I have no idea why I like this couple so much, but I really just love it. Maybe it's because Vanille is just so shippable. The sad thing is that I couldn't find a single story for them! I hope I do this justice as possibly the first SnowxVanille story on this site. Enjoy!

And if you have a minute why don't we go,
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything,
So why don't we go,
Somewhere only we know?

- Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

Snow watched as Vanille knelt down next to one of the many ponds in the Archylte Steppe. The two were on a mission for a Cie'th Stone while the rest of their party was setting up camp. No one wanted to go with Vanille on the mission since the Mark was highly dangerous, but she kept insisting that she felt a "force" pulling her to the stone.

After a while she gave up on asking and started to prepare a trip by herself. Snow volunteered to go along since he knew she would be in trouble if she went by herself. Now here they were at a pond with no idea where the mark was. They had been traveling for hours with little to talk about, but plenty of fiends to ward off.

Vanille took off her boots and dipped her legs into the cool water. She smiled contently before looking back at Snow who was standing a few yards behind her.

"Care to join me?" she asked, giving him a bright smile.

He shook his head and walked towards her. He barely knew anything about the girl other than what Fang had told him about their life on Gran Pulse. From what he could tell she was a very cheerful girl with little worries and had just been dragged into all of this by accident. She closed her eyes and leaned back in the tall grass, giving a sigh of pure content.

"I always loved this place," Vanille said. "Drinking up the sunshine, riding Chocobos, looking at all of the wildlife. It's so peaceful."

Snow sat down next to her, keeping away from the water. She rolled over on her side and propped herself up on one elbow to look at him.

"Do you have a place like this on Cocoon?" she questioned. "A place where you feel like everything is okay?"

"Yeah," he said, looking down at her. "At Bodhum, where I proposed to Serah."

He took the crystal tear out of his pocket and held it up to the sun. Lying down next to her, he turned the crystal over in his hands. Vanille turned over on her back once more and looked at the crystal in Snow's hands.

"You must miss her so much," she murmured.

He gave a short nod before placing the crystal back in his pocket and standing up. Taking Vanille's hand, he pulled her back up to her feet, forgetting that her legs were still in the pond water.

She gave out a startled shout, grabbing Snow's jacket in a reflex meaning to steady herself. Her feet slipped on the muddy pond floor though and they went stumbling backwards into the shallow pond. Both broke the surface at the same time, gasping for air. Vanille was still clutching to Snow's jacket and he had coiled an arm around her small waist.

Vanille was the first to give out a laugh as she laid down at the edge of pond with her lower body still submerged. Snow placed his hands on either side of her head and a knee between her legs, laughing as well.

"Don't you do that again," Snow said between laughs.

Looking up at him, Vanille took note of their current position. Her laughter ceased and soon his did as well. Snow broke their eye contact just in time to see a Behemoth King charging right for them. He scooped Vanille up in his arms and clumsily climbed out the pond when the Behemoth King splashed into the water.

The pond water slashed at them with alarming sting as Snow ran from the pond. The Behemoth quickly jumped out the lake and continued to pound away after them. The vibrations the ground suffered were a minor setback for Snow as he ran with Vanille tightly in his arms.

"Snow! Snow!" Vanille cried, looking up at the blonde. "That's the Mark! A Behemoth King without one hind leg! That's it! We've got to fight!"

He took an instant to look behind him and noticed what he should have noticed before. Despite its physical disadvantage the Behemoth was still able to move with cunning speed. Snow ducked behind a ledge just as the creature jumped over it. He let the red-headed girl out of his arms and set her back on her feet.

"My boots," she whined, looking down at her bare feet. "Oh, this is terrible."

"We'll get them after we fight this thing," Snow said, glancing over the ledge.

The Mark was looking around in search of its prey. Snow bent back down and looked at Vanille who was getting out her binding rod. She gave a nod to go over the ledge. Punching a fist in his hand he nodded back in agreement before holding up three fingers. Vanille positioned the rod in her hands. He lowered one finger and she crouched. He lowered another and she stood on the tips of her toes while holding the rod back over her head. He dropped the last finger and she jumped into the air, launching the rod forward and landing on top of the ledge.

He jumped onto the ledge and waited until the cords from her rod bound the beast. He cast a Ruin to startle it before running towards it and digging fist after fist into the skull of the Behemoth. It howled in pain and fought against the restraints. Soon the howling stopped and the Mark toppled on its side with its skull bashed in.

Vanille cast the cords back into her rod before folding it and placing it in the pouch on her back. She jumped off of the ledge and stumbled slightly as her bare feet hit the hard ground.

