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Chapter 2


Time to get this plan on way. We bent over to put all of our stuff down. I could feel their eyes on us as we did so. The next step in our plan was the lotion.

"Hey Bella do need some lotion?" Rose asked.

"Yeah I do actually. Could you put in on?"

"Of course." She said and grabbed the lotion out of her bag.

She lathered some on my back and started rubbing it in. Alice got some and started rubbing it on her legs. I could still feel their eyes on me. I decided to play it up a bit. So when she rubbed it in harder I moaned. She knew what I was doing so she played along.

"Oh god! That feels so good!" I moaned again.

"Okay B. You're done. Let's go swimming." She said.

"Alright." We all headed off to the water and when we were in there we started splashing each other. We were having so much fun we didn't notice the time.

"Oh my god! It's already 4 and we're going out to dinner. Come on we need to go get ready!" Alice squealed.

We all ran to the house and started on our showers. We did our normal schedule…shower, hair, make-up, dresses.

"Okay I'm done now for our hair." Alice said.

We finished on record time and went to pick out our outfits. Alice's was a yellow racer back cami and a pair of shorts. She also had a pair of gladiator sandals. Rose was wearing a v neck tank and shorts with gladiator sandals as well. My outfit was a pair of shorts and a tank top that had a blue flower and smaller white ones around it with gladiator sandals.

We decided to go to a quiet place on the beach side. It was a small little restaurant called "SeaSide." It was actually really cute. It was cozy but at the same time made you feel like you were at the seashore.

The waiter came up. "What could I get you lovely ladies to eat tonight?"

"I'll have the Chicken and Shrimp Parmesan." I said.

"Give me, Grilled Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo." Rose said.

" And I'll have Seafood Pasta." Alice said.

"Okay and what would you like to drink?" He asked.

"We'll all have cokes." Alice spoke for all of us.

"So I was thinking maybe we could go shopping sometime." Rose suggested.

"Yeah that's sounds like a good idea!" I exclaimed.

"Oh my god!" Alice scream whispered. We looked at her like she was crazy. What is her problem?

"Look over there?" She pointed to a table near ours. And the guys from the beach were there. Shit! We looked good but why did we have to see them everywhere we went?

At that moment the waiter brought out our food and drinks.

"Have a great meal ladies." He was nice and didn't try to flirt with us.

We finished our meal and left a couple bills on the table after we had gotten our check.

After we got back to our beach house. I changed into my pajamas. They were a pair of green shorts with white and blue butterflies and a green tank. I pulled my hair into a messy bun. And then headed downstairs.

Rose had a pair of green and blue flowered shorts and a blue tank. Alice was in an orange tank with a pair of gray striped shorts.

"hey how bout we watch a movie?" I asked. We all agreed and I picked out Dear John. It was my favorite movie.

"Channing Tatum is so hot!" I gushed. He is I mean abs and muscles galore it's hard not to drool.

*1 hour later*

I was crying because it was at the part where his dad died. I always cried at this part. Shortly after the movie had ended. I was exhausted and went to bed after saying goodnight to Alice and Rose.

I slipped into a dreamless sleep.


She jumped on my bed and then on me. I fell out of bed and hit my head.

"Ow." I mumbled while the stupid pixie just laughed.

I kicked her out and got a shower. I turned on the water and washed myself off really good with my Japanese Cherry Blossom body wash. And lathered my strawberry shampoo into my thick wet hair.

I hopped out and picked out an outfit. It was a blue tank top with a gray cardigan over and blue, gray, and white checked shorts. I went to the kitchen and grabbed some pancakes.

I noticed Rose was wearing a blue, green, and yellow plaid shorts with blue and yellow tank tops. Alice was wearing gray and white plaid shorts with gray and blue tank tops.

"Ok let's go for some shopping!" Alice squealed.

We headed out and I screamed with them about whose car to take, I won. I hopped in my Black, sleek Mercedes. We sped off and turned up the radio full blast. We were singing Today was A Fairytale by Taylor Swift when we got to the mall. When we got there the last thing we expected was to see him here.