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The End

The next few months of school flew by in such a breeze. We would finally be graduating tomorrow and I was more then anxious to get it over with. As I lay in bed after saying hanging up with Edward I thought about everything that had happened in the last few months.

Rose and Emmett had decided on a winter wedding in NYC and Alice and I were ecstatic. It was perfect since they had gotten engaged there. Rose's father had given her an unlimited card and told her to hire a wedding planner which Rose thanked him for everyday. They also had chosen to move into an apartment together once we left for NYU. With the school year ending and all the wedding planning we hardly got to hang out but kept each other informed on everything.

Alice and Jasper had their hands more filled then Rose and Emmett. With having Allison now they had became parents quickly and had to also juggle school. The good part was that Alice's mother looked after Allison while they were in school. After Jasper met Allison the day we picked her up at Alice's aunt house he was putty in her hand. Jasper had turned out to be such a great father to Allison and beamed with pride every time he introduced her to someone. She had picked up on the word "daddy" quickly so it was what she called Jasper constantly. Alice could not have been happier and I was happy to see that all her fears had vanished and she had become a great mother. They were the perfect little family. Seeing them so happy made me wish that someday I could have my little family with Edward too.

My mother and Phil have decided since I was leaving for NYU that my mother would leave her job and head on the road with Phil again. I knew that it was their dream to be out on the road instead of at home so I agreed with her. My mother was turning in the keys to the house the day after I left for school.

When we returned from vacations I discovered that Tanya and Jake were dating. They were truly happy together and just like I had, Tanya had really changed her ways. Truth is that she only needed someone to show her that she did matter to them and that not all guys were the same. I had never seen Jake happier and I couldn't have wished for a better person for him. Tanya had showed him what true love is and he had showed her that she didn't have to live in a world that consisted of humiliating and hurting others. They were both attending college in Maryland and moving in together. I couldn't have been happier for them.

A few weeks ago Alice and I had discovered that Charlie had been dating someone he had met at his job. When he found out about Allison there wasn't anyone that could separate him from his granddaughter. Allison had everyone at her fingertips, grandpa included. He, Alice, Allison and I would spend some weekend together doing nothing but talking. Alice and I had both caught up on our childhood lives and I was happy to know that she got to have the same father that I had had when I was a little girl. Even though after she came into play I had pushed him away, my father had never stopped loving us equally. It was wonderful spending time together and I was a little sad that we wouldn't be together on the weekends. But I looked forward to the holidays at least.

Charlie and Edward had a great relationship and even went on fishing trips together. I thankfully had something planned whenever they went so I didn't have to deal with all there "guy talk" about sports. Since Jake and his father attended the trips as well Jake and Edward had come to an understanding. They both had mutual respect for each other but were nowhere close to being good friends.

Rumor around the school was that Lauren and her little posse were very quiet, well let's just say that after Tanya was done with them they kept to themselves. There were time when things would be heard around school but nothing really came out of the gossip. From what I heard Lauren wasn't going to college at all and some of her little friends were marrying guys from the football team and were not going to college since there men were going to make the money for them.

As for Edward and I, we spent every possible moment together and things had really taken a turn for the best between us. We spent half of our time alone talking and getting to know each other fully. Our other half of our time together was spent with Allison of course. During the weekends that I didn't spend with Alice and Charlie, Edward and I would take Allison to give Jasper and Alice some time to rest. Edward planned many lovely outings to the park and to all the children places in the 50 mile radius. We vicariously got to connect with our inner child again through Allison and we enjoyed every moment of it.

The last few months had really taken a turn for everyone in my life and as I recalled everything that happened I let out a sigh of happiness. Everything was in the place they should be. Tomorrow after getting our diplomas we would start our life as official adults. We will go on to shape the future for ourselves. With that thought I fell asleep.

"Mom! I'm coming!" I yelled as I grabbed my cap and gown from behind my door.

When I walked down my mother was waiting with camera in hand. As soon as I was visible to her the flashes began.

"Oh my baby is a grown lady already!" she squealed and continued snapping photos.

"Mom, you are going to make me blind." I said blocking my eyes.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so proud of you baby." She said walking over to me.

"Thank you mom." I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. "I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too baby."

As I walked to get in line for the procession I looked around trying to find Edward.

"He's around here somewhere." Alice said "Stop fidgeting."

"Says the girl that spends every moment with the love of her life." I smirked and stuck my tongue out like a little child.

"You are such a hater." Alice said poking her tongue out.

I looked around until I spotted my favorite shade of bronze hair. At that same instance Edward turned to look at me. I mouthed a "Hi" and blew a kiss over to him. He pretended to catch it and then returned the gesture back. At that moment the music started and Alice turned me to face forward.

After sitting down and listening to the principals remarks and the guest speaker it was time for the valedictorian's speech. I smiled as I watched Edward get up and walk up to the podium. He looked exquisite with his blue cap and gown and that brought out the gorgeousness of his skin and eyes.

"Welcome friends, family and extinguished guest of the graduates of the class of 2010. Gail Dever once wrote:

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe."

As a child I remember sitting with my father and asking him what Ms. Dever meant with this quote.

He would turn to me and say "Edward what do you dream of?" and I would always say "I dream of being able to touch someone's life with my gifts." and he would look at me and say "Well Ms. Dever here is telling you that you should always keep that dream alive by believing in yourself and the abilities you have. If you have no dreams Edward then you have no purpose in life. Everyone dreams of something and to not pursue them is the greatest disappointment in life."

My father was a great man and I'm proud to stand here many years after that conversation and be able to finally understand what he had explained. I stand here not only as your valedictorian but also as your friend to tell you this. Every one of us has a meaning in life. Every one of us has a destiny and whether we follow that destiny or change it we can always achieve it. We all have dreams, let it be winning the noble peace prize, being a successful movie star or just a hardworking person; we all wish to become something in life and to have meaning in life.