"Let's go back to the pond," Snow said, his voice rid of emotion as he slung an arm over Vanille's shoulders to stop her from looking at the fallen beast.

Once back at the pond, which was now rid of half its water, Snow sat down and watched as Vanille tugged her soaking wet boots back on to her feet. His mind wasn't on the Behemoth that he had just slain, but the girl before him. He hadn't positioned himself above her like that on accident. Snow wasn't stupid when it came to things like that. It was too soon of him to propose to Serah, he was only 21 and she was barely 18. He panicked though; she was a l'Cie with who knew how much time left. Now she was gone. For good? Who knew.

Vanille was a crystal once centuries ago and he didn't want to have to wait that long for Serah. It was cruel of him to use Vanille like he had and he knew he wouldn't do it again. Maybe that was why he had beaten the Behemoth beyond dead. He needed to release all of that pent up aggression. Or something like that.

"I'm ready to go back," Vanille's voice reached him.

She was standing in front of him with her hands folded together and a nervous expression across her features. Snow gave a nod and used his hands to help him off of the ground. Maybe "tried" was a better word. His hands ached and burned under the little pressure he put on them and he contained the blinding pain in a small grunt. Vanille was no fool and knew exactly that he was faking it.

"Your hands," she said, concern etched across her face. "Let me see."

"They're fine," he protested, trying to get up again.

"No," she said sternly, placing her hands on his broad shoulders and shoving him back on the ground. "Let. Me. See. Them."

"What's the magic word?" Snow teased.

"Now," she said, sitting on her knees in front of him.

Snow knew better than to argue so he complied and held his gloved hands out to her. She took one gingerly in her hand and peeled back the glove much to his chagrin. She placed the glove by her side and ran a thumb along his knuckles. The skin was swollen and there might have been a broken bone somewhere, but it was nothing she couldn't heal quickly. She hovered her hands above his and closed her eyes to focus.

"Cure," she muttered and a blue light shown from the palms of her hands.

She kneaded the light over his hand and soon enough the swelling went down. If any bones were in fact broken they would have healed easily. After a few minutes she stopped the light and took his hand in hers once again. She gave a smile.

"One hand down," Vanille said, reaching for the other one.

"That was enough, thank you," Snow said, reaching past her and taking the glove that was lying on the ground next to her.

"Snow, stop," Vanille said, taking his other hand before he could stand.

He recoiled at her touch and bit his lip to stop the scream that was coming. Vanille's eyes widened and she placed her hands back in her lap. Blood trickled down his chin, but it was wiped away by a gentle hand. He closed his eyes at the gesture.

"Vanille," he muttered and she let out a small gasp.

That was the first time he had ever said her name. Her stomach twisted when he did say it and she felt horrible that it did. He was engaged and in love and why was she even thinking of things like this?

"I- I need to heal the other hand," she said, fighting to keep her voice in check.

His blue eyes opened to meet her green ones. His hand was killing him and he knew that she could probably heal it in an instant. Why didn't he let her though? If it was someone else he would have let them heal his hand in a second. With her it was different. Maybe he was reading too much into it, but it seemed like such a sensual or intimate act when she did it. Not that he minded.

Her small hands inched towards his large one until he eventually raised it in front of her. Vanille took his hand as carefully as possible only to watch his features tighten in pain. Small fingers pulled back the worn leather of the glove as quickly and gently as she could. She soon realized that the glove was damp with blood. Not blood from a King Behemoth, but blood from a human. From him. Green eyes widened at the sight of one of the bones in his hand sticking out of the skin.

"Why?" Vanille asked with tears forming in her eyes. "Why did you beat it so hard?"

"I don't know," Snow said.

Vanille looked at him to see his face strained of color and his lip bleeding yet again. Perspiration made locks of hair stick to his face and she was certain that it had taken him everything to not shout in pain. She wiped the blood from his lips yet again. Snow grabbed her wrist with his healed hand and made it so she was cupping his cheek.

"Please," he muttered. "Don't do anything else for just a little while."

"Don't worry," she assured. "I won't."

They sat like that for what seemed like hours. Her hand pressed against his cheek and he looking right into her eyes. She was hesitant to look back at first, but soon green met blue. Vanille felt dirty and full of shame. She couldn't possibly be doing something like this with a taken man. Like what though?

"How old are you?" Snow asked, breaking the silence.

"Physically or technically?" she asked.

"Physically," he said, without skipping a beat.

"Nineteen," Vanille replied. "And you?"

"Twenty-one," Snow said and his fingers slowly started to brush the knuckles on the back of her hand.

Vanille nodded. Two years was barely anything. A small number really. She pulled her hand back and moved it toward the hand she had yet to heal.

