Never let: hedgehogs eat chocolate

Part of a funny miniseries where each chapter (or one-shot) has a hilarious story involving you favourite characters ranging from Sonic to Spyro and even legendary pokemon! This opening chapter is an Easter special in the world of Sonic the hedgehog.

"SILVER THE HEDGEHOG PUT THAT DOWN!" Blaze the cat roared as a grey hedgehog lowered the levitating furniture back to their original positions. Silver, Blaze, Tails, Amy, cream, Sonic and Shadow were spending Easter at the house of their new friends Broc and Clarissa.

The house itself was white with a cream roof. The lounge room, where Silver had levitated the furniture moments earlier, had light brown carpeting, cream coloured furniture, and a small kitchen was at the left of the room and stairs leading to upper floors at the back.

Clarissa, A white hedgehog with blue tipped spines that hanged down, had blue claws on her hands and feet, with blue oval shaped eyes and wearing a blue dress was in the kitchen preparing Easter eggs with Cream the rabbit and Amy Rose. Blaze was trying and failing to get Silver to sit still and stop levitating things, Sonic was stuffing his face with Chocolate and tails was upstairs with Shadow and Clarissa's brother Broc.

Broc was a golden furred hedgehog whose spines stuck out straight, like needles in a pin cushion. His eyes were red and almost shaped like right angled triangles. He was wearing a black shirt and shorts and like his sister he had clawed hands and feet.

"Hey Broc, why is it that every Easter Sonic and Silver act weird?" Tails asked.

Broc looked at the young kitsune and replied "it's all to do with chocolate".

"Broc! Can you wake Dragonfire up?" Clarissa called out from down stairs.

It was then that Sonic finished his chocolate, and raced up the stairs.

In Dragonfire's room...

Lying on her left side on a large bed, snoring softly, was a white hedgehog with orange spines. A large sonic boom shook the white house and the hedgehog woke up, her spines hung down and were a mess.

"I'm gonna kill him" she growled, her voice was Australian accented.

Outside the bedroom of the now pissed hedgehog Broc and Shadow had managed to pin down a now hyperactive Sonic the hedgehog. All three had no idea what would happen next.

"FAKER!" the orange spined hedgehog roared as her bedroom door flew open, it was then Sonic froze in pure fear. This very angry hedgehog, who was called Dragonfire, was wearing a pink nightgown and her blue eyes seemed to glow brightly due to her anger.

She walked over to the trio, Shadow and Broc instantly let go of Sonic as she approached. She pulled the blue hedgehog up onto his feet, and pushed him aside as she walked downstairs.

"Just wait until she's had breakfast, then you'll be in for it" Broc said as he and Shadow followed Dragonfire downstairs.

"Morning Dragonfire" Clarissa said warmly. Dragonfire nodded in acknowledgement and dug into the plate of toast Clarissa had set in front of her. While she was eating she overheard Broc explaining the concept of hedgehogs and chocolate to a very confused Tails.

"well hedgehogs are sensitive to some of the stuff in chocolate, I think it has to do with the chemical that makes humans happy when they eat it, hedgehogs can't handle it, not to mention all that sugar, makes twice as hyperactive than normal" Broc explained.

"What about Amy?" the kitsune asked.

"It's simple, she always eats it so she's immune to its effects" Shadow answered.

Dragonfire continued eating, that is until a floating lamp knocked her food off the plate.

"Woops, sorry" Silver replied.

Dragonfire simply walked past him, set his front quill on fire as she did so, and left the building.

After Silver's burning quill had been put out the group reassembled on and around the couch (once Silver put it down...again) to discuss the day's Easter celebrations.

"Thanks to you two idiots we have go out and search for Dragonfire" said Clarissa crossly.

"Sorry" mumbled Sonic and Silver.

"Hey I have an idea" Broc said.

"What is it this time?" Clarissa asked

"We let Shadow eat chocolate, and set him lose" he replied.

Everyone stared at him in shock; even Shadow couldn't believe what Broc had just said.

"That wouldn't be a smart idea, the last I had chocolate I had to be tied up" Shadow said.

"Why?" Amy asked, and Shadow glared at her.

"Because being happy is not really normal, I haven't been since..." Shadow trailed off.

"Yeah well the same goes for Dragonfire, she hasn't been happy in a long, long time" Broc replied, holding out a block of chocolate and adding "besides its Easter".

Shadow looked at the chocolate and simply turned away.

"Whatever" Broc said and left the chocolate on the kitchen bench and left with the others to find Dragonfire.

The group soon found her Eggman's latest base, fighting yet another of his robots.

"You will not win, I have seen your weakness and I will use it to my advantage!" Eggman said and pressed a button. A beam of energy shot from the robot and hit Dragonfire dead on.

Dragonfire screamed in pain and began to curl up into a ball.

"No way..." Broc said awe as he realised what she was doing.

Dragonfire began spin dashing through the beam and not only collided into the robot but went through it. The robot exploded and sent its creator flying upward until he vanished from sight.

"No one steals my food YA HEAR ME NO ONE!" Dragonfire yelled.

"You kicked his butt because he stole your food?" Sonic asked, unconvinced.

Dragonfire grinned and replied "yeah and what was left of my chocolate" and with that she sped off laughing her head off with the others running after her.

Back at the house Shadow had finished the chocolate Broc had left behind and with a glint in his eye he said. "I don't go hyper I go Chaotic!" and he warped off.

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