I once told someone that I love that her dreams would change the world..." he started and looked straight at me with a smile on his face. I smiled back remembering the day those words were uttered.

"With a vision, belief, dedication and determination we can all accomplish what we want. We can all change the world in one way or another. We are all at the point in life where everyone is telling us that this is the deciding point. The point in which we should think wisely about our decisions and follow our conscience. Well I stand here to tell you that yes we should think wisely about what we decide but we should also follow our hearts because our hearts contain our dreams. We should live life as if there is no tomorrow, take chances when they are presented to us and most of all love what you do because what you do will define who you become. So to my fellow graduates I say this, if you have a dream keep it alive and believe that you can achieve it and work on it so that you can have all your dreams come true. Good luck to everyone and farewell." he finished and as he looked around at the graduates everyone in the auditorium stood up in applause.

I looked straight at him while clapping and mouthed an "I Love You" to which he smiled and mouthed the same.

After the Valedictorian speech one by one each of the graduates were called to the stage. When each of my friends stood on stage excepting their diploma I thought about all the times we spent together in high school. I remember all the times Emmett would grab me in a bear hug that knocked the wind out of me, the first time Rose and I had became best friends, the good times Jasper and I had together, the times spent with Alice shopping, the first time I met Jake while fishing, the trouble Tanya and I would find, but most of all the love that I found with Edward. As I grabbed my diploma and turned to my family and friends I wiped away the tears that had fallen. I was happy to be leaving school but this place would always contain all of my happy memories. It would always be the place where I had been lost but at the end I had been found.

Later that night as we sat around at our celebratory dinner I looked around the table at all the people that meant the world to me. As I admired my mother and father, I thought about how lucky I was that they still loved me even though I put them through rough times. It wasn't easy putting up with the things I had done but they didn't judge me and kept their faith in me. For that and giving me life I loved them immensely.

Sitting by my mother's side was Phil, the man that no matter what considered me his daughter too and like the others didn't give up on me. He was my mothers' rock when I was going through my rebellious stage and was also the man that believed I was better then what I was portraying. For that I loved him as he was my own father.

Next to him sat my Rosie, the most beautiful, amazing, loving, and caring best friend a girl could have. She was my rock for many years and was my confidant. She saw me for who I was and didn't put up with outrageous attitude. I looked forward to starting our lives at NYU together and being her maid of honor. Next to her sat my Emmy bear. The most outgoing, loving and overzealous honorary brother any girl could have. Rose was my rock and Emmett my shield. He made sure that no one ever harmed me, although most of the time I was the one harming people. He was the best honorary brother and I love him dearly. I knew Rose and he were going to have a great family.

Beside them sat my Allie, the one person that I hurt the most but that still loved me and still stood beside me. As I looked into the beautiful face of my sister I couldn't help but feel awful for everything I had put her through and the things I had told her in the past. She had a heart of gold and I was proud to say that she was my sister. If I was even half of the person Alice was I would be proud of my self. Allison was the daughter of a great women. Next to her sat Jasper, a guy that deserved everything Alice had to offer because she was extraordinary just like him. I had put Jasper through so much and at the end he still chose to be a great friend. He was going to be a great father and I was happy that Alice had a great little family.

As I looked at each and every one of them for the first time tonight I could feel years of love I hadn't felt before. I felt the lump rising in my throat and swallowed to keep from messing up the moment with any more tears. I turned and looked into the beautiful eyes of my angel. He was much more then that, of course, he was my savior and the love of my life. When everyone else had given up on changing me he was the one there holding me up and reminding me that I wasn't who I was pretending to be. I could never thank him enough for all he did for me so I just hoped that my love and devotion would show him how grateful I was and would always be.

Each and every one of these people made me the sweet, loving and caring person I was today and I owed them the world. To think that they had overlooked so many of the things I'd done in my life and had never given up on me was a much bigger emotion then I could handle. Months ago I wouldn't have been thinking of feeling any of the emotions I was feeling at the moment. I undoubtedly would have not been sitting in a room with any of the individuals now sitting here. But its interesting to see how one person and one decision could change the life of another person. If Edward had never decided to let me in I would have never opened up to anyone and experienced any of the things I did now.

As I looked at Edward, Alice scooted over to my side, took my hand and whispered into my ear "You know we've been through alot but I'm glad to be here sis. For the first time in a long time I feel complete and more loved then I'd felt before". I felt the lump in my throat rise and swallowed again to keep the tears at bay.

"I will spend the rest of my life apologizing for being the person I was but I'm glad we can both have the life we didn't have before. I love you little sis." I whispered back to her and smiled.

"Only by a month and I love you too big sis." she joked and chuckled.

Yes I was definitely finally happy and as I look back at the time I had lost being angry and bitter I realized that I had lost a lot of great memories. But as I did the day things changed, I vowed to make new and happy memories with everyone surrounding me. Looking back at everything that had happened months ago I feel awful for the things I did and the way I treated those that only wanted a chance to love me, but...unfortunately I couldn't regret it because it brought me to this time and place. I wish I could have handled things differently and been a different person but as someone once said "Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find out who you truly are." So if losing myself brought me here then I couldn't regret anything that had transpired. I had finally found Bella.



Bella has already overcome the biggest challenge of all...Finding herself...or so she thought she has. Follow Bella as she begins her journey in New York with the gang. Her and Edward have been dating for almost a year and have their lives in track. Perfect right? Think again. Follow Bella, Edward and the gang as they overcome tragedy, heartache, betrayal and most of temptation.