"I'll be as quickly as possible," she said.

He lifted the hand in front of her and she took it in her hands while saying, "Curasa."

A stronger, more vibrant blue light shone from her hands. She worked the healing light over the wound until the bone went back under the skin. The swelling went down, the bone mended, and the skin went back together. When the blue light was gone she was gasping for breath. That always took a lot out of her.

"Good as new," Snow said, stretching out his healed hand. "A little stiff though, but it's fine."

She gave a weak smile. The sun was going down and they needed to either make camp or get back to the others as quickly as possible.

"We... should pr-probably make c-camp or some- oh!" Vanille gasped, feeling a sharp pain in her stomach.

"Vanille, what's wrong?" Snow asked, taking a hold of her arms.

"That Curasa... it took a toll on me," Vanille said, shaking her head. "I'm fine, really."

Clutching her skirt, she knew what was going to happen next. The blinding pain and then nothing would come soon. She knew from healing wounds back in Oerba centuries ago that pain was going to come with a vengeance. White hot pain inched up her neck and she was sweating buckets when her vision started to get fuzzy. Her lips parted and she was about to let out a scream at the peak of pain when cool lips touched hers.

The pain was so real and alive in the pit of her being that she couldn't see, but she knew what was happening. The shout of the kiss overcame the cries of the pain with ease. Large hands let her hair out of its pigtails and raked through her hair. Her back felt the cool dirt and earth. The pain died down and with a few blinks she could see the closed eyes of Snow. She cupped his face and broke the kiss.

His hands were placed on either side of her head and a knee between her legs. Shock and regret were on his face and he was panting. She knew she probably looked pale as a ghost and just as shocked.

She had been kissed by one boy before many years ago in Oerba. Life on Oerba was different than this though. There was hunting and she rarely saw him. Fang was always with her, so she often forgot about him and just focused on the mission she had been sent out to do. This was so different.

"Snow," she said as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I don't unde-."

"Don't talk," Snow whispered, rolling his thumb back and forth over her lips.

He stood up and started to walk away from her. She sat up and watched as he continued to walk. Her chest was tight, but not with pain. It was dark already so they couldn't head back to the others. Cocoon lit up the night sky like a moon and fireflies were blinking in random spots. It was beautiful, but it just seemed to taunt her.

"Stay here," Snow said a ways in front of her. "I'll find things for a fire."

Snow kept walking without waiting for a reply. Vanille found her hair ties and put her hair back into place before bringing her knees up to her chest. He wouldn't be back for a while so she took this time to lay down in the tall grass and sleep.

She found herself being awoken by a gentle shoulder shake. Her green eyes fluttered open to see Snow crouching next to her and hear a crackling fire. His white coat was placed on top of her. Vanille took the coat off of her and placed it on the ground between them. She kept her eyes on Snow to see anything different in his facial expressions or actions.

"Snow." "Vanille."

Their eyes locked when they both said each other's name. Vanille broke the contact and looked at her hands that were folded in her lap.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Fine," she said. "I used to heal things like that in Oerba all of the time. It's always a lot of strain on the body, but I'm used to it."

"I didn't know," Snow said.

"How could you?" Vanille asked. "I didn't tell you. You had no way of knowing and-."

"Stop blaming yourself for me kissing you," he cut her off.

"Why did you kiss me?" she asked.

Heavy silence hung in the air and Vanille wished she could take the question back. His blue eyes seemed to pierce through her and she couldn't bear to look at him. But her gaze never broke from his. He leaned in closer and she could smell the distinct scent he carried on him. Stubble brushed against her chin right when his lips pressed firmly against hers. Her eyes instantly closed and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

He coiled his arms around her and pulled her to his chest. One of his hands went up to cup her cheek and the other stayed pressed against the small of her back. He parted from her lips and placed a kiss on her jaw before pressing his forehead against hers.

"I kissed you because for once I didn't feel like I was obligated to," he said. "I love Serah, but when I found out she was a l'Cie I got scared. It felt like I was supposed to take care of her and love her. My duty or something. I kissed you because I wanted to and I miss when it was just as simple as that. I don't-."

"You're kind of rambling," Vanille said, placing her fingertips over his lips. "I understand. I kind of miss the simple things too. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, the end."

"I think it's a little more complicated than that," Snow said.

She shrugged. "It doesn't always have to be. It's quite simple actually. This is our place. Right here by this pond. It's sacred to me, so don't forget, okay?"

"I won't forget," Snow said. "Because it's sacred to me as well."

She kissed him that time and it was just as simple as planned. In the back of both of their heads though they knew that it was a lot more complicated. But just for that moment they wanted to pretend that it was easy.

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