Spend A Lazy Sunday in My Arms, G. Peter/Jason. In which the words poison, fracture, spoon, purple, and alligator are used. Also in which Peter and Jason are silly and comfortable and in love. Title is a line from "Elevator Love Letter" by Stars.

"Are you dead?"

Peter's voice is muffled by his pillow. "No. I just drank some weird friar's poison and I'm sleeping. I didn't save any for you, though. Sorry, babe."

Jason stretches himself out next to Peter on his bed, close. He nudges Peter's shoulder with his own until Peter rolls over onto his side, leg splayed over Jason's. Peter's still wearing his uniform pants even though he's switched his button-up shirt with its itchy collar for a fading purple t-shirt.

"Well there's this handy dagger here," Jason says, waving his hand in the air.

"Carry on, then."

"Okay, my love. See you later, alligator. In the next life."

"In a while, crocodile. We will meet again in heaven."

Jason's laugh bubbles up, warm, and Peter feels it more than he hears it, his body pressed against Jason's. He likes laying like that, squeezing together to fit, their heads on the same pillow. Jason closes his eyes and Peter lets out a sigh and closes his, too. He can feel Jason breathe against his cheek. They are quiet because they don't need to be loud, they don't need to be anything here but curled up with nothing to come between them and fracture what they are.

Then, in a whisper: "Are we dead?"

"I don't think so," Peter murmurs, a smile sneaking across his face as his eyes open. "It would really suck if this were heaven." He watches Jason's expression settle into mock horror.

"Am I not heaven enough for you?"

"Not really, no. You're kind of annoying," Peter laughs.

Jason tchs in the back of his throat, running his hand up Peter's leg with his eyes still closed. "You don't think I'm annoying when we're spooning in the middle of the night, or when I'm letting you copy my French homework, or when I buy you M&Ms, or when we're making sweet, sweet love, or when you're lonely in gym class and no one picks you and your big, Bambi eyes call out, 'Please rescue me, my sweet prince'."

Peter snorts and links their fingers together. "Bambi eyes?"

"It's true," Jason says. "You have gorgeous eyes."

"Whatever you say, my sweet prince."