Never let hedgehogs eat chocolate part 2

Dragonfire speed through the city...and crashed into Shadow.

"Uh sorry about that Shadow" she replied sheepishly, grinning

Shadow got up and helped Dragonfire to her feet.

"I see you've been into the chocolate" Shadow remarked.

"Yeah, wanna go find Eggman?" Dragonfire asked

"Sure, but how come you were staying at Broc and Clarissa's house last night?" Shadow asked as they sped off.

"Well it's a long story but Sonic, Amy and Tails trashed the place by accident, so I'm staying with Clarissa until things get sorted" she replied as they neared Eggman's base.

Back at the house

Everyone else had got back to the house after losing Dragonfire. Clarissa and Amy were handing out cups of tea, Silver and Sonic were slumped on the couch after they burnt out and a very relieved blaze was watching TV when the phone rang.

Clarissa answered. "Hello?" she said.

"Hey Clarissa it's Rouge, listen I'm holding an Easter party tonight at Club Rouge, since I could hear you guys from across the street I'd figured that that everyone was at your place. So want to come to the party?" Rouge said.

"Yeah, If you see Dragonfire and Shadow tell them to meet us at the party" Clarissa answered and hung up.

"Hey guys, you might want to see this" Blaze said, pointing to the TV.

Everyone turned their attention to the TV screen, it was showing a reporter standing outside Eggman's base, and the base itself appeared to be on fire.

"Witnesses today state that a white and orange hedgehog, accompanied by none other than the famous Shadow the hedgehog, were seen viciously attacking the base of notorious mastermind ... They also claim that the Dr himself fled only seconds before a series of explosions engulfed the base, setting it alight. Fire fighters are now trying..."

Clarissa switched the TV off. "Come on everyone, let's go" she said and with Broc leading the way, they headed out to Eggman's now destroyed base.

When they arrived they found Dragonfire and Shadow sitting on the roof laughing their heads off.

"Glad you find it so amusing, now get down here, we've been invited to a party at Rouge's club are you coming or not?'Clarissa said angrily at the two hyper hedgehogs.

Dragonfire gave a nod and warped away, while Shadow went with the other guys to get ready for the party. Clarissa went with Amy and cream to prepare as well.

Several hours later they all met up again at Club Rouge. When they went inside they found the tables had a bowl of small chocolates on each one and a large stereo system had been hooked up at the back of the room.

"Where is Dragonfire, she's late" Broc complained.

Dragonfire came running up to them. She was wearing pink hooded top, black jeans and on her head were bunny ears.

"Hey guys" she said. They all stared at her outfit.

"What? Oh come on its Easter, I deserve to dress up" she said.

They went in and nearly everyone, except for Rouge, Tails, Cream, Dragonfire and Clarissa, dug into the Chocolates. Ten minutes later Sonic and Silver had gotten into a fight, Shadow and Broc were betting who would win and Amy was singing very badly to a song on a karaoke machine that strangely resembled one of Eggman's robots.

Clarissa picked one of the chocolates and sniffed it. "Alcoholic fruit filling' she stated and slapped Dragonfire on the hand when she tried to grab one. The two girls turned their head towards the bar where they saw Knuckles, who had arrived five minuted ago, and rouge having a drinking contest with a bottle of Rouge's wine.

One minute later

Knuckles and Rouge began making out...

Three more glasses of wine and five minutes later

Knuckles and rouge went upstairs to continue their make out session, with cheers and whistles from the majority of the now drunk audience.

Clarissa spotted Dragonfire with a video camera. "What are thinking?" she asked.

"Well I need revenge on Sonic and Silver, what better way than blackmail" Dragonfire replied.

Several hours later

Everyone left Club Rouge, with Tails supporting Sonic, Cream helping Amy down the street, Blaze carrying Silver bridal style back home and a very pleased Dragonfire holding the video camera in one hand and dragging Broc with the other.

Clarissa and Shadow stood outside the entrance, Shadow surprisingly had managed to keep his balance.

"You know, you look really petty under the moonlight" Shadow said.

"Shadow you're drunk, you don't mean that" Clarissa said.

'I do, you're pretty and nice just like Maria" Shadow said.

"Come on ultimate lifeform, let's get home" Clarissa said.

She grabbed his hand and led him back to his apartment, and throughout the journey there Shadow was smiling and humming the tune to 'guide you home (I would die for you)'

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