until there was nothing left, but skin against skin.

My core soaked with need, began grinding against his, which brought forth a growl that sent more moisture dripping out of me.

"Darling" I whimpered softly, teasing him with each grind against his hard throbbing member. His hands began sliding down my body, anchoring my hips to keep me still, but held no match for me. My hips again dipped to grind against him, eliciting more growls, more moisture, and more gripping of his hands on me, which was driving me wild.

"Tell me what you wish of your Kidnapper" I huskily breathed out, my chest rising and falling heavily, with the reaction to our previous teasing.

"I wish for you, just you" his words, hit me deep within and I couldn't hold back anymore, with the rise of my body and the steadying guide of my hand on his member, my body slowly inch by inch slides down onto his rock hard length. For once it feels like time has stopped and once again its just me and him. Once he has completely filled me, I rock once to see what kind of pleasure and torture I can elicit of him. His hands rest on my hips, guiding me once again to surge up then back down, as his hooded eyes watch me, his purrs change, with each movement, to growls.

Once I feel ready, I move, setting a slow sensual pace, not wishing to rush or miss a single moment of his pleasure. My body settled above his, rocking, grinding, bouncing, letting him enjoy this moment, my breast rise and fall with each unneeded breath, only captivating his attention, as the pleasure increases between us in this moment. My pace steadies, increases, decreases in tempo, to bring him torture, and pleasure all in one. My hands brush against his chest, dragging my nails against his skin, as my body begins to bounce more. His growls began to turn into snarls of pleasure, which only serve to increase my own pleasure. My pace increases, my body bouncing above his in haste to bring my climax, that has started to coil in my stomach, crashing forth. I use one of my hands to find my clit, as my other palms my left breast roughly. Unable to resist any longer, my fingers rolling my nipple, teasing and pinching for his viewing amusement, as my clit is pinched and flicked, the steady pace increases, and my pending orgasm bursts forth, with one final pinch against, my head tosses back in a mix of pleasure, passion, and pure bliss. I scream out in the midst of my sensual orgasm.

"AROOO" is heard throughout the castle as my walls clamp down around his throbbing member, my body still rocking and bouncing as my walls flutter, my juices coating his delicious member. My body trembles in aftershocks of pleasure, when I feel a whirlwind of activity and I am underneath him.

With a vicious grin, he hooked my right leg over his shoulder, and before I could even begin to plead for more his thick member, hard and throbbing began pounding into me. Sending me climbing back up that hill, before I can even finish my first orgasm. Each thrust of his body meeting mine together, the beautiful clapping of skin against skin sends tingles through my body. My hands digging into his shoulders, my body crushed against his as he hits that spot just the way I like. He's got my body in an angle that I just can't resist, and with three more thrusts we are both screaming so loud that I am sure a few glass stains broke within the castle.

Panting, deliciously and delirious sated, I am wrapped up in the man arms, who is everything in my existence, my body finally comes back to itself, finally able to speak some form of coherent speech.

"Mmmm, Can we do that more often" I ask, my body wrapping itself around him, my lips finding his.

"If you are as wild as that Cara Mia, be my guest" He answers me with a wink, his arms wrap around my waist and in that moment time comes back to us with a rap to our door

"Master, Mistress" biting my lip as not to undermined any of the guard I realize it's Jane.

"Enter Jane" I call as I wrap our blankets around me and my lover, the door opens and her tiny form enters.

"What do you need Jane?" I ask, clearly not in the mood to deal with the drama we left the throne room.

"I don't know how to feel..." her usual demeanor of evil, callous, and vicious, all that she stood for gone in that moment, disappeared and what was left. was a sweet, scared little girl. It was in that moment that I realized the magical moment between me and my darling husband, had vanished.