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Lacy here. I'm glaring at MissCrys and she knows why. *sighs* Fine I'll tell you. She dared me to do one of Kavi and Sienna's Prompt Challenges. Which one? FarScape's We're So Screwed. She mentioned it to me and I was hit with like five ideas. So here's one of them. Or all of them in one story. Haven't decided yet. Have fun!

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"We're so screwed."

Hotch glared at Emily. "We are not Emily."

Emily gave Hotch a look and waved her hand. "Aaron, look at us. We are so screwed."

"We can get out of this." Hotch said as he looked around. Who was he kidding?

"We've been here for an hour Aaron." Emily said. Hotch went to speak but Emily held her hand up. "And don't say Dave will be back. He's at JJ's for the night."

Hotch watched as Emily plopped down on Dave's front steps. Dave was with JJ while she went through the harder parts of pregnancy. Will had ditched about three months in and Dave had been JJ's rock since. So when Dave called and asked Hotch to check on Mudgie, Hotch asked Emily, who had been with him, if she wanted to come. Emily glanced around again. She was seeing she should have stayed in Hotch's warm apartment. Or better yet, his nice warm bed, where she was when he'd asked. Hotch sighed and sat next to Emily, putting his arm around her so he could pull her against him.

"Ok so in retrospect, we shouldn't have left the keys and our phones in the house when we went running after Mudgie." Hotch said. "However, when we do get home, I plan on calling Dave and letting him know, next time he can take care of his own damn dog OR bring JJ back here."

"Should have told him that in the first place." Emily muttered, resting her head on Hotch's shoulder. Her head popped back up. "Who doesn't tell someone that the doors lock automatically when they shut? Why has he never shared that bit of info?"

"Em, Dave may be my best friend," Hotch said. "but I gave up figuring him out years ago."

Emily twitched as she felt something hit her head. She looked up.

"Oh you have to be kidding me." she said.

As soon as the words left her mouth, it started pouring.

"David Rossi is a dead man." Emily ground out.

"I think I'm going after the dog first." Hotch said, pulling Emily closer.

"It's not Mudgie's fault Dave left the poor thing locked in the house for three days while we were away." Emily said. "Though he should know better then to dart as soon as he sees freedom."

The two had arrived at Dave's place and Hotch let them in with his spare key. Once inside, they set their phones and keys down on the table by the door. Neither had pulled on more then sweats so they didn't have pockets. Then they went looking for Mudgie. Once found, they were going to take him for a quick walk but as soon as Emily opened the back door, Mudgie was gone. In their hurry to get him back, neither grabbed keys or a phone and let the door slam shut behind them. Now they were trapped on Dave's front steps with it raining on them.

Hotch narrowed his eyes a bit, trying to see through the rain. "I think Mudgie came home."

Emily sighed as the dog walked over to them, looking down at the ground, ashamed of what he did.

"Don't worry boy." Emily said. "It's Daddy who's dead."

Mudgie looked at Emily, then at Hotch before deciding he wanted the water off of him and he shook himself hard.

"Ah! Mudgie!" Emily and Hotch yelled.

"We're so screwed!" Emily shouted.


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I start typing this one and the others all leave my head. And this didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to but, take that Crys! I got it done. Let me know what you think, flame policy stands and thanks for reading.

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