This is the Prequel to my Story Somewhere I Belong. I'm Quite Scared. Hopefully this will Shed some light on how my brain works. This is Dean/Bella And I hope you like it!

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We were headed to Sioux Falls South Dakota. All because of this little, petite, barely 110… Oh I'm sorry 105 Soaking wet. Dear God I'm going to kill this Barely there Girl. Dad's already warmed up to her. I know I probably shouldn't be hateful to this girl. God knows she's had enough Shit dumped on her already. I can't help it though!

Looking outside the window of the impala all I could see was Grass. Hope no one has to go to the bathroom, not another one for quite some time!(totally true when you hit a that spot of SD) What made me mad the most was that if she asked me for anything, Anything at all, I would feel the need to give it to her. With her big doe brown eyes, She could get any man to bend backwards for her. And she ignores that certain ability! It infuriates me. We finally pulled up to Bobby's. And all I could think was this was going to be a long, Long summer for me.


We pulled up to a house that looked like it could barely stand. A Man that looked slightly scraggly came out of the house. He was smiling. Until he saw me, He looked slightly confused and Looked to John.

He spoke up in that this-is-how-it's-gonna-be-and-your-gonna-like-it-wether-you-like-it-or-not voice

"This is Isabella Swan. Would you mind Training her for me Bobby?"

He looked wary and spoke

"She knows she can never get outta this right?"

"If she didn't do you think I would have brought her to you. She's a natural anyway."

He looked me over.

"Highly Doubt that John thing looks like she couldn't kill a fly if she wanted too."

That pissed me off, A lot. I spoke up.

"Listen here ya old goat! I did not sit in a car with these three for a day and a half for you to insult me. I'm just a tad pissy because I no longer have pain medicine for the acing pain from that psychotic vampire I beheaded. So are you going to train me? Or are you going to sit on your ass and watch NASCAR all day!"

All four men looked at her astonished. Then the man I was yelling at spoke up,

"Sure she's not yours John. Gotta Temper like yours. I'll trainer but your boy's are helpin'. Sweetheart I'm Bobby Singer. It's nice ta meet ya, let's get you settled in."

With that I made my First Friend in the Hunting World.

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