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I was slightly nervous for my date with Dean tonight. I was dressed up for as much as you could for a drive in. We were going to Revenge of the Nerds. Dean says he's never seen it. I had seen it once before with the pack. It was highly awkward with that many men pressed into one room, especially considering they all roasted at a toasty 107.8.

Putting on the final touches of makeup, when I heard a loud knock on my door. I opened the door to find Dean standing there with a smirk on his face. He was leaning against the door wearing his leather jacket and dark jeans.

"You get all dolled up for me kitten?"

I blushed, opening the door larger to let him in. He walked in with a swagger that only he could pull off. He walked over sitting on my looking up. "Ready to go it's about an hour away and the movie starts in 30."

"Wait if it's an hour away…."

~`Time Warp`~

Speeding down the back roads of South Dakota, I couldn't help but wonder how I got so far. A year ago I was practically a zombie coming back to life because of the pack, now I've slept with the brother of the man I'm currently on a date with… where has the time gone.

"You're awfully quiet Kitten."

I turned to look at him, "I was just thinking where I was a year ago."

He looked over before turning his attention back to the road, "And?"

I sighed, "Well I realized had what happened not happened I probably wouldn't be here right now."

He looked over and spoke," What do you mean?"

"Before you guys found me I wanted death really bad. Victoria finding me was an answer to my prayers. Granted it would have been a lot more painful than I would have liked but, I would have been dead."

A half hour later we were at the movie with a few minutes to spare. We parked far enough back that we could see the movie and close enough to the concession stand to get something if we wanted it. Dean turned to me and asked, "You want some popcorn or something?"

I thought it over briefly before saying, "Medium popcorn with a large Mountain Dew, With a bendy straw!"

His eyebrow raised and started to walk off before I remembered and shouted out to him, "And some Gummy Worms please! The sour kind!"

He turned around and glared back at me before going in to get my food.

A few minutes later I saw him struggling out of the door with the food, I thought about letting him suffer but then I realized he could drop my food. I ran out to him and grabbed my pop and candy so It wouldn't fall. He looked at me an glared when he saw I grabbed the two smallest things.

"Thanks for all the help kitten."

"You're Welcome!"

I ran back to the Impala and sat down. A few seconds later Dean opened his door and got in and handed me my popcorn. I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you."

He grumbled out, "You're welcome."

We sat down in silence and watched the movie. I finished both my gummy worms and popcorn within the first couple minutes. The pop however I drank slowly so I wouldn't choke.

Suddenly He said, "You don't feel like that now do you?"

"What? That I would have been better off dead, Sometimes, only when I feel lonely."

"You don't need to feel lonely with me kitten. I'll never leave. I promise."

"Don't promise. It just means that you know you're going to break it later."


He reached over and turned my head and pressed his lips against mine. I threaded my hands through his hair pulling him closer. Feeling as if I wasn't close enough, I turned and straddled him. The hands that were on my face traced down my body and landed on my hips. He began rubbing circles in to my hip causing me to let out a moan. He took advantage of me opening my mouth and dove in, tracing the inside of my mouth with his tongue.

We didn't go farther than that, or I should say we didn't get to go farther than that, when a knock sounded at the window. We broke apart gasping trying to figure out why we stopped when the knock sounded again, this time with a "Sir!"

Dean rolled down the window we had managed to fog up and looked up. The man, who was actually the concession stand worker, was tall and had red greasy hair. He had a scowl on his face that could scare little children and make grown men run in terror. "Sir, the movies been over for awhile now you have to leave."

I got off of Deans lap and got back into the passenger seat buckling up. Dean didn't reply to the man instead he threw the impala into drive and drove off into the night.

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