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Thirty-eight: Fly

Luna felt as if this was the longest train ride of her life. Her eyes were puffy from crying. She wished that she could have at least seen Draco in person to say goodbye, but she figured that it would be easiest if she never saw him again. If she had seen him once more, she knew that she wouldn't have been able to ever leave him.

She felt stupid. Everyone had warned her that this would happen. She had been foolish not to listen. Luna was lucky to have friends like Ginny and Neville, and she felt ashamed that she hadn't listened to them sooner.

It was lucky for her that Neville was so forgiving and kind. Luna had kept her promise to Ginny – she had owled Neville as soon as she had burst home from the party, her face streaming with tears. Neville had responded to her letter instantly, and was now going to be picking her up at the train station. Luna figured that she would stay at his house for at least a few weeks, and come back to England when her father was released from St. Mungo's. Then perhaps they could plan their wedding.

Luna didn't want to think about her wedding. She had never thought seriously about the topic until she had begun to see Draco. Now, marriage seemed completely unappealing to her. But she knew that she had no choice. She would never meet anyone as loyal as Neville, or someone who cared about her the way he did. Perhaps this was comforting information, but it only made Luna feel more depressed.

She looked out of the window, watching the trees and bushes blur into splashes of green as the train moved along. Light rain was beginning to fall, gently touching the windows and draping a liquid cloak over them. As empty and miserable as Luna felt, she couldn't help thinking how beautiful it was to be sitting in the train under the showers of summer. The rain made her think of Draco, and of how much lovelier the journey to Wales would be if only he were sitting beside her.

And so the minutes passed on. Luna was growing restless. It was too much to think that she was actually here, doing this. This meant that it was final. She wouldn't see Draco at work again. She couldn't ever caress him again, or press her lips against his, or touch his silky golden hair. She could never again feel his warm embrace.

A fresh stream of tears poured down her cheeks as she watched the train pulling away even further from her heaven and drawing closer to her new, bleak life. Mrs Luna Longbottom...she had never guessed that this would happen. She had never thought about getting married, and if she had, she'd imagined it would be to someone handsome and fun, who was as spontaneous and childlike as herself – not plain, serious Neville, whom she had seen as a brother all these years. She did love Neville – that was indeed true – but not in the way she had loved Draco. She didn't think she could ever bring herself to think of him in the same carefree, romantic way.

She imagined a delicate little fairy having her wings clipped off and being dropped to the ground. This was how Luna felt – stripped of everything that made life beautiful and heavenly, stripped of her passions, and stripped of all hope. Life had grabbed her by her wings, taken her to paradise, and was now letting her fall all the way down to the rocky earth on her own.

The ride carried on. Soon, the train was pulling into the station. Luna knew that Neville would be waiting for her, armed with endless questions and concern. She had no desire to answer to him. All she wanted to do now was to crawl back into her own bed in England, where Draco had once slept with her, and remain there forever.

As she wiped away her final tears, she realized that she couldn't cry anymore. She had been weeping endlessly ever since she had burst home from the disastrous party, and now her eyes simply couldn't produce any more tears. Perhaps this was for the best, as Luna knew Neville wouldn't leave her alone if she were crying. He would cling to her and pester her, meaning to be helpful and caring, but only irritating her.

The train stopped moving, and at once passengers got up and began removing their luggage. Luna sat rigid, unable to move. She watched lifelessly as the Muggles around her gathered their things and stepped off the train. Soon, the entire compartment was nearly empty. A young man passing by her stopped, alarmed.

"Are you alright there, miss?" he asked in concern.

Luna nodded hastily. "Yes," she responded quietly, surprised at having found her voice.

The young Muggle wasn't convinced. "Are you getting off the train?"

Luna nodded again, getting up awkwardly. "Need a hand with anything?" the man persisted.

"No. Thank you, I'm fine."

The Muggle hesitated, and then decided to leave. Luna resigned herself to grab her suitcase and followed him out of the train. When she stepped onto the platform, she found herself in the middle of a crowd of Muggles rushing to catch their trains and to get out of the rain. She had no desire to find Neville, so she began wandering aimlessly, getting soaked under the rain.

Unaware of where she was walking, Luna kept getting in the way of the rushing Muggles. "Watch where you're going!" an irritated man snapped as she nearly ran into his trolley.

Luna paid no attention and continued walking in no particular direction. "Excuse me," she heard a voice behind her, but she ignored it and kept on going.

The person hurried after her. "Excuse me, madam! I've got something that belongs to you."

She realized that she had likely dropped something behind her in her carelessness. She turned around to see what it was, and dropped her suitcase in surprise.

Draco was standing in front of her, grinning broadly and carrying her violet gown in his hands. "What are you here for?" she burst out.

"Well, you didn't think I was just going to let you leave, did you?"

Luna shook her head in exasperation. Her throat was beginning to burn now, and she felt as if she was going to explode. Why was Draco making this harder than it already was?

"Why did you come here?" she cried.

Draco was confused at the tone of her voice. "Didn't you want me to come?" he asked quietly. "I know you said goodbye, but I assumed – I was hoping..."

Luna shook her head. "You should've stayed. It's better that way, Draco. Everybody kept telling me, but I didn't listen. Please, just go on with your life."

Draco's face fell, and Luna felt horrid as she looked at his sullen expression.

"I thought you wanted me," he said.

"I do! Of course I want you! I'll always want you, Draco. But this can't happen – you're engaged to Pansy Parkinson, for one thing!"

Draco grinned again, looking boyishly handsome with the rain pouring down his gleaming white face. "No, I'm not."


"I've still got the ring."

"That doesn't matter, Draco," Luna responded in frustration. "Look, forget everything I've said to you about love. I was wrong, alright? I've realized now how foolish I was. I didn't know what reality was, but I definitely do now. Please forget about me."

Draco stubbornly shook his head. "I will never forget you, or anything you've taught me. What I came here to tell you was that I've called off my engagement with Pansy, and I've told my parents that I want to be with you, and you only. They're certainly not happy, but they'll have to get used to it. Father said that if you really love me, he'll be okay with us being together. They're at the Parkinsons' right now to break the news. Now, what do you say?"

Luna couldn't believe her ears. She didn't dare to allow herself to believe it, and allow her hopes to elevate and crush her again. "Are – are you joking?" she stammered.

"Why would I joke? I'm not letting my butterfly soar away from me again, especially when she's the prettiest one in the garden."

Luna was silent for a moment, allowing this information to absorb. She couldn't tell whether she was really awake or dreaming. "How did you find me?"

"I hunted Weasley down and got the details from her. She wasn't too pleased." Draco, however, looked immensely pleased at having annoyed Ginny.

"How did you get here in time?"

"This may come as a shock to you, Luna, but I'm a wizard. We have our ways." He winked at her mockingly, and Luna smiled at his innocent charm without meaning to. "And as I said before, I've got something that belongs to you."

He offered her the parcel in which the dress robe was wrapped. Luna hesitated, and finally shook her head. "Like I said, this robe wasn't mine. Something this lovely should only belong to a Malfoy."

Draco frowned. "That's true," he admitted.

He pulled out something from his pocket and held it out. It was the most dazzling ring she had ever seen in her life. "How about this, then?" he asked, smirking.

Luna's mouth dropped open and she stared at Draco, who was now on his knee and waiting hopefully for her to respond. Receiving no response, Draco bluntly explained, "I'm asking you to marry me, Luna, in case you didn't understand what I'm saying."

Luna kept staring, unable to form a response. She was speechless. It was all too overwhelming to take in the fact that Draco had chased her down to Wales, had officially broken off his engagement to Pansy, and that the Malfoys were fine with him seeing Luna – and now on top of that, Draco was proposing to her in the rain at the train station, his hair wet and messy, donning a simple white shirt and shorts (the first time she had ever seen him wearing Muggle clothes, at that), and grinning so widely that he looked like an innocent child with his large eyes twinkling in careless excitement.

She responded in the only way she could – she burst into giggles. The pain and wretchedness she had been feeling since the party dissipated instantly, as if the rain had swept down and washed it away with one stroke, and she laughed louder and louder until she was nearly hysterical. Draco's face fell again, this time in confusion. To assure him that everything was completely fine – no, so bizarre and irrational that it was simply perfect – she bent down and threw her arms around him, embracing him tightly. Relieved, he hugged back, once again grinning.

"Draco Malfoy, you are loonier than you lead on," Luna told him happily.

"You're no less," he teased. "I can never tell what you're going to do next. I mean, when you slapped Pansy over a house elf – nobody saw that coming, and even father admitted that it was impressive! That look on Pansy's face, I will never forget as long as I live."

The both laughed, relieved and ecstatic at this new turn of events. Draco pulled away from her and once more offered her the ring. "I'm serious about this though," he said. "Will you be my wife, Luna?"

Luna didn't need to think twice. "Yes, of course."

Both of them grinning broadly, Draco slipped his father's ring onto Luna's finger. Her finger nail was not polished in plastic, expensive colours as Pansy's, nor was it long and shaped as precisely - and to Draco, it was ravishingly perfect.

Luna pulled her hand back to admire the ring. Within seconds, the hue of the colourless stones changed into into deep pink, the lustre of the ring reaching its peak and shimmering brilliantly. A lush scent of rose filled the air. Draco grabbed Luna into his arms and lifted her off the ground, overjoyed. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Luna buried her face into his hair, and they both took in the sweet fragrance that was emanating from the enchanted ring – the fragrance of their love.

"How does it fit?" Draco asked her.

"Perfectly – as if it were crafted just for me."

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